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Interview With Electra & RCA Recording Artists Aztec Two Step Aztec Two Step and within a year after we met we were in LA doing the final. Aztec Two-Step are coming to the Kate on Saturday, Dec. 1. Originating from a chance meeting at a Boston folk club open mic night in No words can ever tell. No, no words can ever tell. Wrap your arms around me. Like the shadows 'round the moon. Meet me at midnight. By the windows of your .

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I had the opportunity to interview Neal Shulman One half of an incredible musical act called Aztec Two Step an acoustic duo who have been writing and performing musical memory makers for some time now. Rex and I were both in Boston in and we both had the same thing on our minds which was playing music and hopefully being able to do this for a living.

This was the really the foundation of our career together. Ok, so Rex is the main songwriter or do you write the songs together? He is the main songwriter. Did the audience and ticket sales and all the other things that go into creating a productive musical act have anything to do with how you were writing and performing your music?

But when you are actually in the studio the producer knows he has a mission from the record company and its understood that these things are incorporated in the process. Your writing these songs as your muse will lead you to do them -and the songs will rise or fall depending on their merit. Yes I'm saying in general you had your record label, and the label signed you up and it was their job to promote you and it was their job to sell your records, and send you out on tour and book your schedule for travel and performances am i right?

Well partially right, It was their job to first finance your record, to manufacture your record to physically distribute your record to the retail outlets then to promote your record. Sometimes they would have some influence on touring, but thats not necessarily their job, thats why artists have managers, record company's are not booking agents.

Now its not uncommon when a record label has a character and a presence like Electra records they will look to other artists they nurtured and ask them to help nurture you. So distribution is really the nuts and bolts of how do I get a couple of records into every store in the United States where this record is being played these are extremely important facets but which are far removed from the actual making of the music.

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And in Maine, Vermont, Connecticut and in other places. I think our career is so vibrant in the Northeast because it was the combination of air play and 'live' appearances.

When you find out that one isolated station in Colorado is playing your record and your kind of young and maybe you don't really have the experience or nobody's managing you that has that big picture, you don't really know what to do with that.

But even if you know what to do with it, it's inherently hard to go play that date, go play that market whereas if you want to play in Syracuse and you live in New York City, you get in your car and you drive to Syracuse. It can be done. Q - Do you tour internationally? A - Very little. I can't say that I wholly understand why that is. I think that maybe possibly we fell into the trap of when you are developing in an area and you are vibrant in an area the temptation to keep playing that area and not develop and reach out to new areas.

Those can be managerial decisions that in hindsight we may or may not have done differently. Other than going to Japan one time and Canada, we never have played internationally. We've never played in Europe. I'm very doubtful at this juncture that we will.

Q - Well, you never know. A - You never do know. I do know that if you talk about this idea of going someplace where you really don't have an audience it really is frustrating. You're coming from a place where your fans are coming out to see you and there's this quality of appreciation and you're making money and to support yourself and be able to be on the road and then to travel someplace and to promote yourself and have a small turnout it begins to feel like wasted effort.

Now decades later, those opportunities are different when you're a new band anyway and we are not a newer band anymore. Q - You met Rex at an open mic night. I think I can speak for both of us when I say this was what we wanted to do professionally. We wanted to tour and record and that's why we were there, looking for opportunities.

How did Aztec Two Step go over with their audiences? A - It's funny because Joan Jett and Bon Jovi were both the same benefit concert, postand there were a lot of people on that bill.

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That was in Red Bank, New Jersey, an area that was very hard hit on A lot of people commute from Red Bank by ferry to lower Manhattan to work in the financial district. So, there was a benefit, a series of benefit concerts there. We toured for a half dozen dates in the Pacific Northwest with Neil Sedaka.

It really was fine.

meet aztec two step

Maybe it was just a little more relaxed in those days in terms of the audience. We played with a lot, a lot of people.

meet aztec two step

The only person where it really didn't work was Bette Midler, and that was early on for her at a really good club in Philadelphia, in the Philadelphia area. And our manager said, "Don't take this gig. It wasn't the end of the world. Q - What happened there? She didn't like you or her audience didn't like you?

A - Her audience didn't like us. We were absolutely extraneous to the point where they said, "Look, don't even bother to finish out this gig. The audience is here to see Bette. We don't have much in common with Neil Sedaka really. We're kind of from another era and another style. It's been fun to play with people who aren't all exactly like us, who all aren't Folk or acoustic artists. It's been fun to open for comedians and to play with artists that are Pop or Rock.

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Q - Did you tour with Jim Croce? Did you get to sit down and speak with him? A - It's funny. I was thinking about that the other day. We appeared, toured probably is a little bit of an overstatement, which we need to be careful about in the post Brian Williams era.

meet aztec two step

We played a very significant gig with him as we were getting started and he was on the rise. That was at a club whose name escapes me, but was a very significant club in Chicago. It was not one night, it was like a week. I think my partner Rex may have got to spend more time with Jim Croce. We talked about this the other day.