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meet entrepreneurs online

Check out BEAM It's a community of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Journalists, and many Local chapters meet regularly in person, average net worth: $80 million. Becoming friends with like-minded entrepreneurs will help you ask you grow Here are four places you can meet them. Online Influencers. Follow and interact with entrepreneurs on Twitter. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is in real time and.

Or woman] shops and that 50 percent of SMB owners worked from their home. But the Web can be intimidating. If you are a small business owner looking to connect with other entrepreneurs, where should you go looking?

meet entrepreneurs online

Where can you hang with fellow SMB owners online? Here are a few suggestions. Web communities like StartupNationYoung EntrepreneurBrazen Careeristand EntrepreneurConnect give solo entrepreneurs a place to talk about common problems, share resources and help one another out when possible.

These communities often have associated knowledge hubs where people can tap into expert articles, download eBooks, create networking events, and have real discussions. And, of course, they also offer the ability to establish friendships, both professional and personal.

Related to these communities are social voting communities where small business owners can submit and promote their content.

meet entrepreneurs online

Doing so helps others find information that may help them and they can also use it to brand themselves in a particular area. This site is owned by Anita Campbell] is one example of a site allows SMB owners to promote themselves and others through their content.

15 Honest Ways to Meet Other Entrepreneurs (FS)

There are tons of great communities that specialize in this, including LinkedIn AnswersBusiness Answers and the just-launched QuickSprout Answers really excited for this one. Here are the top 10 social networks for entrepreneurs.

Each helps entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with the guidance, tools and resources they need to setup their company and gain exposure. Have another social site to add to this list? Tell us about it in the comments. Entrepreneur Connect Entrepreneur Media, the company that produces Entrepreneur Magazine, started a social network over a year ago specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners called Entrepreneur Connect.

Where To Hang With Entrepreneurs Online

Like all social networks, you have the opportunity to create your own profile, explore the community, share ideas with other entrepreneurs and network. Unlike most social networks, this one frowns upon too much self-promotion and applauds idea sharing.

You can use this network to connect to service providers, suppliers, advisers and colleagues. Just like LinkedIn and Facebook, there are professional groups that you can join or create.

Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

This is similar to what Fast Company has done with their website. PartnerUp PartnerUp is a social network for entrepreneurs who are searching for people and resources for business opportunities. Anyone can join, but business partners, co-founders, executives and board members will get the most out of this one.

In this network, you can ask or offer advice, find commercial real estate and find service providers like accountants and marketers for your business. They also have a Resource Directory that allows small and mid-sized businesses to advertise their services.

meet entrepreneurs online

StartupNation Most social networks neglect the content aspect that makes StartupNation so useful. With articles, forums, blogs, on-demand seminars, and podcasts, entrepreneurs will be better prepared for their ventures and have the resources required to make better business decisions. There are a wide range of topics being discussed on StartupNation right now, including business planning, marketing and web-based business.

The site also offers a series of competitions, such as a dorm-based 20 contest and an elevator pitch competition. Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn should brand themselves properly so they can attract the right kind of business opportunities, and perform searches to find service providers or partners.

As an entrepreneur, you should also be looking to participate in LinkedIn Answers, events and applications to spruce up your profile and become a valuable member to your community.