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Gone Baby Gone () (Directed by Ben, starred in by Casey) is in my top 3 movies of all-time. One of the best portrayals of South Boston I've. David O. Russell, the film's writer and director, uses humor and empathy to draw attention to serious issues in a story about a flawed man who. Mediacom TV & Movies | Movies | Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Available:, Google Play, iTunes Store, YouTube Alias Boston Blackie.

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The films of Jean Rollin are unusual in ways that many find off-putting. They usually meander around colorfully surreal or absurd images and morbid situations for long stretches so that it becomes unclear where the sometimes thin narrative is going. They always have a dreamlike tone that can drive some viewers mad with the desire to hit the fast forward or stop button.

But for those who share Rollin's sensibilities, these films are gorgeous and evocative pieces that seem lifted out of a fascinating other world. The stories are a mixture of quaint old pulp conventions and wild sexual excitement that, at its best, blends into something no one else in cinema really tries.

There are points of similarity between Rollin and Jess Franco, but where Franco seems more interested in pumping out as many films as possible, I feel Rollin has a stronger body of work. Rollin always seems to have a central idea around which he's gathering images in the same way a poet will collage words.

He layers quiet, moody shots of beautiful, melancholy women walking through gorgeous locations with horrific images of bloody violence in what seems to be an effort to get beyond the shock of the juxtaposition and question the feelings that are provoked. Since the violence is often linked with sexuality there is a reoccurring idea in his films that sex is both the beginning and ending of life.

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This isn't the sex-equals-death concept of so many American slasher films but a more European view of sex as a transformative and healing act even when it's linked with danger.

Rollin's parade of undead creatures are almost always beautiful but tortured. Joy is always in the past for Rollin's characters and tears are their only response. Their tragedy is made all the more touching by its gradual, degenerative nature putting me in mind of the victims of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. It's famous for its small budget and two-week shooting schedule, but even though its extremely low budget is occasionally evident I think the director stages his story well enough to hide most of its financial shortcomings.

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The performances are not exceptional by any means but get the job done effectively and the frequent nudity is a plus that distracts me from a few of the more wooden actors. In all honesty, the film could be much worse than it is and I would still champion it simply because of its inspired final shot. The image of two defeated and desolate characters walking away from the camera into the distance becomes the antithesis of riding off into the sunset.

He reaches the house and chases Lee off with his revolver. Eddie and Victoria make up, and he buys her a piano-player with paper rolls. Lee vows to have nothing more to do with the crazy couple at the top of Angels Flight.

This Universal Nestor comedy, directed by Al Christie and released on December 11,may no longer exist. Up She Goes In an apparent remake of Their Ups and Downs, comedienne Billie Rhodes is Mary, a newlywed living on Bunker Hill, who is so enamored of the jazz saxophone that she hires a local musician to teach her the instrument.

Their comings and goings on Angels Flight create misunderstandings.

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Up She Goes was a Strand comedy released on March 26, The film is mentioned in the April 26, Variety p. The film features a great pan shot from the bottom of Third Street to the top of the hill and back down to the Sunshine Apartments. Act of Violence showed stalking victim Van Heflin's descent into figurative hell with a literal descent down the Third Street steps, across Clay Street beneath Angels Flight, and on down another set of steps to the Third Street Tunnel.

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The trailer can be seen on YouTube. Once a Thief stars June Havoc seen here on Clay Street as a jewel thief hiding out on Bunker Hill who makes the mistake of falling for a local gigolo Cesar Romero. In Southside Angels Flight offers a handy getaway for a counterfeiter George Tobias and an undercover Secret Service agent Don DeFore trying to shake a couple of T-men who are following them. Bunker hill, where the murderer's first victim lived.

When the villain leaps from the back of the downward car and jumps on the front of the upward car, Boston Blackie jumps out and runs up the tracks to the station and catches him. Conrad runs up the Third Street steps to Olive Street, but his quarry is long gone. In lower right shot, Gassman relaxes between shots.

Marian Carr is the girlfriend trying to warn his victims living at the Hillcrest Hotel across from the Angels Flight station on Olive Street.

He lives with his mother at the real-life Rochester Victorian house at Temple Street, and goes up to Bunker Hill looking for a fresh victim for Audrey. Photo compliments of Nathan Marsak.