Make ends meet nghia la gi

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make ends meet nghia la gi

Từ điển Đồng nghĩa - noun: That fence marks the southern end of the He met his end [=he died] in the icy water. We had a hard time making ends meet. To Believe_in rose chị ơi "run out of" có nghĩa là gì? .. Peter had very little money but managed to make ends meet. A. Having little. make ends meet definition: 1. to have just enough money to pay for the things that you need 2. to have enough money to buy what you need to live. Learn more.

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Whatever films are shown, they never see B. They don't mind which film they go to C. They don't care about the cost of the films they see D.

make ends meet nghia la gi

Which film they go to matters mare than the cost 5. James was the last know about the change of schedule A.

Everyone had heard about the change of schedule before James did B.

make ends meet nghia la gi

Among the last people informed of the change of schedule was James C. The last thing James knew was the change of schedule D. At last James was to know the change of schedule 6. He talked about nothing except the weather A. He had nothing to say about the weather B.

He talked about everything including the weather C. His tole topic of conversation was the weather D. He said that he had no interest in the weather 7. Skyscrapers dot the skyline now, the bicycles and cyclos are almost gone, replaced by fancy cars that seem to get fancier every day. However, as the nation moves forward, what about the migrants who made this "modernisation" possible with their hard work for a pittance?

Are they receiving a better deal now, a greater share of the spoils, so to speak? Many reports in newspapers and social scientists suggest that despite their valuable contributions to urban growth, rural migrants, especially those with low education levels, rarely receive their due.

They are unlikely to have residential papers, unlikely to receive healthcare, unlikely to send their children to schools in the cities they live.

It is logical that if rural areas are well developed with proper infrastructure and other facilities, migration to urban areas can reduce, which means reduced pressure on the cities as well. However, it also appears that the main vocation in rural areas, agriculture, is being transformed in ways that offer little scope for people to stick to farming because they typically do not have large-enough land holdings.

Predictions about climate change impacts in rural areas, exposing households to greater risks and vulnerabilities, are another indicator that reversing the ongoing migration flow is going to be very difficult. They buffalo boys also contributed a large share towards the bumper harvests in previous centuries," Lam said.

He said the festival was not only a cultural festival, but told the history of the land where he was born and grew up in. Nghia, the event chairman, said the cultural event helped children to recognise the old style of festivities that have partly disappeared due to rapid urbanisation. Better incomes Industrial parks have developed where paddy fields once stood, reducing the farming area from ha to 60ha over the past two decades.

The 2,strong population in the village rarely does rice farming, but earns better income from trade or by working in industrial parks surrounding the village. Lorry driver Trung said, "Only women do farming now as the land was allocated by the village administration. Small farms bring us very little rice, but we do not keep the land fallow.

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We have to go through the school yard to approach the temple," Hien said. Urban life has changed the village a lot, with concrete roads replacing most of the brick roads.

The remnants of the old village are only old houses, temple, pagodas with Buddha statues and green paddy fields. You and your brothers and sisters are one generation; your parents and their brothers and sisters your aunts and uncles — are another generation and their parents and their brothers and sisters — your grandparents and your great aunts and great uncles — are yet another generation, and so on. To preserve means to keep.

A rural life is a country life. To inherit a house means to be given a house because the last owner has left it for you after he, or she, dies. Ancient means very old. A girder is a large steel frame. Prosperous means healthy and wealthy.

make ends meet nghia la gi

To renovate a building means to fix up and change it, often by making it more modern. Prolonged means made longer, in other words so that it can be used for longer. The 14th century village saw northerners migrate to the south after the Ho dynasty When people migrate they move from one place to another in large numbers.

Clans are groups of families that are mostly related to one another. The village is seen as the last ancient village that exists in the suburban area of Da Nang.

A suburban area of Da Nang is a neighbourhood within the city.

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Ferrocement is a type of reinforced concrete. Urbanisation happens when many people leave rural areas and come to live and work in towns and cities, which are urban areas. Architecture is the art of designing buildings.

make ends meet nghia la gi

Rammed means stamped down very hard. If the mortar has scaled off, it has peeled off. Trung said the preservation of the house cost a lot of money, while he only made both ends meet as a lorry driver.

To make ends meet means to make enough money to survive.