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meet at starbucks

Starbucks is launching its first brand campaign, and it's doing it ambitiously. For the global campaign, called "Meet me at Starbucks," the coffee. The feel-good theme is "Meet me at Starbucks," and the centerpiece—a five- minute-plus mini documentary by 72andSunny—shows people. All it takes is a delightful cup of coffee and a cheery atmosphere to brew great moments. Share your best moments with us #atStarbucksPH.

However, if you run a home-based business you may not want to hold your meeting in your living room or dining room. This is especially try if you are a stay-at-home-parent who manages a business in-between home schooling your children. This is where Starbucks comes to the rescue.

No Office? No Problem. Meet Me at Starbucks | Starbucks Newsroom

This could be in my car, in the parking lot at the NBC Universal Studios, or while walking the aisles in my local grocery store.

Unfortunately, these places don't make it easy to hold a meeting with real live human being. What I and millions of others have learned is to simply map out a list of Starbucks coffee houses and hold our meetings there.

Meet A Starbucks Barista Who Loves to Bake with Coffee

Starbucks coffeehouses can be the quintessential meeting spot for hipsters, suits, blue collar workers, college kids and business people. Most Starbucks locations come with ample seating for two, handicapped seating and room for parties of four or more to gather.

While tables and chairs are furniture staples you'll find plush sofas and armchairs in some coffee houses, too.

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  • No Office? No Problem. Meet Me at Starbucks

If you arrive at a convenient time you can bring your Macbook, Netbook or iPad, find an empty wall-jack and work until your heart is content.

The din in most Starbucks is tolerable. Most people tend to keep their conversations within their group and respect others' need for quiet. This usually makes it easy to speak with and listen to whomever you are meeting.

Of course, every now and then you'll encounter a loud-talking cell phone user. If this happens for a prolonged time it's best to just find another seat. As a director I've held auditions in Starbucks several times.

meet at starbucks

The first time I met with a voiceover actor at a Starbucks in the marina. It was summertime and I sat outside. He road his motorcycle right up to the entrance, parked, and we chatted for three hours.

meet at starbucks

Even with commuter traffic nearby we were still able hear each other well. When rush hour traffic died down it was even more quiet. The second time I met with a blonde actress whom I later hired for a role in my film Broken Hearts Club. We sat together and read lines from a break-up scene.

How to Meet Someone at Starbucks

It felt awkward at first because a nearby patron actually thought we were breaking up! Another plus to holding your meeting at Starbucks is that they are everywhere.

meet at starbucks

You can pick a spot convenient to both you and the person you're meeting just by visiting the Find A Location link on the Starbucks website. Starbucks may be famous for coffee but they have a full menu of other complements. They were there to brainstorm concepts for potential research projects, but one colleague protested that it was too noisy; there was simply no way they would be able to come up with good ideas.

And that got Mehta thinking: They reached the conclusion that a moderate level of noise, such as the music and conversation that suffuse your average coffee house, provides a commensurately moderate level of distraction that actually elevates your thinking to a higher plane.

Meet Me at Starbucks

The steady hum promotes more abstract thinking, activating the subconscious and facilitating creative problem-solving — the kind involved in coming up with new ideas, not technical analysis. InMehta co-authored a paper published in The Journal of Consumer Research that presented these findings and read like a love letter to coffee shops in the gig economy. Both freelancers, they needed a place to work and found that they gravitated to coffee shops.

Suddenly, it all made sense. Since its launch inCallwood says 5. Coffee has fueled ideas for centuries. The first coffee houses sprang up in the s in the Middle East, the birthplace of the coffee trade. Adding productivity Once upon a time, coffee shops frowned upon workers camping out for hours in a row.

meet at starbucks

But inStarbucks began offering free, unlimited Wi-Fi at its stores, an acknowledgement that customers who can pull out their laptops are more apt to stay longer — and hopefully drink and eat more. We provide a comfortable venue where you can be alone or with other people and think and do work.

On a typical day, Sullivan, the writer, rotates among several coffee shops, moving from one to another at least once a day, and placing an order wherever he goes.

meet at starbucks

His go-to location is the Starbucks across from the National Zoo, which can get packed with tourists on a warm, sunny afternoon but at other times provides the perfect set-up for Sullivan, who walks or bikes there from his home.