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meet brothers new song

After raising important social issues in their song Ae bhai, tune puppy kyun li? and Baby Doll, India's "much loved" singer duo, 'Meet Brothers. Our mom was an avid listener of the yesteryears' golden old songs. That song is our debut single which became a huge hit and earned us our moniker 'Meet Brothers'. . So this music is for the next-gen and the new world. MEET BROTHERS Right now we are busy making dance songs, party songs; our new trend is romantic which people are going to hear very.

We kind of went with the flow.

The New Party Song By Meet Brothers Will Ruin ‘Mad Max: Fury Road For You Forever

In a way you may say that we are used to entertain people since childhood. Looking in retrospect we guess, we were born to be who we are today. Music had walked into our lives much before we could realize that it would sweep us off our feet and is here to stay forever. Both of us have our own favourites like R.

We feel, his music was different and he was much ahead of his times. Even today, we party to his songs. We shimmy and groove to his classic tempo and the peppy beats. Truly, there has never been a singer nor there will be one ever like him to emulate his style. He introduced ghazals to the whole country. With his demise, the semi-classical, melodious genre seems to die down. His vocal chords would lend a magical touch to influence the masses across generations.

The appeal of his hypnotic renditions was never confined to an elite home or an aristocratic household. Even a layman on the street, the proletariat or a simple pan-seller at the roadside shop would be his die-hard patrons. He brought along a vast wealth of poetic gems and has left behind a formidable legacy to carry forth with care, dedication and nurture.

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How did your formative years back in Gwalior influence you musically? Did the local folksy flavours or the regal classical strains help strengthen your basics in music? It is said that if you eat leaves from the tamarind tree, planted by the great musical genius Mian Tansen in Gwalior, it would really boost you with some creative potion.

That event had actually set the ball rolling for us to pursue music with our whole heart and soul ahead. Later on, we took to the stage innumerable times. As siblings how would you guide or support each other while learning or listening to the musical creations?

Luckily, we have been brought up more like friends than just brothers under the same roof. Thankfully, our friend circle has always been common right from the start. So when that happens, you become more like bosom buddies than mere blood relations. Moreover, when you work together for years to make a career, you get even closer.

In music and life both, we complement each other and our strengths lie in togetherness.

meet brothers new song

And our destiny had as if plans in store for us to complete each other. What significant changes have you noticed in musical production and composition over the years? Music has undergone a drastic change in terms of sounds.

Earlier, it used be all analog. Everything was very live and tangible. People would record most of the songs by live instruments. But today, only four to five percent of the sounds and beats in the song is live, while the rest is all digital. These days, music is by and large available on the digital platforms and we are consuming that only. They fell on the ears more melodiously and soothingly, because they were made with much effort, time and patience.

People would tune in to the songs multiple times and the melody would penetrate their senses and linger on for long. People are always on the go, managing hectic schedules from pillar to post. We have fast food, fast relations, fast jobs etc. People are used to these rapid changes every day. So music has to be served that way as well.

The New Party Song By Meet Brothers Will Ruin ‘Mad Max: Fury Road For You Forever

The notes are much simpler and catchier now to harp on. It may not be that ornate with soulful strains, poise and depth but is highly rhythmic and pulsating to the core. People like it on the move. Music is more of a visual experience now than just lending an ear to. Your take on this. I absolutely agree with this statement. True that music in the present times is first seen and then heard. So it all comes through the vivid videos. It has become more of a visual delight to speak of.

And if the song has a good melody and a foottapping beat to dwell on, it becomes a huge hit. So it rarely happens that a song is released without picturisation and today, people like to see and believe those visuals on screen. You would hardly come across a very good song, which is badly shot and yet, fares well publicly. So, both aspects should march hand in hand. In the past, old songs would be a blockbuster even if the hero and the heroine were seen seated inside a room.

But things have drastically changed now. Today, a blockbuster song rides upon a lot of extra elements, required to be chipped in to propel its success. Many old school critics despise dance numbers and racy tracks. But your discography shows some runaway hits in these genres. So what do you have to say? Music you know, is a very personal matter. At least, the feeling comes across like that.

But music is independent, free of all bounds. However, the irony is that in music, you actually tend to start internalising your favourite song and think it to be your own. You attach a sense of belonging to it. When it comes to the old school critics, I presume that they have been brought up with a very different kind of music to listen to. What you grow up being catered with, becomes an inbuilt habit or your staple diet for life.

However, the new generation is different; they live life on a fast lane. By that logic, music too follows suit. It ought to be for-the-moment, swift, vibrant with a tempo and prompt on demand. In the past, people would seldom battle the stress. Today, there are too many distractions. So there is a tremendous amount of pressure on the mind and body because of the daily chores with their backbreaking deadlines to meet and deal with.

As a result, the listeners reasonably need something to go easy on the ears. They want songs to lift up their mood with feel-good factors that bring a smile upon their faces. So this music is for the next-gen and the new world. Enough music has been created for the aged audiences to enjoy and take a walk down their memory lane. On the flip side, the current-day critics must also accept the contemporary idiom and learn that the times they are changing.

It is in a constant flux. Music is who we are. It bears an authentic reflection of the socio-political-economic culture we represent. It is a correct identity, so it cannot be different.

If the millennials and the Gen-Z progeny like their music in a certain way, so be it. How did you guys professionally foray into the mainstream Bollywood music? Oh, this goes back a long time.

Actually, when we were working at an FM radio station in our hometown Gwalior, we used to have a lot of free time in hand while programming the shows. Hence, we started making songs. In fact, it was our first-time stint with the songmaking routine in life. We realized that we can actually make music. Right from our colleagues to everybody else at our workstation would appreciate our songs and would ask us to lend them in films.

So when we finally moved to Mumbai, we just met a few good people who had genuinely showed a keen interest in our songs.

We perhaps had enough confidence in what we had created at that point of time. And after garnering appreciation from whoever we had played our songs to, it made us somewhat feel that we are on the right path. It was our maiden break and both the flicks I remember, had happened to release together.

So our journey somehow kicked off with these two features. How is she as a singer? We had an awesome time making that song and putting it on record with Sonakshi. She is very humble and a very nice human being. She is extremely passionate about music and singing. She is fun on the mike and the number came naturally to her.

We specifically made the song in her comfort space because we understood her voice and how she likes to sing. Normally, people of high stature throw their weight around others and are full of star tantrums. She was very down to earth.


It was like recording any other artiste behind the studio. We would love to do more work as in songs with her. Her voice texture is different and she can easily become a female rapper, if she wishes.

Do you subscribe to the present-day trend of actors doing their own playback? We are delighted with the fact that actors are taking a shine to singing. For there are numerous people who are embracing this idea which is discernibly on a rising graph. Also actor Riteish Deshmukh did a Marathi song with us. People hero worship the stars and actors, who they consider their idols. Many singers have taken to acting and they have been applauded for their performance skills.

Singers like Himesh Reshammiya and Honey Singh have been accepted when they took to acting. Till five years ago, no big composer would agree to share credits. This is the future. In Hollywood, different songs are composed by different people. It has started here and nothing can change it. We were waiting for our songs to be out and it was taking that long. You tweet songs of Coldplay, Westlife, David Guetta Otherwise I hear only those songs which become too big to escape from.

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I listen to music in the bathroom — whatever plays on the radio. That is the only time my phone is off. And when you walk into a party, chances are you are listening to your own work I am really looking forward to Party in the jungle playing in parties. It has an uptempo club beat — poora energy hai gaane mein.

meet brothers new song

Nightclubs ko hum jungle bana denge. We like to make people dance. Musically, the language they like to hear is party song. So we thought of making a song that people would want to download or play at parties after hearing it on TV. Did the channel give you the theme?

They just showed us the earlier songs that they had got done. We created the song in three days. Then it becomes a situational film song. And even in films, none of the situational songs work unless the film becomes a blockbuster. It is not for people who enjoy music in cars, clubs, on phones and in parties.

It is only for directors who want to take the story forward. If only there is a hook that goes with the situation and the film is a hit then people hear it. Is that a thought you share with directors? We keep telling them music has to be independent. If anybody wants our music they should take the music we have and not what they want it to be.

If the song says: So they dance in the house or at weddings. It should be generic so they can relate to it. Situational music is not relatable at all. Have you ever been forced to make such songs? Take Do Dooni Char. Each song was situational. That music was a waste. If we got best newcomer awards for it, it was because we did the background too. So do you now make your point clear to the makers? Like the Party toh banti hai song in Bhoothnath Returns. The director was very particular about the situation but luckily, the producer Bhushan Kumar believes music should be commercially successful.

We worked hard with the writer Kumaar to get the words which worked as a party line as well as fitted the situation where a political party was fighting elections.

It takes time to make a song and I can make only so many songs in my career. Why should I waste time making songs which will do neither us nor the film any good? There are allegations of Chittiyaan kalaiyaan being similar to some Baluch song Bollywood is very popular in Pakistan and the UAE.