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meet foreigners in pune

Here is the list of 18 best places to visit in Pune with friend. Places for day time hours. Entry Fee: Rs. 5 for Adults, Rs. 2 for Kids & Rs. for Foreigners . 5 Churches in Pune Where Art, History and Tranquility Meet. Pune. Here's our list of private guides in Pune, India. Viator only promotes Travelling & Meeting People From different Nationality And Culture Is My Passion . BHAVA (it means Guest is GOD) we have day tours for Foreigners who come to. I would like to meet foreigner of either sex and of any age from USA,UK and I would like to show Pune city and historical places around.

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meet foreigners in pune

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meet foreigners in pune

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45 BEST Things to do in PUNE - (with Reviews)

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meet foreigners in pune

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This applies whether you look 20 or 60! We are not in any way liable for any third party costs that you may incur in attending or attempting to attend an event including, but not limited to any transport or hotel costs that you choose to incur. Matches you share over mentioned link will be considered final. It is famous for many educational and corporate hubs, and therefore there is a large inflow of young population in the metropolis.

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And consequently, the student populace has significantly augmented the nightlife of this city. There are more than pubs and nightclubs in Pune and is among the very few cities of India where pubs open till late, sometimes till 4 a. Go there over the weekend and enjoy the chilled out vibes, dance your tensions away and fill your tired body with some scrumptious food and cocktails. Here are some things to do in Pune at night, which you are not supposed to miss!

High Spirits If you're a pocket-friendly reveller, go to this place without thinking twice! You can get your favourite drinks at affordable prices.

meet foreigners in pune

If you have just started going to nightclubs and desire a late night fun with friends without getting your pockets charred, this is the place to be. Frequent live gigs and off-beat music Paisa for 2: Mi A Mi Want to dance your worries away? And want to do that until the morning hours? Mi A Mi is the place you need to be tonight! Mi A Mi is designed like an underground garage sheltering the biggest dance floor, this place has the wildest party animals of the city.

This place hires the best DJ and plays the best dance numbers. White Bed Lounge Section to talk away the night with your loved ones Paisa for 2: Swig If you are an intellectual kind and likes to go to a vibrant place that gives you the feel of fun, music, dance, drinks and magic, this is a must-visit.

One of its kind club-turned-lounge invites all kinds of artists including musicians, painters, dancers and sculptors to unleash the magic with full-on the extravaganza. The bar and seating are outstandingly decorated with LED lights which give you an enthralling experience. If you want to have a view of the city, hang out with friends under the star and also enjoy drinks and food, this pops up to be an ideal place. After Party Destination Paisa for 2: Stone Water Grill One of the best night out hubs in the city, this place provides an enchanting environment, courtesy its location on the riverside.

The bar here is 60 feet long and is a paradise for music lovers.

meet foreigners in pune

What can be better than enjoying your night in an open-air bar-lounge with a tripping music and a long talk with friends?