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meet dave stayin alive lyrics

All the lyrics going backwards from the most recent to the Moodists. All words by meet everybody by the age of ten . some things should stay in your mind you could squirrel away a day and come back later and it all be still up, still alive. You probably know the Bee Gees' classic hits such as "Stayin' Alive," "Night Fever" and "How Deep Is Your Love," but did you know the Bee Gees also penned. Karaoke song lyrics: Staying alive (Bee Gees) Lyric: Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.

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July Learn how and when to remove this template message The song was not initially scheduled for release, with " How Deep Is Your Love " selected as lead single, but fans called radio stations and RSO Records requesting the song immediately after seeing trailers for Saturday Night Feverfeaturing the track over the aforementioned introductory scene.

The single was eventually released in mid-December, a month after the album, and moved to the top of the Billboard Hot in the United States in February, where it would stay for four weeks. Soon after, it would slide to number two, locking in a solid one-two punch with the Bee Gees's third smash hit from the album, "Night Fever".

In the United Kingdom, "Stayin' Alive" was not as popular as it was in the United States, but was still a huge hit, topping out at number four. Barry Gibb had a hand in writing all four of these songs, becoming the only person in history to write four successive US number-one singles. Besides the version that appeared on the soundtrack album and the edited 45RPM single for Top 40 radio release, there was yet another version, from the same recording session but of a slightly different mix, that was distributed on twelve-inch vinyl to club DJs and radio stations that specialised in airing longer versions of hit songs.

Stayin' Alive

This "Special Disco Version", as it was called, featured all the same parts as the album version but had a horn rhythm section part interjected twice. Although twelve-inch "Disco Versions" were usually sped up, this version was slowed down slightly. This version was finally released on CD when Reprise re-issued Bee Gees Greatest in in an expanded and remastered edition. As for the message of the song, Robin Gibb was quoted as saying, "'Stayin' Alive' is about survival in the big city—any big city—but especially New York.

The album edit is a still generous 4: Robert Stigwood thought he would prefer the songs from different genders and directed the group to cut the ballad, while Elliman cut "If I Can't Have You" with her usual producer Freddie Perren. Satisfied with this switch, Elliman's interpretation made the soundtrack, while the Bee Gees's version was relegated to the B-side of the "Stayin' Alive" single.

meet dave stayin alive lyrics

The brothers' version has since appeared on CD in hits compilations. George Martin commented about this song saying: It's no coincidence, by the way, that the disco beat of beats per minute coincides the heartbeat of your heart when you're excited. This was a key thing which underlined the whole tune, and when the vocals came in, the vocals were so designed that they pushed that beat further". It depicts the group singing the song on an abandoned subway terminal set at MGM Studiosdirectly adjacent to the one where Sgt.


Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was being filmed at the same time. This set featured buildings and a train station, among others. The original three music videos for the movie Saturday Night Fever were shot on the soundstages and edited at the facilities of Video City, Inc.

The European video for "Stayin' Alive" with Barry sans facial hair was one of these original three. These original music videos were scrapped and re-shot in California after Barry grew back his beard. Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb co-wrote the song, which was featured on Streisand's smash album of the same name.

It's closer to the Bee Gees' hit sound than to Streisand's usual ballad style, but she rose to the occasion, demonstrating her versatility.

Gibb also co-produced the album, which spawned a second duet hit, "What Kind Of Fool. The video includes stills of two earlier pairings, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, and Sonny and Cher — choices that reflect this record's multiformat appeal.

This vibrant recording helped make Dirty Dancing a hit movie, a smash soundtrack and an enduring phenomenon.

Lyrics | DAVE CAHILL | Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Dissident.

Dirty Dancing was set inwhich is the same year that Medley first hit the chart as one-half of the Righteous Brothers. Nearly 40 years later, Raitt teamed with him to remake it for his all-star album The Healer. Their version was voted Best Traditional Blues Recording in Raitt won three other awards that year for her album Nick Of Time.

John's album In A Sentimental Mood. He and Jones capture the song's amorous and impish spirit. Their rendition gained wider exposure in when it was featured in the hit movie and soundtrack Sleepless In Seattle. Eddie Cantor introduced the song in the Broadway musical "Whoopee!

Ronstadt and Neville won again the following year for "All My Life.

meet dave stayin alive lyrics

He had first recorded the song in Natalie encored five years later with a recording of her father's classic '"When I Fall In Love," which also featured Nat's vocals. Angela Lansbury performed the song in the movie. This pop version played over the end credits. Both versions were featured on the soundtrack.

Staying alive (Bee Gees) - Lyrics

Bryson won in the same category the following year with another movie theme duet, "A Whole New World Aladdin's Theme ," which he sang with Regina Belle. Producer RZA created the hit remix. Another blue-chip team, Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson, wrote the song. The two reunited in for "Gone.

Near the end of the song, Bennett tips his hat to Louis Armstrong, who introduced the song in