Marianne limpert swim meet photo

Marianne Limpert named Honorary Team Captain for Canada Summer Games

marianne limpert swim meet photo

How different her reputation has fared to that of Marianne Limpert, Marianne told me they only met once again for a brief chat at a swim meet. (CP Photo/ CO Canada's women's swimming relay team (L to R) Shannon Shakespeare, Marianne Limpert, Laura Nicholls Canada's Marianne Limpert . Find the perfect Limpert stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Medalist in the women's Olympic swimming m medley Marianne Limpert of.

Michelle Smith has never recovered her reputation since her four-year ban, but the former swimmer could take heart from the intervention of former world champion runner Senator Eamonn Coghlan this week. There are small signs of an attempt at rehabilitation.

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Coghlan put his neck on the line and said Ms Smith was "Ireland's best ever Olympian''. He branded the Irish public's treatment of her a "disgrace''.

marianne limpert swim meet photo

No other event in Irish sport, with the exception of Roy Keane's Saipan rumpus inhas caused such deep division as the controversy over Michelle. Amid all the wrangling over her ban, rival swimmers such as Marianne Limpert have largely been forgotten. The Olympics were supposed to be the pinnacle of their careers, but they were denied gold, or pushed out of medal-winning positions by Michelle's victories. Every Olympic year, Marianne Limpert thinks about how close she came to winning in Atlanta.

Limpert, one of the outstanding Canadian swimmers of the s, and Michelle were on quite friendly terms before the Olympics. I came to Dublin to take part in a swim meet. I went out for dinner with her, and met her parents. I had a very high regard for her.

marianne limpert swim meet photo

She never tested positive during the Games, but the question marks remain. Marianne told me they only met once again for a brief chat at a swim meet.

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Michelle has always denied taking performance-enhancing drugs. As her father Brian pointed out recently, she was tested eight times during the Games, but the results were always negative. But Michelle's goose was cooked in when two dope testers arrived at her home in Kilkenny and she was asked to give a urine sample.

When the sample arrived in the lab in Barcelona, it was found that it gave off "a very strong whiskey odour''.

marianne limpert swim meet photo

She was found guilty of interfering with the sample. In the meantime, Limpert, who now works in PR, has learned to love her silver.

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While she still ponders the gold that got away, she told me this week: That is enough for me. In the s several significant developments took place.

marianne limpert swim meet photo

In that same year, swimmers with a disability were integrated into the SNC program. These centres are designed to provide an avenue for swimmers who will most readily benefit from an accelerated track to high performance results in world swimming. Inhe won the mile race at the Festival of Empire Games in London, and the next year thrilled Canadians by winning the m and m events at the Olympics. He set world records at these distances that stood until With the inauguration of the British Empire Games inCanadian swimmers began to excel at shorter distances.

At the Games she won 4 events.

marianne limpert swim meet photo

Her 5th win in set a record for gold medals won by a Canadian that stood until Other outstanding swimmers emerged at this time, and during the s and s Canada gradually rose to a position close to 3rd in the world, 2nd in the Pan-American Games and 1st in the Commonwealth. Bruce Robertson of Vancouver won the m butterfly at the World Championships, the first world title for Canada since George Hodgson's achievements.

Leslie Cliff VancouverNancy Garapick Halifax and Donna-Marie Gurr Vancouver were the leaders of a remarkably strong group of women swimmers; and Graham Smith of Edmonton, with 6 gold medals, led the team that completely dominated the Commonwealth Games.

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Later that year, Smith won the m individual medley race at the World Aquatic Championships. The postwar improvement of Canadian swimmers can be measured by the achievements of its Commonwealth Games teams: At the Los Angeles Olympics Canadian swimmers won 4 gold medals, 3 silver and 3 bronze, contributing greatly to Canada's most successful Olympic competition.

The medal winners were as follows: Alex Baumann gold in the m IM, world record, and the m IM, world record ; Victor Davis gold in the m breaststroke, world record, and silver in the m breaststroke ; Anne Ottenbrite gold in the m breaststroke and silver in the m breaststroke ; Davis, Sandy Goss, Tom Ponting and Mike West silver in the m medley relay; West bronze in the m backstroke ; Cam Henning bronze in the m backstroke ; Ottenbrite, Reema Abdo, Michelle MacPherson and Pamela Rai bronze in the m medley relay.

In the Pan-Am Games Canada won 19 medals: The retirements of Davis and Baumann left the team without leadership in the pool and its two best swimmers. The younger racers were able to find only sporadic success. The Olympics demonstrated the value of team leaders, as Canada could win only two medals. Davis led the men's 4 x m medley relay team to silver and the women's 4x m medley relay captured bronze. Individual performances were well below expectations.

Mark Tewksbury established himself as Canada's leading swimmer, but it was increasingly apparent that Canada was declining in the pool. The Olympic Games at Barcelona confirmed Tewksbury's prominence when he won the gold medal in the m backstroke and propelled the 4 x m medley relay team to bronze. These, however, were Canada's only swimming medals at the Games.

With increased opportunities for international competition, Canadian swimmers made impressive showings throughout the s. At the Pan-Pacific Championships, Jon Cleveland placed 2nd in the m breaststroke, and 3 Canadians won bronze medals. The Commonwealth Games saw Stephen Clarke and Andrew Haley win the m freestyle and m freestyle S9, respectively, while Canadians won 8 silver and 9 bronze medals.

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The Pan-American Games were the scene of wins by Curtis Myden m and m individual medleysLisa Flood m breaststroke and Joanne Malar m and m individual medleys. At the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Marianne Limpert won a silver medal in the m individual medley and Curtis Myden placed 3rd in the the m and m individual medleys.

Canada won only one swimming medal at the Sydney Olympics; Curtis Myden repeated his bronze medal win in the m, beating his own Canadian record. At the Paralympic Games, also held in Atlanta, Canadian swimmers won 9 gold medals and set 5 world records. In the Pan Pacific Championships, Canadians won 4 silver and 17 bronze medals.