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NightSolo's Mass Effect 3 Optional Missions

NightSolo's Mass Effect 3 Optional Missions . Go through and you'll meet the surviving students, and if Jack survived ME2, she'll be here as well. Hold B. There you will find a turian named Tactus on the right hand side. ME3 Ultimate Mission Guide Mass Effect 3. Details- Meet with Liara; Enter the Archive; Recover the stolen data. End- Technically when you. Things to note:» Your progress is saved in a cookie which will be stored on your system for 30 days, after which it will be automatically removed. You can renew.

Take out the Webbing past the door and the ceiling collapses, trapping you on the far side. The path splits, but both directions take you to the same place. Continue forward and a husk will charge toward you. Krogan Dying Messagethough it may not appear in your Journal.

The second Webbing on the right will have another scout behind it with a replacement Firestorm. Drop down into the large area ahead, and kill some Reaper troops. Head across the room and more enemies will appear. Drop down over the ledge. The pods are now Gestation Pods, and in addition to exploding, will relase Swarmers.

Take out the pods on the left, Salvage the Reaper Tech for some Credits. Keep moving forward, taking out pods. You will find another Firestorm next to a dead krogan. Jump across the chasm, take out some more pods, and further up the hill, after a conversation, next to another dead scout you will find the Ariake Technologies Shoulder Guard.

Holding Area and find Darner Vosque in the far corner of the area. He'll need you to find a way to deal with a turian general named Oraka and stop the disruptions to his operations. Head to the Presidium Commons to find the general. He's sitting in the courtyard. He will then mention a black market dealer where he can get weapons from. Talk to Kannik in the marketplace. He'll ask to barter some rare artifacts.

You can find these black market artifacts in the Kite's Nest system, inside Vular in the planet Vana. This procedure is for paragons; for renegades, you have the option to simply kill him. Eclipse First meet up with Aria in Purgatory to start this mission. Talk to the assistant and you'll have a chat with Sederis. If you're a sane person, you'll probably choose not to release her and find another way to get the Blue Eclipse's support.

Just walk around a bit and this mission will be complete. Head to the Athena Nebula when you have the chance then search the planet Polissa in the Vernio system. Deliver it to the scientist when you return to the citadel. Evidence After completing the mission in Palaven, head to the embassy to find Ambassador Dominic Osoba. Talk to him to start the mission.

Once there clear the first wave of enemies in the open area with the turret. Check the ground between buildings 22 and 25, by the concrete pillar to find a Dog Tag. Return to the Citadel Embassy and talk to the Ambassador to deliver the news.

In case you missed the dog tag, check the terminal in the Spectre Office to get some intel about his son. Deliver the news to complete the mission. When you return to the Citadel after rescuing the turian primarch, you can find Dr. Ravin in the Hospital. Surrender the advanced medi-gel to her to complete this mission. Examine the pda to start the mission.

Once you've returned to the Citadel, find Weshra in the Presidium Commons courtyard, along the stairs and deliver the message to her. He'll ask you to rescue the Shadow Broker's wet squad lost in Dranek. You should find the squad in the planet Rothla.

Return to Barla Von in the Citadel to deliver the news and complete the mission. Next, head to the Spectre office and use the terminal to enable the Batarian Access Codes.

You can find the terminals in the following locations: Hospital Docking Bay D24 Docks: Holding Area After finding the last console, a batarian will point a gun at you.

You have the the option to kill him or convince him to join your alliance. After making your choices, the mission will be complete. Biotic Amp Interfaces As you enter the hospital wards, you'll encounter an asari looking for improved biotic amp interfaces.

This sidequest will be automatically added to your journal. It can be extracted from a terminal along the way so its hard to miss it. Deliver it to the Asari in the hospital in Citadel to complete the task and get your rewards. See the mission wakthrough for more details.

Hand over the schematics to complete the quest. Deliver this to him to complete the task. Cerberus Retribution Head to the stairs beside the C-Sec outpost and talk to the angry civilians to start the quest. Head to the C-Sec office and talk to Aaron Sommers. Cerberus Turian Poison Enter the examination room and overhear the doctor's conversation to start this task.

Brynn, by the microscope near the stairs. Chemical Treatment Enter the Lab Services area in the hospital after the attempted coup in the Citadel, check your map then enter the room on the left side. An artifact on Thessia may be able to assist you in locating the catalyst. You must take Liara with you on this mission. Speak to Lieutenant Kurin, then hop on the machine gun and shoot the Husks and Brutes attacking the barrier.

After the fight, speak with Kurin. If you tell her to just follow her orders, she'll refuse and pull her troops out, leaving you on your own. However, if you tell her that you're looking for an artifact that can complete the Crucible, her forces will stay to help you. Cross the bridge, and when you see Husks and Cannibals coming from the other side, take cover and kill them before advancing.

Ahead, take cover and fight the Reaper forces below on your left, targeting the Marauders first. Push forward through more waves of Cannibals, shooting any Ravager Spore Pods to detonate them and damage nearby enemies. At the far right, a Banshee and Maruaders attack you, giving you a decent target for your single missile volley. Bypass the door, then proceed into the courtyard.

Climb up the rubble on your left and join the Asari sniper. Fight the forces below, and focus on sniping the Marauders. When the fight is over, drop down and head out along the balcony to the left. After meeting with the Asari soldier at the outpost, you'll have to fight again. Destroy the barrier generator in the back, then focus on the Ravager so it isn't firing on you while you fight the Banshee.

Citadel: Medical Supplies

A mob of Husks will move in, so fight them off before they draw close, or trap them with Liara's Singularity for easy kills. A little further on, you'll encounter two Harvesters, with some Marauders and a Ravager to distract you. Destroy the barrier generator between the Harvesters to make fighting the other enemies easier, then focus on weakening the Harvesters.

Bypass the barrier controls on the right to open the door.


Inside, you can read descriptions of the various manuscripts, busts, murals, and shields, but only examining the central statue will cause you to advance. Examine the bust on the right, the manuscript on the left, and the shield on the left to access the beacon. You can attempt to use persuasion, but you'll ultimately be brought back to the same dialogue choice. In the end, you'll have to fight Kai Leng.

Kai Leng will run across the battlefield and slash you with his sword. At range, he can swing and launch a biotic slash wave that flies in your direction, avoidable only by dodging to the side.

He is protected by shields, and when they become low, he will stun you and run to cover to recharge them while his gunship attacks you. However, he will wait longer and longer to recharge each time.

After Kai Leng loses his shields completely, a scene will ensue. Anderson will want to talk to you on the QED after the mission. Liara will also be upset, and understandably so, so you will probably want to talk to her as well.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PC - Cheat Code Central

Head to the Shadow Sea, and Horizon will be in the first system, Iera. Land there and head forward, and a Cerberus shuttle will crash, deploying Phantom snipers and a single Nemesis. Countersnipe these foes, then bypass the door ahead. At the office on the right, there are various video and audio logs you can view, plus a PDA near the front desk.

Take the stairs down to the landing area, then proceed right to the observation deck. Proceed into the hall on your left.

Use the console in front of you to gain information from Miranda, if she's alive. Outside, use the water pump to remove the excess water from the pool, revealing an entrance into the Cerberus facility. Activate the console on the upper level to get the power back on. You'll see that the facility is overrun with Husks. Exit through the door on your right, then examine the console ahead for another message from Miranda. Open the door down the steps and fight your way through the Husks.

The next room contains logs to view. The room after that contains more Reaper forces: Proceed to the end of the chamber and follow the path to find a chamber with a trapped Banshee. On the table to the left, collect a [MED KIT] and read the logs here before taking the door on the right to the next room. Approach the Miranda terminal and repair it to view it. Head up the steps into another Reaper fight with Marauders and Cannibals. Shoot the numerous barrier generators on the left and right walls to eliminate a source of protection for these enemies.

Check the Miranda console on the lower level. Head up the ladder, and Reaper forces will immediately attack. They consist of Marauders and Cannibals backed up by Ravagers. Again, focus on taking out the barrier generators on the pillars.

Then your biggest concern will be Ravagers and their artillery guns. Read the logs, then proceed through the door across from them. Jump across the gap and shoot the box, then activate the lift control inside. On the other side, jump across again and open the door.

The next chamber contains two angry Brutes, but you have plenty of space to maneuver and avoid them. Ahead, there will be another Brute and a Banshee. Before leaving, release the pod status override at the end of the room, then return to the pod at the beginning of the room.

At the top of the elevator, continue forward to Lawson's office. Here, Lawson will have taken Miranda's sister, Oriana, hostage. If Miranda's sidequest was completed, she will be injured but alive. You must use your Reputation to convince Lawson to release Oriana. Failing this, you can shoot at Lawson if the negotiation fails, and Miranda will kill him. If you do not shoot him, he and Miranda will kill each other. You will be paid credits for this mission.

If Miranda lives, she becomes a War Asset and helps you find the Cerberus base. Even without Miranda, it's possible to locate Cerberus Headquarters from the data you collected, and that will be your next destination in either case. Head to the Horsehead Nebula and fly to the Anadius System.

Here is Cronos Station, with the enormous sun so often shown in the Illusive Man's window. You'll find Cronos Station hidden in an asteroid field surrounding the star. Admiral Hackett will double check that you're ready first, giving you another chance to opt out.

Your romantic interest will visit you in your quarters before the mission. Follow the running child in the dream while listening to the voices of the fallen. EDI will insist on accompanying you on this mission, so select your other party member and head out. After the shuttle lands, you'll be fighting in the docking bay.

While you fight off the initial troopers, stay out of the paths of any fighters taking off, or they may hit you. After the first wave, an Atlas mech will attack while a Nemesis snipes from above. Countersnipe the Nemesis, then use the ladder to take her position and use it to fight the Atlas from relative safety. Afterward, open the door up here and assign EDI to disable the hangar vent procedure. A Cerberus team will attack you in this room, so take cover. The Guardian has an advantage in close quarters, but with a physics-based biotic move like Push or Singularity, you can knock his shield away.

Proceed through the doorway where the troopers came from and take cover behind the crates as a large Cerberus squad moves in. Take out the Centurions' shields with EDI's Overload power, then bring them down with conventional attack methods. Proceed through the next series of doors to collect a [PDA] worth credits. Take the ladder down from here and use the clamp release to launch the fighter into the hangar.

Out of the hangar comes another Atlas. Take out the Assault Troopers dropping down from above. Head down the ladder in front of you and take cover to engage troops. The enemy population is thick with Centurions, so expect their smoke grenades to obscure the battlefield. You can even take advantage of the enemy smoke grenades to change cover positions if needed. Nemeses will be sniping from a distance, so don't neglect to neutralize them, or they may be putting your party members down left and right.

When another wave pours in from the path on your right, kill them and follow the path to a ladder. Up top, view the terminal on the Lazarus project.

Your non-EDI party member will comment on each entry. Proceed through the door that EDI hacked and proceed to where you must drop down on the right. Here you'll have to climb through some rubble to reach a drop into a room with Engineers and Turrets. While I would normally suggest destroying the shield pylons, you can use them to your advantage pretty easily here.

Kill the first group and take up their cover position to fight the enemies further along. Destroy the pylons near the enemy forces, but keep the one behind you to restore your shields whenever you come near it. You can also take out the generator on the right side of the hall to eliminate the enemy cover. When you push forward to where the hall turns to the right, kill the last Engineers and ascend the ladder.

Up here is a Cerberus console with more video logs regarding EDI. You can talk to her about each log. Once she gets the door open, proceed into the next room. In the next hall, avoid the place to drop down on your left and continue down a winding path for some hidden treasures: Now head back to the blue hole in the wall to drop down.

Here, you will see the remaining evidence of the Collector Base. The volume of evidence remaining depends on what you did to the base, of course. On the catwalk ahead, if you failed to save Grissom Academy, you'll face an indoctrinated Jack, in the form of a Cerberus Phantom mini-boss.

She fights with a katana and biotics like the other Phantoms here. The enemies coming up from below during the fight include Troopers and Phantoms. They will be supplemented by shield pylons at each corner, but by taking these key points, you can use the pylons for yourself. Continue until you reach the ladder on the opposite side.

At the top, you'll face another small group: Phantoms in close-range, Troopers taking cover, and a Nemesis sniping from a distance, with a shield pylon to protect them. The pylon is safely behind cover, but you can destroy the generator behind the ladder to make the pylon lose power, allowing you to kill the enemies it was protecting. Head up the ladder and through a door. Proceed across the unsafe-looking bridge ahead to reach the Illusive Man's control room.

You can try to convince the Illusive Man, but he's still immune. Coveniently, the Catalyst and your final mission to retake Earth have been consolidated into a single goal. After the conversation, you must fight Tai Leng for the last time. It will begin with him attacking you in close range. Rapidly tap the melee button to interrupt, and the real fight will begin. Tai Leng has a thick shield layer, so wear it down with every anti-shield technique at your disposal.

Once he takes a certain amount of damage, he will tear into the floor panels and draw power from the underlying power nodes to recharge, while Cerberus Assault Troopers take cover in the explosed floor area.

Once his shields are back, he will attack again, so kill the troopers before that happens, or he'll be forcing you out of your cover position and into enemy fire. Once he's torn up the floor three times not including at the start of the fighthe will stop recharging, and you can begin damaging his health. After he is apparently dead, use the Renegade interrupt when prompted to finish him. Your pay for this mission is a whopping credits. Your next mission is Earth, but before you depart, make sure you're properly equipped.

Also, see what your crew has to say about this final mission before you set out. At this point, you'll be locked into the final mission, and you'll be unable to travel anywhere but the Local Cluster. The Admiral will make a speech to your combined fleets, and you'll see the various races that have joined you readying for the fight. Next you'll speak with Admiral Anderson about the battle plan.

You'll be fighting on the ground to reach the teleporter in London. Select whichever two party members you wish to accompany you. The course of the space battle depends on your fleet's preparedness. Your forces will be at a disadvantage if you didn't completely fill the War Asset bar, but as long as you reached the minimum threshold, the fleet will at least be able to buy you some time to complete your mission.

On the way down, the loss of your demolition team forces you to change plans: To do this, you'll need to search the wreckage of their shuttle for heavy weapons. Fight your way up the stairs and into the heat of the fight. The Reaper forces here are Cannibals and Marauders, but a couple of Brutes will appear further ahead. After fighting through the street, climb the rubble on the right to get into the building.

As you fight through the ruined building, Ravagers will join the enemy ranks, firing artillery from behind enemy lines. Take one Cain and use it to destroy the enormous Reaper weapon towering above you. After that, a Banshee and a host of blood-armored Cannibals appear, and you must hold them off until you can be extracted. Luckily, you have another Cain. I suggest saving it for when your Alliance shuttle arrives.

Fire the Cain to wipe out all the enemies between you and the evacuation zone, then run straight through the mushroom cloud and jump to the shuttle before more enemies spawn. Don't worry; there's no friendly fire in Mass Effect.

After the scene, head down the ladder and have a look around. You can talk to James right outside. Outside the next building on the right is Kaidan or Ashley. Inside, talk to the comm tech to speak with anyone on your Mass Effect 2 team that joined your War Assets in Mass Effect 3 and is still alive. You can also talk to your shuttle pilot. Outside, head up the rubble on the left, and you'll find your turian allies, Garrus and Victus. Through the next door, a fight will begin.

Hop on the turret and shoot the Husks and Cannibals before they reach the camp. Keep up the covering fire until the ships roll in and bomb the enemy forces, wiping them out. Then continue to the next door, across the bridge to your left.