Making ends meet podcast awards

making ends meet podcast awards

Dec 30, It's pm on a Tuesday night and I'm doing laps around my block, I'm in charge of the Quartz awards for best podcasts of We meet a woman running for mayor of Detroit on an Afrofuturist By the end of the podcast, that note of hopefulness is more deeply felt and richer with complexities. The latest Tweets from Making Ends Meet (@MEMPodcast). A Podcast about the economics of comedy. New episodes every 1st & 3rd Monday of the month. The People's Choice Podcast Awards established in an annual event to honor the best podcasts in the podcasting space. 12th Annual Event Underway.

Everything is G rated and safe for all ages. The perfect kids podcast for imaginative families. A fun take on the classic story of the Three Little Pigs! Fun songs throughout and a great final message. History, Secrets and Stories Join author, speaker and Disney expert Lou Mongello on this award-winning Disney podcast for Walt Disney World news, vacation planning, trivia, history, interviews with Disney Imagineers, special guests and more.

Have fun with some trivia and explore the history of Walt Disney World. Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Who is the oldest primate, and is it our great-great-great grandfather? Anthropologist Chris Kirk introduces us to our very ancient — and very tiny — ancestors. It is one of the top music podcasts on iTunes and receives over 10, downloads of each show each and every week.

Three cover stories for three guys who were all born within 2 days update: The Original Rock and Roll Podcast. Interviews, music and more from a Rock and Roll Geek. This is day 10 of the Dog Days of Podcasting, where a bunch of podcast nerds attempt to do a show a day for the month of August. What is Puerto Rico?

Waking Up with Sam Harris - From Cells to Cities Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events.

Sam Harris is the author of five New York Times bestsellers. His writing and public lectures cover a wide range of topics—neuroscience, moral philosophy, religion, meditation practice, human violence, rationality—but generally focus on how a growing understanding of ourselves and the world is changing our sense of how we should live.

Sam Harris received a degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph. Astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities and scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe.

making ends meet podcast awards

Astronomy Cast brings you a weekly fact-based journey through the cosmos. Like most of us, you probably want to know what it would be like to travel to space. Maybe not to live, but just to visit. You want to be a space tourist. Good news, there are a bunch of companies working hard to give you the opportunity to fly to space. How long until you can buy a ticket? David McRaney interviews scientists about their research into how the mind works, and then he eats a cookie.

Casefile - Case Casefile, a new true crime podcast. Each episode explores a new case.

making ends meet podcast awards

We cover the shocking, the terrifying, the strange, and the unsolved. Part 3 began with an emergency press conference in mid A composite sketch, as well as a physical and psychological profile of the East Area Rapist, was released.

The public were warned to be vigilant. The East Area Rapist enjoyed communicating with police, the press and survivors.

Instead of just providing a detailed rundown of murderous events, Sword and Scale use immersive audio and storytelling to bring listeners the timely controversial topics that affect our way of thinking, sometimes leading us down paths, which often end horribly. Randy Stair secretly identified as a female for years.

She ditched her given name for the pseudonym Andrew Blaze and also ditched the YouTube channel she had worked on for a large part of her life to pursue animation.

The cartoons she created were dark, angst-ridden creations derived from an existing Nickelodeon character that she was infatuated with and believed existed in some otherworldly plain which she planned to be welcomed into after murdering three of her coworkers.

True Crime Brewery - Gone Baby: The Disappearance of Lisa Irwin Jill and Dick are a married couple who love to drink beer and discuss true crime. Join them at the quiet end of the bar. Dick will bring along an excellent beer from the region where the crime occurred. He will give us a little beer lesson and review before Jill starts off their true crime discussion. The discussions are well-researched and in depth.

making ends meet podcast awards

The conversational nature of this podcast will have you talking back to your smart phone. The story of Lisa Irwin, who went missing when she was just 10 months old, has riveted the nation and left behind unanswered questions.

Robin Roberts' Podcast | Everybody's Got Something

How does a month old infant disappear from her crib, never to be seen again? We also spoke with climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe about the science behind climate change, and what we can do to protect life on this planet.

The One You Feed - Open minded discussions of habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy, and motivation. Most of what we have been told about success is wrong. A high quality and entertaining show that will win you your Fantasy Football league —— in style.

Fantasy Football Podcast for May 2nd, The draft is over! We go through each division, each team, identifying the big winners and losers from a fantasy football perspective. Prep your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams for with insights you can only get on the 1 fantasy football podcast. Mac OC Ken - Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings commute-sized tech news to the podsphere.

Get free overnight shipping at eero. Hustlers Six-time podcast award winner, zero-time Survivor winner. Podcasting like a mofo about reality TV since Gabourey Sidibe — M.

44 Award-Nominated Podcasts & Their Top Rated Episodes

Mind Your Own Body The multi-talented, award winning actress Gabourey Sidibe is now adding another title to her impressive resume — author! In her unapologetic and witty debut memoir, This is Just My Face, the Precious star gets candid about her unconventional rise to fame. Gabourey did everything she could to make ends meet as a young woman, including taking a job as a phone sex worker — something that actually ended up helping her with her acting skills.

As her career rose, she quietly withdrew from the spotlight after watching her very close friend and backup singer Kisha lose her battle with breast cancer leaving behind a husband and two young sons. Durant, a single mother, said she did her best to stay engaged as a parent and demand the best from her two sons.

A dazzling 73 years young, the Godmother of Soul — be it music or food — has more on her plate right now than any time in her five-decades-long career — and she looks better than ever doing it. At the age of 19, both of his parents died — his mother from cancer, his father in a car accident. Within just a few years, he found himself homeless — which is when he asked the question that would focus his search for what would ultimately affect millions of people.

Is life just a lottery ticket, or are there choices one can make to direct his future? To find the answer, he first went to the library. Over time, he read more than biographies of great men and women.

The rest is history.

Making Ends Meet