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Medically fit to meet aircrew requirements. . 2 or 3 days before the actual day, gather everything you need in a safe place, so you don't have to run around and . Aug 14, I embarked upon my career as a member of Jet Airways' cabin crew when to be a graduate only if you're applying to a government-run airline; for any other Indian airline, the only educational qualification required is an HSC certificate. whether you are physically fit or not through a battery of blood tests. A list of UK AMEs and OHMPs can be found at Find an AME. All new cabin crew require an initial medical examination. Crew who are operating under an assessment as fit for cabin crew duties under the EU-OPS requirements should.

And again, and again. Nope, she saw fit I was in EGHQ at the break of dawn doing all of that… Needless to say I was in pretty ugly state at the end, friends and colleagues have witnessed and can attest. Anyways, it went on. Got a few absents, more sick days and my general health was worsening. I asked for some time off, emergency leave, even offering to take the remaining leave I had to try and treat the condition I was in.

Was finally in hospital, but not before being questioned, FBI style that ghastly morning. I was cornered in a dark debriefing room interrogation cubicle more like with three seniors to answer to: Do you have substances on you? Why are you flying like that?

I had to call sick from my hospital bed, each and every day as ordered by that daft woman: She turned sour that day when she got the news of me being in hospital. And forever since, remained the same un-phased robot behind her desk on the dreaded 3rd floor open space of Emirates Group Headquarters.

So came the time to make a decision. Well, the answer is quick to figure out. Without a flick on an eye-lid, nor a word, she got up, went over to her assistant, mumbled a few words and came back with the Letter of Resignation, copied twice. I read, signed both, and walked off the same way I came in.

The less I saw of her, the better I felt. I felt such a relief.

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But knew I only had two weeks to get the fuck out of there. So I did after being forced to hand over my passport for a week instead of the usual 2 days.


Ever wondered what my manager became?? Many have asked how to join the company as Cabin Crew, many questions. Is it really want I want to be doing? Am I afraid of staying up 20 hours straight with make-up, shoes and customers to please in an aircraft? Wearing a uniform is a burden? Otherwise you can move on and read the rest!

You like working in a team?

Medical requirements for cabin crew | UK Civil Aviation Authority

You like meeting new people every day? Another important background you may want to have is some kind of customer relations experience.

Since flight attendants work mostly with people during the flight, airlines like to see that you can handle the pressure that is sure to be involved — at times. It is possible to have a background in customer relations but no education above a H.

Diploma and still be hired because they prefer the experience. College courses in nursingcommunications, psychology, travel and tourism are also desirable. If you can speak two foreign languages, you would be an ideal candidate for international flights.

You must also be able to speak clear English. Physical Requirements and Training Most airlines require attendants to be height-weight proportionate, and they have certain maximum weight allowances depending on height. You must be tall enough to be able to reach the bins above the passengers, but not too tall to have to bend over all the time. Applicants should also be well groomed and wear only conservative jewelry. Men must have their hair cut above the collar and be clean-shaven, although a mustache usually is allowed.

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Corrected vision either with contact lenses or glasses is also now acceptable for flight attendants. You will need to be healthy. After being hired, flight attendants are given training by the airline that hired them. The airline will pay for all of it, and it can be expected to last between four and eight weeks.

At the end of each round the judges would confer and select a few candidates to go to the next round. During the first round, batches of ten candidates at a time are seated in front of the panel and by turn give a self-introduction, discussing their family background, why they want to join the airline etc.

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A few candidates were then chosen to move into the second round. Want to fly all over the world? The second round of the interview consists of a group discussion. The candidates are segregated into groups and each group is made to speak on a particular topic, such as customer care, professionalism etc.

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The judges then eliminate a few more candidates and the remaining ones move into the final round. In the third round, candidates are individually interviewed by the panel. If you get through this round you've gotten the job. Of course, before you're confirmed you have to undergo medicals -- a panel of doctors selected by Jet Airliners ensures whether you are physically fit or not through a battery of blood tests, x-rays etc.

It isn't easy to get through all three rounds of the interview -- on the day I appeared, of the 12 candidates interviewed only one was selected -- me! You need to make sure you introduce yourself and answer the judges' questions politely, sensibly and with confidence. Your personal appearance is also very important; grubby fingernails, unkempt hair and acne will all go against you, so make sure you're well groomed.

If in spite of everything you don't make the cut, don't be disheartened -- you can reapply in Jet a year after your first interview and you can always try your luck in other airlines as well. Training Once you've passed your medicals, you are enrolled into the cabin crew training programme, which lasts for around two-and-a-half months. Since the airline has a number of different aircraft, selected candidates are assigned to fly only one particular kind of aircraft.

When I started off, I was assigned to the Boeingthen moved up to the larger Airbus A and earlier this year was moved to Jet's recently acquired Boeing s. Before switching from one aircraft to the other, you have to go back to training to familiarise yourself with the new aircraft's safety equipment, facilities etc -- they are always different.