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meet bill movie poster

This movie never should have seen the light of day. Male midlife crisis presents as pathological self-loathing in Meet Bill, an imperative to. Meet Bill Poster Aaron Eckhart and Jessica Alba in Meet Bill () Aaron Eckhart and In the movie Bill's father in law's character is named John Jacobi. Read the movie synopsis of Meet Bill to learn about the film details and plot. FilmJabber is your source for film and movies. Meet Bill movie poster.

Co-directed by the husband-wife team of Bernie Goldmann and Melissa Wallack who penned the script"Bill" has all the elements required of the genre: His job is falling apart he begrudgingly works for his irascible father-in-lawhis marriage is going to pieces, his body is going to pot, and, perhaps most horrifying, his hair is rejecting his head.

meet bill movie poster

Bill needs a change, fast, and is not-so-voluntarily signed up for a mentoring program at the local high school. A magnificent ensemble cast including Elizabeth Banks, Timothy Olyphant, Jessica Alba, and Kristen Wiig and far too many more to mention are all up to the task of providing enough comedic fodder to fill several films.

meet bill movie poster

Discussing their characters in depth would be too revealing, and my policy is to allow the reader to find a synopsis elsewhere if desired. Ultimately the partnership between Bill and The Kid is what drives the story, and the chemistry between Eckhart and Lerman is central to the success of the film.

meet bill movie poster

The Kid is smart, streetwise, sexy or so he thinksand has the self-confidence of someone thrice his age. In short, he's everything Bill aspires to be.

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It's a role-reversal device that's at the heart of many classic comedies, and Wallack's brilliant writing makes it work. Despite being an independent film read: The design is bright and the sound and editing give it a crisp, bouncy feel.

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Goals then become driven by money and status, in order to have the best "things" and be coveted by complete strangers. There is no time to question how this regimented lifestyle came to be, or whether it's even sane or wantedas success waits for no one. Should questions of passion or desire or happiness come into play, there are always reality-altering anti-depressants and other chemical substances. The illusion of freedom exists within this structure, allowing people to feel uniquely important or that their success lies in their personal choices and ethics.

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Occasionally however, there are individuals who look outside of their cages and wonder how they got trapped in the first place.

Such is Bill Aaron Eckharta man trapped in routine life with a cheating wife Elizabeth Banks and a well-paying, but intellectually void job at a bank.

meet bill movie poster

Enabled and invigorated by a wisecracking, con-artist youth Logan Lermanwho in turn is infatuated with a luscious lingerie saleswoman Jessica AlbaBill decides to march to the beat of his own drum. Suffering many humiliations, including a penile comparison to an acorn, Bill seeks solstice in a doughnut franchise that he views as an escape from his mundane life.

As a preachy didactic about going after what one "wants" in life, Meet Billis a relatively successful yarn.

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The music cues at appropriate times to let the audience know when to laugh and when to reflect on Bill's personal discoveries. They come at convenient moments, lending a believable if formulaic character arc.

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The problem is that the comedy isn't funny and the drama isn't particularly moving or inspiring. Given that Walkerwas on for 9 seasons seriouslyMeet Bill should please a less discerning and easily entertained crowd. Adding some much needed dignity to the film, Aaron Eckhart delivers a typically strong performance as a self-deprecating cornball.