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meet deathtongue

Billy and the Boingers Bootleg is the fifth collection of the comic strip series Bloom County by (p56, 15 strips); Opus meets Lola's parents. Lola's mother. DeathTongue was a musical group popular in Southern California in Department of Temporal Investigations agent Gariff Lucsly wore a "DeathTongue" . Deathtongue Bloom County Berkeley Breathed, Ecards, Bloom, Comics, and Hobbes meet Bill the Cat and Opus in this hilarious and cool comic mash-up.

He informs Opus he is being " bussed in " to the strip as part of a court order.

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Once Bloom County characters are scattered, only Opus is left as part of a plot to transition to Breathed's next strip in Bloom County's final week. Shortly after Bloom County ended, Breathed started a Sunday-only strip called Outland with original characters and situations introduced in Bloom County's final days. However, Opus, Bill and other characters eventually reappeared and slowly took over the strip. Outland ran from September 3,to March 26, Another Sunday-only spinoff strip called Opus ran from November 23,to November 2, Return[ edit ] On July 12,Breathed posted to his Facebook page a photo with the caption "A return after 25 years.

Feels like going home.

meet deathtongue

Breathed responded to the comment that "This creator can't precisely deny that the chap you mention had nothing to do with it. On the return of the strips Breathed stated, Deadlines and dead-tree media took the fun out of a daily craft that was only meant to be fun. I had planned to return to Bloom County inbut the sullied air sucked the oxygen from my kind of whimsy. But silliness suddenly seems safe now. Like my departed friend Douglas Adams used to say, the only part of deadlines I enjoyed was the whooshing sound as they sped by.

A New Hope will be a compilation of strips from and Influence[ edit ] Bloom County has had an influence on other cartoonists, particularly cartoonists who have an irreverent bent or tackle political topics in their work. For example, Scott Kurtz, creator of the webcomic PvPacknowledged Breathed's contributions at one point with a strip expressing the opinion that "so many webcomics. Bloom County[ edit ] The fictional setting of Bloom County served as a recurring backdrop for the comic and its sequels, although the nature of the setting was frequently altered.

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In the comics, the county is presented as a stereotypical American midwestern small town. The small town setting was frequently contrasted with the increasing globalization taking place in the rest of the world; though Bloom County contained the likes of farmers and wilderness creatures by default, it was frequented by Hare Krishnasfeminists, and rock stars.

While the location of Bloom County is never explicitly mentioned, there have been some clues in the strip. When Oliver Jones identified Bloom County as the place where Halley's Comet would crash into Earth, a sign was seen saying that it was at This would place it in the Pacific Ocean, about miles off the coast of Japan.

Oliver's previous calculation was Another strip has Opus trying to make airline reservations to Des Moines, Iowa.

In the pre-digital world…

He balks at the outrageously high quoted price for a ticket stating that "Des Moines is just 94 miles from Bloom County". Geographically, this would place Bloom County in either Iowa or the far north-central tier of counties of Missouribut likely referring to the distance from Iowa Citywhere the strip was produced, to Des Moines.

See Real World References below. Also, in a Sunday strip with L. Puttgrass, he is holding a King Soopers bag, which would place the comic in Colorado. On January 29,Berkeley Breathed posted on Facebook that "The Bloom County boarding house still sits in beautiful hayseedless Iowa City, home for this cartoonist for four years.

In the comic's later years, the county contained what appeared to be a big-city ghetto "the wrong side of the tracks", as it was known. The geographical profile of the county was fluid as the artistic style of the strip evolved.

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During most of Bloom County's run, the rural meadow setting was presented realistically, while in its later years it became increasingly more abstract. The Outland setting of the strip was originally set apart from the county by way of a magical doorway.

meet deathtongue

By Outland's end, the Outland appeared to be a part of Bloom County itself. The final Outland strip listed the characters as living at " Hairybutt St. Opus also takes place in Bloom County. The setting of Bloom County resembled Iowa City, Iowain several ways; Breathed lived there during the early years of the strip. The call letters belong to an actual Iowa City rock station which featured a disc jockey named "Charmin'" Jeff Harmon in the s.

For example, a fictional Ronald Reagan sexist gaffe, referring to women as "little dumplin's", was lifted from University of Iowa football coach Hayden Fry 's comment, infuriating feminists at the university. Bythe comic strip was reprinted in 11 books, the first having been published in and the last in that year. None of the reprints contained complete runs of the strip, although Bloom County Babylon contained many of the strips that preceded Loose Tails.

Binkley is appalled by his son's lack of skill at a neighborhood baseball game. Spoofed in the arc where Oliver invents a device that turns people black.

He uses it on a clueless Steve who, upon finally noticing, assumes it's punishment for occasional racism, delivering an imagined Rod Serling narration to which Binkley responds "Ooh, sounds like a good episode!

meet deathtongue

Michael Binkley, to everyone else, including his own dad, though the elder Binkley would sometimes use a nickname he desperately wished his son was macho enough to have actually earned: In one arc, Opus becomes a garbageman, but insists that he be called a "waste management artisan. A rare comic strip example of having both Talking Animals and humans; this trend stretched throughout all of Bloom County and went on to the sequel strips.

Bloom County features Sam, a little boy with leukemia that the gang visits in the hospital, where they play Star Wars games. The Man in the Mirror Talks Back: Milo looks at himself in the mirror and thinks he could be a Senator or a President. The man in the mirror thinks Milo will be "a shoe salesman with an ulcer" December 16, Later, this became a Running Gag for a little while, as Milo and the man in the mirror commisserated about Milo's fears of impending puberty.

Opus later talks to the man in the mrror sometimes, like when he's nervous on the eve of the presidential electiion. In the first election series, Milo grills Limekiller to see if he's Presidential material by asking "How do you stand on nuclear waste? Oliver seems to be a reference to Oliver Wendell Holmes, but what a nerdy black kid has to do with a former Supreme Court Justice Senator Bedfellow's last name derives from the expression "Politicians and Businessmen make strange bedfellows", which refers to doing secret or dirty business such as taking bribes, for instance while in political office.

meet deathtongue

Played straight many times, like when the Moral Guardian in a censorship arc promises to clean up Bloom County for being a particularly objectionable strip, or another strip where Bobbi Harlow won't give Cutter John a goodnight kiss because "this is the comics page.

The Retcon of Opus living on his own made him a rather egregious example. They make sure to relocate him to his natural habitat In one storyline, Binkley's father is worried that people will think he hates blacks because he doesn't care for Jesse Jackson.

Binkley asks Oliver's father for help, and he reassures Mr. Binkley that you can dislike individuals without it reflecting your attitude towards a whole group. Binkley follows up by asking "Can I loathe Bill Cosby and his! Otis Oracle, who first arrives as a censor comes to Bloom County to bring pressure to bear on Ashley Dashley's Bloom County television station, and sticks around to become president of the local chapter of the Moral Majority.

He later becomes a source of Hypocritical Humorlike the time he puts his hand on the knees of women sitting next to him on a park bench and then lectures them for being too tempting. In one series of strips, Lola Granola's mother who has never liked Opus sics the local priest who bears a strong resemblance to Donald Wildmon on him.

You better believe Mrs. Granola wasn't happy with him. In the revival, Sam acts as one of these for Steve. Mouth Full of Smokes: When Steve Dallas gave up smoking, he gave all his cigarettes to Bill the Cat, who was seen smoking them all at once. A story arc had Oliver extracting the hallucinogenic chemical from dandelions for testing, only for his father to drink the entire beaker. He ends up hiding in the tool shed, convinced that Erik Estrada is coming out of his belly button.

My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels: One story arc begins when Oliver hacks into Pravda's computers, and tries to change the headline story to " Gorbachev Urges Disarmament!


Binkley forces his father to quit cigarettes cold turkey by disposing of all of those in their house and hiding his car keys. Opus comes to severely regret agreeing to assist Steve with a similar operation.

When Steve Dallas is mistakenly arrested for computer piracy, the police lock him up in the "hacker tank" with some child computer hackers. They try to bully Steve by threatening to slash his credit rating.

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