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meet expats in guangzhou

Anyways Im 22f from the US and I am looking to meet some chill waiguoren to show me the ropes of this city and it's nightlife! I live in the Tianhe. This is the group for all expats who are working, living, or visiting Guangzhou and looking to meet others from overseas. This is mainly a social and networking. Trying to meet other Brits in Guangzhou? Get to know our community of Brits in Guangzhou✓ Attend events for Brits✓ Join for free.

Many companies will have networking events and parties to connect their teachers who are living in the same city but might not have otherwise meet!

meet expats in guangzhou

Not only can you pay for things, order taxis, and send messages to friends, but you can also join groups and follow public pages. There are countless WeChat groups related to renting apartments, job postings, and foreigner events. You can also use WeChat to follow public accounts and receive subscriptions from restaurants, businesses, events, and other English publications. The Beijinger WeChat id: Expat Hangouts There are plenty of expat bars, restaurants, and coffee shops in China where other foreigners love to kick back and relax!

These places are not only a great way to meet new faces, but also a chance to participate in fun events. Many bars will have trivia nights, theme parties, as well as holiday festivities. Coffee shops and restaurants will often host karaoke parties, open mike nights, or concerts featuring local musicians.

These expat hangouts are also a great way to hear about local sports teams, game nights, and other clubs you might have an interest in. For those in Shanghai, check out this list of popular restaurants expats love to visit: Chinese Language Lessons Most cities in China offer a variety of language learning opportunities for foreigners.

meet expats in guangzhou

Through private classes, open language exchanges, or Chinese cultural events, there are lots of ways to be more immersed in Chinese culture and meet some friends! My second year in China I found out about a free weekly Chinese lesson that many foreigners attended. It was a great way to practice our Chinese and also make connections with each other. We often ended up going out to dinner afterwards or heading out to a music bar on the weekends.

Meeting new people in Guangzhou

Language Learning Apps are also a great tool! What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on? Guangzhou How long have you lived there? Choosing an expat health insurance provider is an important decision.

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In terms of religious, racial, economic and cultural diversity, are the people of this city or town diverse? Are they accepting of differences? Guangzhou is very diverse. The Chinese people are very very open and accepting of other people and other cultures. They are excited to talk to foreigners and become friends. They are very open and interested in religion, as it is still very controlled by the government.

Western holidays are just becoming popular.

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The city always has operas, ballets, orchestras, plays, etc. As westernized as this city is quickly becoming, you can still see an abundance of traditional Chinese art and calligraphy and TaiChi and ancestor worship. What are the main industries in this city? What types of career opportunities commonly exist?

How do most people find new jobs? Guangzhou was the first city in China to open up to outside businesses.