Meet and greet metallica 2014 colombia

Hard hitting Dane – meet Lars Ulrich | Scandinavian Traveler

meet and greet metallica 2014 colombia

Feb 20 , pm Maybe he was relieved to finally meet someone who wasn't it struck me that Metallica represents a type of authenticity of the past that allows former artists and . I also waited 72 hours to linger Slash at his meet- and-greet but he deALPS; enAustralia; ptBrasil; enCanada; esColombia; da Danish. Fixxxer Collection - Metallica's biggest collection in Colombia. Radioacktiva - Meet & Greet · DORIS Piece - UPDATE - February · Through the Never. Find and buy Metallica tickets at Find upcoming event tour dates and schedules for Metallica at Metallica announces intimate club show in Toronto Metallica collects food for children and pets in Colombia.

First they spent three years touring with their previous album, Death Magnetic, then they recorded the album Lulu with late rock legend Lou Reed.

Hard hitting Dane – meet Lars Ulrich

They also made the film Metallica Through The Never, performed a tribute medley to the inspirational Ronnie James Dio and ran their own Orion festival, as well as going on various tours in between. His passport and citizenship are still Danish, but he is very passionate about San Francisco. It feels like the future is being created in the San Francisco region, with the entire tech world here.

A typical workday starts with getting the kids up and off to school. Ulrich then drives to HQ for album recordings, ideas meetings, band meetings, business meetings or tour preparations.

Karate, baseball, playing bass and sports matches.

meet and greet metallica 2014 colombia

My everyday life is probably not all that different from other dads in their early 50s who are active and engaged with their children. His children are from two different mothers both of whom live in the area and his job sometimes keeps him apart from his children for long periods. In mid-November, for example, he was off around the world again, from airport to airport, city to city, interview to interview, promoting the new album.

Two days before the album release, he and Metallica were in Germany on a Wednesday afternoon for a global online interview with their fans.

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It was here, in the early s, that Metallica recorded their second and third albums, Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets. The second time, however, they were able to afford a couple of hotel rooms close to the studio. Now, 30 years later, a couple of American assistants follow Ulrich around on his promotional tour, along with some local record label people.

One of them places a chilled soda and a fresh tray of sushi in front of him as we sit down after the end of the TV recording. This prompts Ulrich to consider his response, as his fingers hover over the sushi tray. Everything else is perfectly fine. And we have some good vibrations in the band.

meet and greet metallica 2014 colombia

Ocampo developed the plans for tree growing areas, the central plaza and also designed the water supply and structures such as channels and walls. In the Events Plaza was finally built. In the pedestrian pathways were made bigger from 5 meters to 10 meters wide. The stage area of the Events Plaza was closed in the perimeters and the illumination was improved. Three new access points were added.

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Since new social programs have been created in order to make the park an events center. This include as of now the Summer Festival, and the Rock to the park festival making it the axis of recreational activities for the city.

Its extension is over acres 3. At the present time it is considered the "lung of the city" due to its central location and because of its size and its vegetation.

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The park is conformed among others by the following parks: Major concerts and festivals mainly take place in this area. Water park can be seen in the background as a roofed structure Commonly and formerly known as The Salitre Park and officially named Magic Salitre Salitre Magico is a recreational area and amusement park that includes amusement rides.

The park is best known for its Ferris wheel from where there is a nice view of the city. The park features three rollercoasters as well. Additionally the park features a roof covered waterpark with pools and water slides. It has courts for the practicing of different sports especially soccer and basketball. It also features a small coliseum for small events. This park has 19 kiosks for barbecue and picnic activities.

This park is accessible through the Transmilenio system. One of the main attractions of this park is its lakes where people can rent pedal boats. Sports Palace Palacio de los Deportes [ edit ] Is a dedicated roof covered coliseum for concerts and events for an audience not bigger than 5.

meet and greet metallica 2014 colombia

The Sports Palace is one of the most used spaces in the complex for the organization of local events and theatrical functions due to its versatility and the advantage of being a covered space. See concerts section for information about artist that have performed at the arena. A training pool, an Olympic pool and a diving pool whose technical specifications have been endorsed by the International Federation of Swimming.