Lets not meet by accident

Let’s Not Meet by Accident: Preventing Violence And Crashes

lets not meet by accident

Let's Not Meet By Accident. SUNY Upstate Employees take Virtual Test Drive during Trauma Awareness Month. By John Smith • May 23, I am sure that each of you has your own pet hates of other drivers' habits. "Let's Not Meet By Accident" is a free injury prevention program designed by Trauma Services at Upstate University Hospital to educate young.

Many 10th-graders at Enfield High School, which is in Enfield, a suburb of Hartford, commute to school by car. Students from inner-city schools often receive a meet-and-greet with police officers, says Feliciano, who points out that in Hartford homicide is the leading cause of death among teenagers.

This is what we do when we confiscate guns. Other hospitals across the country operate similar injury-prevention initiatives.

lets not meet by accident

Some, though, include tours of the morgue, a tactic Saint Francis eschews. Later that morning, she playfully leads a game of Simon Says, in which players wear goggles that distort their vision, simulating the effects of binge drinking and concussions.

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It looks like shop class gone wrong. Sample questions run along these lines: Do you agree that carrying a weapon makes you feel safe?

Three months later, Feliciano visits schools, with free pizza as a perk, to re-administer the questionnaire. He now vows to be more vigilant.

lets not meet by accident

But will knowing the right answers on a questionnaire ultimately mean that teens will make the right decisions on the road? Still, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that teens have apparently become more aware of safety issuesFrom tothe number of teens who carried a weapon on school property in the previous 30 days dropped by more than half.

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On enquiring what his problem was, he proceeded to cast aspersions on the legality of my birth. Seriously though, in both cases I got off rather lightly.

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These days, at the slightest provocation, many drivers resort to road rage. They may have had a bad day at work or an argument at home, his dog may have died and, as a result, even a small aggravation can bring out the worst in an individual. Numerous video clips go viral on social media, which depict road rage. One such recently showed an elderly man attacking a younger man because he was following his car too closely.

The air turned blue with the language of the older man and he assaulted the younger man with a wooden bat of sorts. A few days later a very strange video clip also went viral and, surprisingly, the two main stars were the same ones who were involved in the above altercation.

This time, however, the older man was on his knees. No, he was not beaten down. The younger man was sitting in a chair and the older one was busy washing his feet. It was an act of asking for forgiveness. It was a big gesture which was graciously received and all was well between the two again. Not all traffic spats end as amicably like that.

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