Meet dark tooth tm

Twisted Metal 2 World Tour - Dark Tooth Boss Fight and Sweet Tooth Ending

meet dark tooth tm

Sweet Tooth was an escaped mental patient that entered the Twisted Metal In the Dark Tooth ending, he met up with his split personality when the two. Sweet Tooth, real name Marcus "Needles" Kane, is a fictional character from the Twisted Metal video game series. Sweet Tooth is designed around the premise. For Twisted Metal: Head-On - Extra Twisted Edition on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "who exactly is Dark Tooth.

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From my understanding they still don't get it so I'm making this to help clear the air. Probably one of the hardest Twisted Metal blogs I ever made. Thus the last of three Twisted Metal blogs I'm doing to prepare for Halloween. First thing I'm going to do is state every known bio of Sweet Tooth in order by release of games. Warning you will notice very early on how confusing all of this will get.

meet dark tooth tm

Unless you are one of those people that demand very hard work with poor critical points. Please don't read my blog this is meant for true fans of the series. Twisted Metal An escaped mental patient, Needles Kane is a man on a mission. He has entered Twisted Metal in hopes of gaining the one prize that means more to him than anything in the world Twisted Metal 2 "My first home was the circus.

My second was a state institute. My next home will be yours. I will be the man who hides under your bed, in your closet, in your mind. When I win, you'll never be too far from me. Gather 'round kiddies, and let me show you just how sweet I can be! I have plenty of frosty, explosive treats for all the Twisted Metal contestants! Twisted Metal 4 When he was a child, the Twisted Metal competition - with Calypso at its head - came to his town.

meet dark tooth tm

The contest was unlike anything Sweet Tooth ever laid eyes on. It gave him dreams of death and destruction, and so he followed the traveling tournament until he was able to enter as a contestant.

Needles proved quite adept in combat and killed many drivers, but eventually grew dissatisfied. He felt that he was just a pawn, killing while Calypso grew stronger with each soul.

meet dark tooth tm

With this realization, he won the next tournament and used his wish to be the star of Twisted Metal. Now, Needles rules the deranged demolition derby from his carnival-like lair, assisted by a horde of equally twisted clown minions.

His newly-upgraded ice cream truck is the final challenge for anyone seeking to make a wish, but his sense of humor is just as bad as Calypso's when it comes to giving winners what they wanted.

meet dark tooth tm

Black Needles Kane is a feared serial killer terrorizing Midtown, well-known for his vast numbers gruesome murders. One day he is finally captured and put for execution. A preacher came into the room; he seemed to be someone intending to save Needles' soul, but he had other plans. When Needles is being electrocuted, the preacher shouted out to God to put a curse on Kane, to burn forever in the flames of hell.

At that moment, Needles head set on fire, and he broke free from the bonds. He then gets beaten by four officers, managing to kill three in less than a minute, and puts his mask back on.

Soon after, Needles is sent to Blackfield Asylum. Of course, the armor is a bit weaker than the boss version of this character, and it's a bit smaller. As there are multiple iterations of each vehicle, covering all of them in one video would prove to be incredibly difficult.

Thus, I believe it is more practical to cover each iteration separately.

Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)

First up, you know him, you love him, the mascot of the Twisted Metal series: Dark Tooth can't use his head. I don't know if the head is probably an actual vehicle itself, so you can't play with two cars at the same time. When using Dark Tooth, you will shoot the regular machine guns instead of the pink cones. Those pink cones is probably the head's special. All the weapons that you shoot with Dark Tooth actually does more damage than usual.

He has infinity Hammerhead's special, which is his best attack.

It must have something to do with the glitch that Antarctica already has, which is weapons like the napalm turning invisible.

When fighting Dark Tooth with Dark Tooth, you can only damage him with napalm and remote bombs, and since I couldn't get any weapons, the only way for to kill him was to use infinite weapon. He's slippery and power missiles will sometimes fly over small cars. While you don't have to deal with his homing spam since you're using him, Darkside now feels more of a threat than he is when you're using other cars.

Sweet Tooth has a big hurtbox and will get caught by the freeze and it's easy to get the sweet spot of a ram attack on Sweet Tooth. Don't you just love how Cyburbia is a big stage and yet there's only two turbos and they are only in the outer area of the stage?

New video in p and 30fps: I got it to work again. Yeah I know the music is skipping. My PS2 lens needs to be replaced and the disc is probably scractched.

I now have the tools to do it. Sweet Tooth with Dark Tooth's special is bad. It can hardly hit anyone, unless you're close to them.

The glitch stays in effect only in Hong Kong, until you turn off the game. There are other glitches in this game that I know of that I haven't gotten to work.