Meet friends in south korea

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meet friends in south korea

Start Chat and Meet New friends from South Korea. Chat with men and women nearby. Make new friends in South Korea and start dating them. Register in. Make friends from Korea here at because we have all you need to meet Korean friend for friendship or pen pal. A Korean friend could be. Make new friends in Seoul in ! 년 서울에서 새로운 친구를 사귀어보세요 !Facebook: http://www.

You may be surprised — you two could become fast friends! Become involved in charity Photo credit: Korea has a variety of different types of charity that almost anyone can freely participate in, although some are more labor-intensive than others.

meet friends in south korea

PLUR puts together a weekly soup kitchen that is always looking for volunteers and is easy to sign up for. Many shelters in Korea are full of pets that need some love. Study Korean Photo credit: Start with something low-key like soju or lunch and go from there! These are just a few of many ways to make Korean friends during your stay in Korea.

meet friends in south korea

There are many other ways to befriend the locals, but here can be a good start. Not living in Korea yet?

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Do you know of any other ways to mingle with the locals here in Korea? A pot of broth containing leaves of some kind of vegetable as well as bones with a minimal amount of meat was put onto the hot plate. On the table were small dishes of tiny, salty shrimp, kimchi in a red, spicy sauce, lettuce leaves, dipping sauces, and more. Some of it looked unappetizing and a bit scary.

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A huge plate of steaming octopus with onions, peppers, and garlic was served. So much for that snack! As soon as I tasted it, I knew that coming here was totally worth being tired tomorrow.

I knew I was going to eat too much and stay up too late but this was tons of fun.

meet friends in south korea

The soup was good, the miniature shrimp were very, very salty, and the octopus was amazing. That Korean beer was very strong and by the time I finished dinner I had a very good buzz going.

meet friends in south korea

Just when we were ready to get up and leave, a group of five Korean men sat down at the table next to ours. One of them, Kyongfeel, was already slurring his words, making his friends laugh. We watched and learned what was really supposed to be done with all of this food in front of us.

They were not drinking the beer directly from the bottle, like we had been, but pouring it into the provided shot glasses. They noticed us watching them and they struck up a conversation with us. Kyongfeel spoke English and he was hysterical.

Making New Friends in South Korea | Earth Trekkers

For an hour we talked to them, about Korea, about their lives, about our travels, and we had them name all of the food on the table we were so happy to put names to what we have been eating the past two days.

Currently, you'll be seeing Filipino, Koreans and other nationalities exploring this website. Aside from the chat as one of the features, they also talk about Korean food and even have a dictionary for it!

Hellotalk Hellotalk works almost the same as Kakaotalk but remove the stickers. However, it focuses on the language exchange between Koreans and foreigners so if you are a Pinoy who wishes to learn about Korean language through chats, then this is the best place for you!

meet friends in south korea

Make Korean Friend Also working as an online platform to help Korean language learners through chat exchange, the website Make Korean Friend also has a tutor list where you can choose among their Korean tutors. They also have open boards where you can react on a certain topic and share your thoughts with other learners.