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meet a celebrity

Famous Celebrities For Hire! And Let Your Celebrity Dreams Come True!!! The World's Biggest Stars Come to You! *Millionaires Concierge is a full service. Consider your location. Location is everything. If you want to maximize your chances of running into celebrities, it's important to consider where you live and how. Originally Answered: How can I meet my favorite celebrity? Ok you follow them on allllllll social media. Then you look for locations. When they post a picture (on .

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There are also events that allow you to meet multiple celebrities, such as movie premieres and award shows. Countless movie premieres happen in New York City. It is hard to get information about movie premieres online, so your best bet is to ask around on the Internet or through a knowledgeable friend. Follow your favorite celebrities on their social media websites.

They will often announce ahead of time if they are going to be somewhere.

Hire Celebrities to Meet or Perform at Your Event

If you have an internship at Bravo, ABC, NBC, or any other major channel and work with them, you are bound to have an elevator ride or some short encounter with a celebrity. It may not be the most exciting experience, but it is still an experience. Sites such as VIP Nation offer customers the opportunity to meet a celebrity at a concert. It can be expensive and overpriced, but if you have the money, you might as well spend it on this.

Famous Celebrities For Hire! And Let Your Celebrity Dreams Come True!!!

Most times, VIP Nation includes a gift bag with goodies, a laminate, and a photo with the singer. You have to sell your right arm to get these tickets, but it is probably worth it to be front row to see Beyonce half-naked on stage.

Everybody has a story. Instead, write a letter to the celebrities of your choice and give it to them when you meet them. Since celebrities have a lot of down time when they travel, they are more likely to read your letter. A part of it is just being lucky, but also consider that this is New York City and celebrities are bound to be walking around.

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Eat out at restaurants, go on a shopping spree, and visit some hot-spots. You never know whom you might run into. Another creepy — yet successful — way to meet celebrities is to wait outside their hotel.

How To Meet The “Celebrity Crush” Of Your Dreams

Most fans can easily find out where a certain celebrity is staying when they are in New York. If not, check paparazzi photos online. If you see a photo of them walking outside of a hotel, chances are it is probably their hotel. Hence, if you want them to take any notice of you, you must bring forward your A-game. You must have something to show off, to proof why you are someone worth meeting. If you currently have a boring wardrobe and a poor sense of dressing; then you should probably focus on changing that first before you start working on meeting famous people.

You must always dress to impress and have good taste in clothes and fashion accessories if you are really serious about meeting famous people.

If you can afford designer wears, beautiful! You must be ready to spend some money too. Whenever there is an event that is likely to have your targeted celebrity in attendance, try buying a VIP ticket or a VVIP ticket; just make sure you buy a seat that gets you as close to your target as possible and never miss a chance to start a conversation or go over to exchange pleasantries.

Hang out at VIP Spots-: There are some restaurants, clubs, hotels or night clubs where famous people love to hang out maybe because they are considered exclusive. You should look for a way to penetrate these places and hang out there often as well.

You can also try to attend celebrity parties. Some people sell tickets and invitations to such events; you can look out for such people and buy tickets from them so that you can attend such parties and increase your chances of meeting them. You can get access to a famous person easily by becoming friends with people they know, trust and hang out with often. Follow them on social media-: Maybe they're wearing a shirt of a band you love, or the venue is one of your favorite locations.

Let an organic conversation spring from the circumstances. If you're going to compliment them, be specific.

meet a celebrity

Bring up a work of theirs that touched you, and explain how and why it did. Compliment time is also the perfect opportunity to finally rave about them, but keep it reasonable. If you have a question for them about their work, be original. People really don't like answering the same obvious question over and over and over again, so try to catch them off-guard with a thoughtful question they probably haven't heard before. Don't be something you're not just because it's what you think they want you to be.

Don't pretend you've seen a movie or television show, or even that you enjoy specific kinds of food, just because they ask you about it. They'll pick up on—and appreciate—the honesty.

meet a celebrity