Lord of war gun scene meet

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lord of war gun scene meet

All 22 songs in Lord of War, with scene descriptions. Listen to trailer Songs and music featured in Lord of War: Sort Gun trafficking montage. Lord of War soundtrack, music by composer Antonio Pinto. in the airport scene where the president of Liberia arrives at the port and meets the gun dealer?. The following weapons were used in the film Lord of War: notable mistake is that two of the Glock 17s in this scene (including the one used by the drug lord to .

Yuri wisely agrees to take the drugs in payment. Because I'm Good at It: The ultimate reason Yuri never gives up arms dealing, despite the many reasons he has to give it up and settle down for a normal life. Minor example, but still technically applicable - Yuri's dad.

He emigrated from Soviet Ukraine to America under the pretense of being Jewish. He would later on fully embrace the Jewish lifestyle, opening a store with the Star of David as part of the logo, faithfully attending synagogue services, and even obeying Jewish dietary laws, much to the annoyance of his Catholic wife. In Yuri's words, he was more Jewish than most Jews. I'm going to temple. You're not going to temple!

You go to temple more than the Rabbi! Yuri has realized how much destruction he caused but can never repair it The first half of the movie has a fair amount; the second half is pretty much straight and very depressing drama. Black and Gray Morality: Yuri himself is amoral and indifferent to the death he causes with his trade, but he is nowhere near as bad as Baptiste, who is an insane dictator who murders people on a whim, forces children to fight for him, allows his cannibalistic son free reign and engages in bloody civil wars.

The staunchly heroic Jack Valentine is pretty unambiguously good, so the movie doesn't necessarily imply that there is no white morality. It just suggests that the good guys aren't very effective. Baptiste Junior has a gold plated custom built conglomerate of several AK variants. The movie starts and ends with Yuri providing exposition standing in a war-torn and apparently abandoned village, the ground almost completely covered in bullet casings. The movie opens with a montage of a bullet traveling from the factory where it was made to an African warzone Simeons dies in this manner.

When Yuri hallucinates that he sees Simeon's ghost during the brown brown scene, we get a look at the ghastly exit wound in the back of Simeon's head. He narrowly avoids a whole lot of trouble from badly concealed weaponry entirely by chance - had Valentine chosen to watch the potatoes for five more seconds, he'd have noticed the crate marked "M16" There are very few ways a white, rich man can walk in a war-torn African city on a high and survive despite having unprotected sex with a prostitute, an encounter with a pack of hyenas and two gangsters who would have shot him if their AKs had not jammed which he proceeds to give them his professional advice on how to fix so they won't do that.

The whole sequence serves to show how Yuri has sunk so low that he can't even die.

lord of war gun scene meet

At this point Yuri himself thinks he's cursed rather than blessed. I think I've been cursed, with the curse of invincibility. Breaking the Fourth Wall: The bookends feature Yuri talking directly to the audience. Of a very dark variety. Early on when Baptiste Jr.

Later when both Baptistes go to Yuri's house to get him to return to the gun trade, Jr.

"Lord of War", by Andrew Niccol

Eventually we finally see Jr. When Yuri is new to gunrunning, he is in awe of famous Arms Dealer Simeon Weisz, and when he tries to bring a business proposal to Simeon, he acts similar to a fan trying to pitch an idea to their favorite star. Yuri never does forgive Simeon's condescending rejection But Not Too Evil: See the subversion in Even Evil Has Standards. The in-character reason that Yuri never supplied Al Qaeda is that Osama was bouncing cheques, but the scriptwriters' reason was almost certainly to allow him to be amoral, but not too amoral for the audience.

Yuri is held at gunpoint by Interpol, and calmly asks one of the agents if he would like a silencer for his new MP5.

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The film becomes less funny and more serious when Yuri decides to start doing business in Africa. There's still a lot of black humor when he first starts doing so, but it soon morphs into drama and tragedy.

Baptiste's Kalashnikov Kids, his Boys Brigade. A bullet from a fourteen year old is just as effective as one from a forty year old, often more effective.

lord of war gun scene meet

Yuri tries to go straight after his wife calls him out on his actions it's stated at one point that Yuri has made enough money for them to retire comfortablybut the profit margins are just too low when he's doing it legally.

Baptiste shows up at his door in New York, which shakes Yuri up, but more to the point, at heart, Yuri is the titular Lord of War, gunrunning's his business, and he's good at it.

Vitaly after Yuri ruins his drawing of a detailed outline of Ukraine with cocaine on a table: You're the shit, you're the shit, you're the shit! Later, Yuri subverted Why We Are Bummed Communism Fell ; he's positively thrilled that the Soviet Union collapsed, because it's great for his business, especially as he's got an uncle who's ex-Soviet Army with warehouses just full of arms Many Ukrainian army officers wear them.

Lord Of War - Interrogation Scene

How many Kalashnikovs do you have? Is that a four? Doesn't look like a four to me.

Looks more like a one. Yuri is a composite of five different Real Life arms dealers, though Bout and Minin are the most prevalent. The mobster who hides behind a restaurant table only has his luck and the assassin's bad aim to thank for escaping the assassination attempt, and it's apparently played straight, the shots apparently being blocked and the mobster returning fire.

When we're shown the scene from behind him, it's clear the table has been shot clearly through - he's only alive because the gunmen are woefully incompetent and have sprayed and prayed instead of shooting the table in the centre. Averted a second time as Yuri and his brother are almost gunned down walking in an alley way as bullets erupt from one of the walls. On the other side of the wall Child Soldiers are being executed. Yuri frequently wears them, but it's only for practical purposes, since sun-filled Africa is his most frequent destination.

Agent Valentine clearly wants to be one of these at times - sometimes quite visibly struggling with himself - but over the course of the entire movie he resists the temptation to break his own code of conduct, adhering strictly to the rule of law at all times.

It doesn't work out all that well for him.

lord of war gun scene meet

He does break the rules when he "detains" Yuri by handcuffing him and leaving him on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere for 24 hours. Yuri is shown to have a gift for languages and acts as the translator of the two brothers, speaking fluent English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. Yuri, both in the narrationand actually in-character. Death of a Child: Child Soldiers are gunned down multiple times during the movie, most notably at the end of the opening cinematic, which follows a bullet's life from construction to its use in a third world civil war.

Pay attention to Valentine's face when Yuri makes his final speech. He gets closer and closer to this over the course of the speech and finally crosses when there's a knock on the door. Yuri himself comes close after Andre Baptiste strong-arms him into murdering Simeon - immediately going to a barsnorting a mix of gunpowder and cocaine and aimlessly wandering a war-torn African village. IMFDB is extremely grateful to him for this exclusive info!

The custom-built gold shorty AK as used in the film - 7. Closeup of the forend, including the handguard, front sight and flash hider. Closeup of the top forend. Sammi Rotibi holding his custom gold-plated shorty AK. Another view of Jr. In fact, AKs of this type are seen being used by the ex-USSR soldiers in Ukraine during the earlys which is highly inaccurate, because Soviet troops would never use Chinese-made weapons and the 7. Many of the Type s seen in the movie have been visually modified to pass for AKMS rifles - they have been fitted with the ribbed receiver cover Chinese AKs normally have smooth and the wider front grip.

Norinco Type AK rifle with underfolder stock - 7. Note that the folding stock has been removed. A Soviet troop in Ukraine erroneously holding a Norinco Type Africans clear out a box in Yuri's plane filled with Norinco Type s. Custom Nickel Type In Yuri's gun container, a nickel-plated Norinco Type with ivory furniture and a Romanian-style folding grip is seen.

This weapon was originally built by Weapons Specialists for the movie Belly, and also appeared in several other movies and TV shows. Nickel plated Norinco Type used in Belly. This weapon is from the inventory of Weapons Specialists, Ltd. The custom Norinco Type circled in red. M16A2 In one of Yuri's first major sales, he procures hundreds of surplus M16A2 rifles left in Lebanon by American peacekeepers, which he sells to the leader of a Lebanese Maronite militia probably the real-life Phalange in a joint deal with a corrupt American military officer named Lieutenant Colonel Southern a reference to Lt.

Colonel Oliver North, who in real life helped sell American-made weaponry "under the table" to proxy forces. While the M16A2 was introduced in the time era, it was not adopted or fielded until some time later, so the pile should be M16A1s. A close-up of one of the M16s in the pile. It appears to have an M16A2 handguard. Norinco Model CQ 5. An Norinco Model in front of right. It is noted as being a Vektor R5 and not a Galil SAR by the bulge on the end of the gas tube just behind the front sight, which prevents the handguard retaining clip from moving unless the rifle is disassembled.

Vektor R5 - 5. M16A1 with A2 handguards - 5. The soldier at the end has one as well. An M16A1 with A2 handguards hanging on the wall top left. Colt Model - 5. A close-up of one of the Colt Model lying on the floor next to the uniforms worn by the models. One is also seen in Yuri's gun container. According to Director Andrew Niccol in the DVD commentary, the guns were real guns rented from a real arms dealer, as it was cheaper for the production to rent 3, real guns than to rent 3, blank converted props.

Note the distinctive shape of the stocks, indicating they are not AKs. The weapon seen here belongs to Weapons Specialists, Ltd. Henry US Survival circled in red. Karabiner 98k A Karabiner 98k bolt-action rifle can be seen in the hands of an Afghan Mudjahideen rebel during the montage where Yuri describes the growth of his business. The rifle has a straight bolt unlike a genuine 98k but has the indentation in the stock under the bolt indicating this gun is built off of several Mauser variants.

Karabiner 98K - 7. L1A1 SLR - 7. Image placed here for reference. The movie weapon is different from the one on this image. The custom sniper rifle seen sitting on the table. Upon receiving it, he is seen firing the gun at random civilians while driving in the truck to do business with the R.

M60 machine gun - 7. FN MAG - 7. In one scene, Yuri gives away a whole plane full of weapons, including RPG's, to peasants to avoid being caught with them by Interpol agents. Interestingly, the flight scene shows that the launchers are armed, having live rockets mounted Yuri hands out RPG-7s to civilians as he attempts to get rid of all evidence before Interpol catches him.