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london belly dance meet up

Find Meetups in London, England about Dance and meet people in your local community Belly Dance workshop at Pineapple Studio London - 3 december. Travel, haflas, online meetup, internations and staying with airbnb dancers. harder to find classes that meet your level, unless you live in a big city like London. Photos - The London Tribal Fusion Bellydance Meet up (London, England) - Meetup.

You might be wondering, therefore, how to get in contact with other like minded people who also love this dance form. It is great to be able to exchange ideas and experiences with people who share a common passion, and there is no shortage of other belly dancers around the world for you to meet.

If you are at an upper intermediate level or above in terms of your dancing ability, you may find it hard to meet other dancers because you may no longer attend weekly classes, a situation which I have experienced. At a certain level of ability, you may find that it is harder and harder to find classes that meet your level, unless you live in a big city like London.

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Hence, you may want to keep on practicing belly dance, but you may miss the sense of community you used to find in a class. Some people start teaching and therefore share their passion with their students, but not everyone has the time or the inclination to do so.

How to Meet Belly Dancers worldwide. Travel community online

Fortunately, technology now enables us to meet other dancers and to keep in contact with each other, much more easily than before, and without always having to travel so far.

By using technologies such as the Internet, Skype Video and tools such as an iPad, you may not be able to physically meet other dancers often enough, but at least you will be able to exchange ideas as often as you like. Let us examine below some of the ways in which we can keep in contact as a belly dance community. Meeting dancers at a hafla Making Travel Easier My favourite way of meeting other belly dancers, although not cheap, is travelling.

london belly dance meet up

There are belly dance events all over the world that are great to attend, such as The Tribal Massive in Las Vegaswhich is one of the biggest bellydance events that has been taking place for over ten years, as well a myriad of big and small events worldwide. If you are a belly dance enthusiast, travelling for these events is a great way to combine travelling and dancing. Meeting dance friends worldwide. Group Trips One of the main ways I travel for dance is to go once a year to a country such as Egypt, Morocco or Turkey to get dance training directly.

Belly Dancing Classes in East London

You can travel on your own, or go on an organised trip, if you do not know the place or simply prefer to have travel companions for the journey itself. I have been to Egypt for dance training a couple of times to Cairo and Luxor with Faridaadventures and those were great experiences. I am also going to go to Morocco with Nawarra, a Moroccan dancer based in Leeds, UK, who frequently organises trips to Morocco that include many hours of training in northern African dances.

I tend to use this service, unless I am going on one of the organised group trips. This way you can often stay in the local destination with a dancer at their house.

What is AirBNB — On Airbnb people who own properties and would like to rent one or more rooms to travellers, offer accommodation for a fee.

london belly dance meet up

However, these are people who rent not only for money but also because they enjoy meeting new people, so they are hospitable and can give you advice on the place you visit.

You can read about the interests and hobbies etc of the host and the people offering accommodation get rated by visitors and this provides a certain level of trust also. Overall and to date, I have found it a great way to stay and meet other belly dancers.

I have always had great experiences. When you book through Airbnb, you do not pay your host directly, but via the site and they will then pay the host, so there is no direct money exchange. Dance Community Online Nowadays the internet is by far the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to both keep in touch with dancers you already know, or want to touch base with.

There are countless social media platforms that belly dancers can use, in addition to websites, blogs and specialised forums to exchange ideas, keep in contact and organise real life events.

london belly dance meet up

I will list below, some examples of ways to keep in contact digitally and some of the social media platforms that are most commonly used at the time of writing. Training in Newcastle, England. Blogs and Websites There are so many of these about belly dancing, that it is impossible to even begin listing them.

Belly Dancing Classes in East London

Many are run by teachers to give information about their classes, other give general information about the dance and others, especially blogs, are the most interactive with a comments section in which you can post your comments and actively engage with the blog writer and other belly dancers. This dance form works not only your body but also your mind.

It improves your posture and builds your confidence as a woman. In this day and age, when women are made to feel less than perfect if they dare to have any body parts that wobble, Bellydance is the perfect answer.

She came to class after going through a lot of personal traumas. She was very shy at first but little by little began to sparkle. She finally plucked up the courage to perform in class. As she came off the floor she gave me a big hug and thanked me for allowing her to fulfil a lifelong ambition to shimmie around a dance floor, but had never had the confidence in herself as a woman to be able to do so.


That comment meant so much to me, as a teacher, but also from one woman to another. To me Bellydance is not about being perfect, it is about expressing yourself to the best of your ability. This is the oldest dance form in the world. It has been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries. I thank all the ladies from the Middle East for this wonderful art form.