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meet frank miller

Frank Miller will be meeting with Zack Snyder this week to discuss Batman vs. Superman. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Frank Miller: Meet the Filmmaker by Events at the Apple Store for free. For those not familiar with Frank Miller by, you're probably as well as a minute Meet & Greet and a selfie with Miller himself.).

Eventually, the writer got to the point of telling his own origin at Marvel. Then he spent time working under Joe Simon and Jack Kirby until the pair had a falling out with management. Whether they quit or were fired, I never knew. But the publisher cared so little about comic books that he just said, 'Stan, can you do this until I find somebody? Miller joked that he never understood what was happening when the character went from gray to green. Because I knew that some way somewhere, this was going to knock Frank Miller for a loop!

He also told his most famous repeated story — his account of coming up with the concept of Spider-Man. In this take, Lee's publisher rejected the idea because no one wanted a hero based on a spider which people hated or one that was a teenager which could only be a sidekick or one with personal problems since heroes were impervious to problems.

Lee dumped the story in a low-selling comic on the brink of cancelation, but when "Amazing Fantasy" 15 sold out, his boss returned to demand the character go into his own series. Miller shared his own origin with connecting to Daredevil — a hero he first drew in a Spider-Man story.

meet frank miller

The cartoonist also revealed that he doesn't watch the current Netflix "Daredevil" TV show or any adaptation of his work. I just know myself well enough that if I see what other people are doing, I might disagree with it and not be very fun to be around," he said. Miller also revealed that the thing that would get him back into directing would be "a phone call" but he declined to share any projects he'd like to work on. Lee went on to explain that in his mind, Doom is not a villain just because he wants to rule the world.

Gordon hands over the role of commissioner to Captain Ellen Yindel, who issues a statement declaring that Batman is a wanted criminal for his vigilante activities.

meet frank miller

At the same time, Batman's return stimulates the Joker to awaken from catatonia at Arkham Asylum. With renewed purpose, the Joker manipulates his caretakers to allow him onto a television talk show, where he murders everyone with gas and escapes. With the help of Selina KyleBatman and Robin track him to a county fair while evading a police pursuit led by Yindel. There, they realize that he is already making attempts to kill fairgoers.

Batman defeats the Joker in a bloody confrontation, which ends when the Joker commits suicide by breaking his own spine to incriminate Batman for murder.

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After another confrontation with the Gotham policeBatman escapes with the help of Robin and a citywide manhunt begins. Superman diverts a Soviet nuclear warhead which detonates in a desert, nearly killing himself in the process. The United States is hit by an electromagnetic pulse as a result and descends into chaos during the resulting blackout.

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In Gotham, Batman realizes what has happened, and he and Robin turn the remaining Mutants and Sons of the Batman into a non-lethal vigilante gang. He leads them against looters and ensures the flow of essential supplies. In the midst of the blackout, Gotham becomes the safest city in the country. Oliver Queen predicts to Wayne that the government lackey Superman and the maverick Batman will have a final confrontation.

Superman demands to meet Batman. Knowing he may die, Wayne chooses Crime Alleywhere he first became Batman. He relies on Superman's weakness caused by near-death in the nuclear blast Superman only just managed to survive by absorbing the energy of the sun, but he is still vulnerable to attack. Superman tries to reason with Batman, but Batman uses his technological inventions and mastery of hand-to-hand combat to fight him on equal grounds.

During the battle, Superman compromises Batman's exoframewhile Queen shoots a kryptonite -tipped arrow to greatly weaken Superman. Batman reveals that he intentionally spared Superman's life by not using a more powerful kryptonite mix; the fight and near-death experience was meant as a warning to Superman to stay out of Batman's way.

Before he can fully defeat Superman, Batman suddenly has a heart attack, apparently dying. Alfred destroys the Batcave and Wayne Manor before dying of a stroke, exposing Batman as Bruce Wayne, whose fortune has disappeared.

After Wayne's funeral, it is revealed that his death was staged using his own chemical concoction that can suspend his vital life signs. Clark Kent attends the funeral and winks at Robin after hearing Wayne's heartbeat resume. Some time afterward, Bruce Wayne leads Robin, Queen, and the rest of his followers into the caverns beyond the Batcave and prepares to continue his war on crime.

Bruce Wayne is 55 years old and has been retired from his Batman persona for a decade. When he sees violence becoming more common not just in Gotham City but also the world, he feels a strong desire to return as Batman and emerges from his depression. Wayne's trusted butler, medic, and confidant; now in his eighties.

A year-old girl with absentee parents, who later becomes Batman's sidekick, Robin.

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Throughout the story, she is frequently mistaken for the former "Boy Wonder". After she saves the Dark Knight's life, the aging Batman places his trust in her against Alfred's wishes. He is aware of Batman's true identity.

Now in his 50s, and having spent 12 years in Arkham Asylum, Harvey Dent has been treated by Doctor Wolper for three years and his face has been repaired with plastic surgery.

meet frank miller

Dent's doctor gives him a clean bill of mental health, but he is still Two-Face in his mind. Dent terrorizes the city with his face swathed in bandages as he now perceives both sides of his face as scarred. Batman's archenemy who, now 50 years old, awakens from a catatonic state upon learning of Batman's re-emergence. He plans a brutal crime spree to draw out Batman, setting in motion the events leading to a final confrontation.

The cunning, brutal, and albino head of the Mutants, who seeks to control Gotham and kill anyone who opposes him.

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Two-Face and Joker's psychiatrist and opponent of Batman's "fascist" vigilantism. Wolper is convinced that the Joker and Two-Face are both victims of Batman's crusade. He is killed when the Joker floods a television studio with poisonous gas; Wolper's neck is snapped by the robot Bobbie. James Gordon's successor as Commissioner.

A captain in the Gotham City Police Department, she is a critic of Batman, but begins to doubt herself after the Joker's crime spree. The Mayor of Gotham City: The unnamed mayor of Gotham City. He tries to negotiate peace with the Mutant Leader at the time he was in police custody only to be killed by him.

The deputy mayor of Gotham City, who later becomes the new mayor after the former mayor is killed by the Mutant Leader. He states that Commissioner Ellen Yindel will make the decision of how to act with Batman.

The president of the United States. He instructs Superman to deal with Batman in Gotham City. After superheroes are outlawed, Queen, now in his late fifties, undertakes a clandestine rebellion against government oppression, including the sinking of a nuclear submarine.

meet frank miller

He lost his left arm, for which he blames Superman. Despite this disability, Queen is still a highly skilled marksman. Superman is now an agent of the U. In his inner thoughts he despises being a government tool, but he believes it is the only way he can save lives in this day and age.

In the final climax, Superman battles Batman in a final attempt to rid the government of his opposition, but is weakened by a Kryptonite arrow fired by Queen, allowing an armored Batman to stand up to him. No longer Catwoman, Selina Kyle, now in her early fifties, runs an escort business.

The managing editor of the Daily Planet who is an outspoken supporter of Batman, appearing on a series of TV debates in which she argues with others over his methods and influence. A late night talk show host who invites the Joker and Dr. Wolper on his show; he and his audience are later killed by the Joker's poisonous gas. He is a characterization of David Letterman.

The leader of a group of Nazi -inspired criminals. Working for the Joker, she battles Batman and Robin but is caught by Superman. He builds two robotic dolls, Bobbie and Mary, to kill the Joker's TV audience; he later attempts to kill Robin at a funfair but is decapitated by a roller coaster instead. Sons of Batman S.

meet frank miller

A group of teenagers who were formerly part of the Mutants. They have become followers of Batman since the defeat of the Mutant Leader, although they are too unruly and corrupt, taking severe measures to control the streets and even Batman. They end up following Batman for good intentions instead of bad.

Background and creation[ edit ] Comic creator Frank Miller at the San Diego Comic-Con International Since the s, when the Comics Code Authority was established, the character of Batman had drifted from his dark, violent roots.

It was not until the s when the character began to feature in darker stories once again; however, Batman was still commonly associated with the campy theme of the s Batman TV seriesand as a father figure to Robin rather than the violent vigilante he was introduced as.