Mcsl b meet results swimming

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mcsl b meet results swimming

There also are swim meets on Wednesday nights called “B” meets for The results of Saturday A meets determine a swim team's standing. MCSL. Montgomery County Swim League Preseason Rank. Team. Dual Meets Won. Dual Meet Pts. Relay Score Meet Information. Meet Results · Division. MCSL Coaches Invitational Long Course Meet: The fastest eight swimmers (with It is the belief of the Swim Team that "B" Meet Swimmers are very important to.

This is our primary sign-out notification method. This will help avoid entry errors and give another swimmer the opportunity to swim in that spot. The rules of eligibility are established by the Gaithersburg - Montgomery Village B League and are as follows: If you swim an event in the A meet, you are not allowed to swim the same event in the following B meet, with the exception of freestyle see exception below.

A swimmer MAY swim any of their off-strokes in the B meet, regardless of how many events they swam in the A meet. There is not a limit to the number of events a B swimmer may swim in a B meet, e.

If you are a usual A swimmer who misses an A meet, you are not eligible to swim your normal strokes in the following B meet. A swimmer is eligible to swim freestyle in a B meet as long as they did not place 1st through 6th in the previous A meet i.

General Notes Regarding Eligibility: In B meets, as in A meets, a swimmer is expected to be legal in the stroke before being entered in an event. The head coach will have final decision making authority on whether a swimmer is ready or not to swim a particular stroke.

No swim-ups will be permitted in B meets. Because the eligibility rules cannot capture every possible situation, and in order to provide flexibility and fairness to teams and swimmers, allowing swimmers with exceptional circumstances e. See eligibility rules above. The sign-up period will close at Please help communication by keeping the coaches informed and do not enter a meet you are not planning to attend.

If you have signed up but become unable to swim due to illness, etc. This will help the timeline of the meet by avoiding empty lanes and unnecessary heats. E-mails may be sent to the Lake Marion B Rep at lmswimmom gmail. Laser Pre-Team Laser pre-team swimmers should be four years or older by June 1, and must demonstrate appropriate swimming ability to the Head Coach on the first day of pre-team practice before they can be registered for the team.

The Laser pre-team is mainly a practice group designed to introduce young swimmers to competitive swimming. Pre-Team is not designed to serve as swim lessons, but to assist the children in improving their current skills. Meet Organization Swim meets, consisting of a series of events divided by age group and gender, are run by parent volunteers who perform a variety of functions.

In order to run a meet, each team competing needs to supply approximately 30 or more parent volunteers home meets take more than away meets. Among these volunteers are Certified Officials who have attended an MCSL officials' clinic to learn the responsibilities of a particular position such as: Referee - responsible for running the meet and making sure that all applicable rules are followed. Starter - responsible for starting the events and ensuring that all swimmers get a fair start.

If a swimmer uses an illegal stroke or performs an illegal turn or finish, it is the responsibility of these officials to disqualify the swimmer from that event.

MCSL – The Nuts and Bolts

The computer operators also keep track of points earned by each team. B meets are automated but not scored. The following positions do not require certification but are the minimum required to run a meet: Timers - Three timers are required for each of the 6 lanes during a meet. Each team supplies half 9 of the total timers required In addition to the lane timers, the home team will supply a head timer and the visiting team will supply an assistant head timer.

Clerk of Course - Each team supplies at least one, preferably two, persons to act as a check-in point for swimmers prior to their event. The Clerk of Course is especially important in B meets due to the large number of swimmers, and the multiple heats of each event. Swimmers are arranged by lane and verified that they are in the correct event. The Clerk of Course, or an assistant, takes the younger swimmers to the starting end of the pool and positions them in the correct lane.

In both A and B meets the position requires someone to verify and apply the stickers to the proper ribbons as they come out of the printer. Each team supplies a person for this duty.

At mini-meets, the stickers may be computer generated, or may actually be written by hand, depending on team preferences.


Announcer - The home team supplies a volunteer to announce events, call swimmers to the Clerk of Course, play music, etc. At Lake Marion we have two A meet representatives and two B meet representatives. The meet representatives are responsible for organizing the respective A or B meets, lining up volunteers to work, welcoming the visiting team, and making sure the meet progresses smoothly from start to finish. Meet Manager - The meet manager is responsible for helping to set up and run the meet in partnership with the team reps.

mcsl b meet results swimming

The meet manager focuses on the equipment, volunteers, and pool set-up and take-down. Help and support is needed in other areas such as: Meet Setup — Before a meet, volunteers are needed to help set up the equipment and arrange the pool deck tables, chairs, equipment, etc.

Meet Takedown - After a meet the pool needs to be returned to its original condition. This involves arranging tables and chairs, putting equipment away and making sure that trash is picked up. Because the team can only take advantage of this fund-raising opportunity during home meets, both A and B, please give any help you can.

A very needed and important position is that of concessions coordinator, who organizes the efforts of all the other volunteers. In addition to staffing the concession stand, volunteers are needed to shop for supplies, pick up ice, haul and load coolers and transport food prep equipment to the pool. After the meet, help is needed gathering the equipment, cleaning it and putting it away.

Please be generous in giving your time. We provide hospitality drinks and food to volunteering officials and those working the meet. Volunteers are needed to set up the hospitality, and to serve water and drinks to officials and timers during the meet. Additional Types of Meets Divisional Championship - The Divisional Meet is an MCSL meet held at the end of the season in which each of the six teams in a division race their two fastest swimmers in each event.

All six teams in each division race one another in special relay events. The meet is swum in a long course pool one length equals 50 meters so all events are twice as long as usual. The North Creek team also runs a long course meet during the season. Coaching Staff Please see the complete list of coaches under the Coaches tab at the top of the page.

mcsl b meet results swimming

Coaches will be available to answer your questions, but not during practice. Interruptions, even short ones, make running a safe and effective practice difficult. A coach will be available after each practice session to answer questions.

Laser Swim Practice The following policies have been developed to provide the best possible practice environment for all: Please let the coaches know in advance when your swimmer will miss a practice session. Commitment to a regular practice schedule helps everyone achieve personal goals and team objectives.

Swimmers are expected to be on time and arrive prepared for practice. Swimmers should be on deck and ready to swim before 5 minutes before scheduled practice time begins. In accordance with the Montgomery Village Foundation regulations, parents are not allowed on the deck during practice unless it is an emergency. Please wait under the shade shelter while practice is underway.

Coaches have the right and responsibility to maintain pool safety and to preserve team discipline. Teams are placed in divisions each year based on a computer swim-off using times from the previous season.

mcsl b meet results swimming

The team with 90 wins meaning their virtual team beat every other virtual team in the league is the top seed of Division A. The team with no wins is the lowest seed in Division 0 excluding new teams to the league. Swim Teams There are six teams in each division. Teams can hold Wednesday B meets with whoever they want i.

Team Equipment Grab a suit, cap and goggles and you are ready to go. Sure, there is plenty of other equipment you CAN get, but any swimmer can have a successful swim season with just the bare necessities.

Team caps are also available, but again are not usually required. Time Trials The purpose of time trials is to establish official times for the swimmers in each event prior to the first Saturday A meet. For summer swimmers, these times can be used to measure individual progress throughout the season. Time trials are typically held one week before the first Saturday meet. How does the Coach decide who swims each event on Saturdays? So at a dual meet, there will be three swimmers from each team in each event or six in the freestyle events.

The coach puts each swimmer in the event where the team needs that swimmer most. The Open Medleys are open to the fastest swimmers regardless of age. They are swum in the following order: Prior to the start of the dual meet, the head coach chooses the participants.

The Graduated Free Relays are swum in the following order: The participants are generally chosen by the Head Coach after the events are completed for that meet. Usually the fastest freestyle swimmers at the dual meet in each age group will swim in the graduated relay that week. Each team at a dual meet will field two relays per event with the exception of Divisionals, in which each team will field one relay per event.

For individual events, the team gets 6 points for First Place, 4 points for Second, 3 points for Third, 2 points for Fourth, and 1 point for Fifth in each event.

Lake Marion Lasers Swim Team

For relay events, the team gets 8 points for First Place, 4 points for Second, and in the case of the Graduated Relay, 2 points for Third Place. At most meets, the score of the meet is announced during half-time and again at the end of the meet. Virtual Meets During the summer swim season and in the dead of winter if you happen to be daydreaming of summer daysyou can run a virtual meet on any team in the MCSL.

The Virtual Meet simulator is one of our favorite features. This is a simulation of meets, scheduled or not, between any two teams in a league, based on the most recent swims of the teams involved, not season-best times. Simulations will be updated when the teams have new meets. This feature is also a neat way to track swimmer progress over the years. Nevertheless, B meet times often are important to swimmers who have improved over the season. At B meets, the mission is to encourage full team participation and spirit.