Meet friends in college

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meet friends in college

Nov 21, Follow our expert tips for making new friends in college and find your new “Don 't expect to meet your best friend within the first day, month. How to Make Friends in College. College is exciting and scary all at once. You have tons of freedom, but you're also in a new environment surrounded by. Aug 17, Learn how to make friends in college and how to deepen existing friendships. We 'll also cover 9 places to meet friends and common friendship.

How to Make Friends in College: A Comprehensive Guide

Many of those relationships will begin in the elevator. From people who live on floor two to the residents of floor eight, almost everyone will need to take a ride in this machine at some point.

meet friends in college

Rachel, a senior at University of Tulsa, saw her eight-second ride in the elevator as a chance to meet someone new. Rather than suffering in awkward silence, try to comment on the situation to ease the tension in the elevator. Where did you get it?

meet friends in college

The Dining Hall Most collegiettes tend to eat around the same time every day. Besides regulating your diet, sticking to your routine will allow you to see some familiar faces around the salad bar and in the pizza line. Eating dinner around 6 p. If you always study at the on-campus coffee shop after your chem lab every Monday and Wednesday, you might run into the same people who are also always studying at the time.

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Louis College of Pharmacy. By keeping an open mind, you can make some lifelong friends.

meet friends in college

If someone looks immersed in their studies, let them focus. And that makes the laundry room the perfect place to meet people. Alyssa, a junior at Butler University, was putting her clothes into the dryer when a friendship stumbled into her lap.

meet friends in college

I ended up becoming friends with him and his two guy friends. Smile and introduce yourself. By the end of the semester, you and the person sitting next to you are going to have a lot of shared experiences--you're sitting through the same lectures, you have to write the same papers and take the same tests, and you both know it.

meet friends in college

After the introduction, ask the other student why he chose this class--is it for his major or for a general university requirement? People love to talk about themselves, so give your neighbor the opportunity to do so.

7 Unexpected Places to Meet Your College Friends

Participate actively in group activities. Formal or informal class study groups or the ever-dreaded assigned group projects are a great way to make friends with your classmates because you need to meet and communicate with them outside of class time. Talk to the students sitting near you before class starts. Was there something you didn't quite understand in the assigned reading? Ask the person next to you what he thought of that section. If the people behind you are talking about how hard that last test was, turn around and politely join the conversation.

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If it's a math class, and the person on the other side of you asks what answer you came up with for problem number 3, compare notes. Hang around after class instead of rushing out the door for another chance to chat with classmates. Discuss something that just happened in class, what other class you're taking or what you're doing this weekend.