Kkt meet 2013 honda

Clemens Gleich's Traveller Guide to the German Autobahn, Part 2 - The Truth About Cars

kkt meet 2013 honda

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kkt meet 2013 honda

But my secret tip for you would be the A71 connecting Schweinfurt with Erfurt. You can go the whole length of it, the only limits being in the tunnelly bit. Get off at Oberhof, race up an awesome hill course, pit stop, race down the awesome hill course, continue racing the A Another way of finding a good piece of Autobahn is asking a German who likes driving i.

These favorites are everywhere, so one will always be near your lodgings. The Rules In Germany, we love rules. The only thing we love more than making The Rules is explaining The Rules to the ignorant, which I shall do now.

As the French expect visitors to know their history and culture and speak their language, the Germans expect you to know the unofficial rules without being told. The sign for an Autobahn is a white road on blue ground stretching into the distance, being crossed by a bridge mnemonics: So when you see this but no limit signs, you are allowed to go as fast as you can afford. BUT and not even many Germans know this the Autobahn is not the only place in Germany where you can legally do that.

Traffic will immediately be hampered the nanosecond you fall below the current speed limit. The law is not often enforced, but when it is, we celebrate like Americans when they have found another terrorist. On a more serious note, I have encountered tourists having a debate about their alleged whiplash on the leftmost Autobahn lane, our overtaking lane.

In fact, it is a criminal offence over here dangerous intervention into traffic. Okay, it might be your last thought, but there are worse last thoughts. The hard shoulder is for real breakdowns and emergencies, of which a spirited whiplash discussion is neither. To cheer you up again, let me tell you another officially legal and accepted use of the hard shoulder: If your vehicle is too feeble to get up to motorway speeds on the acceleration lane, you are not only allowed, but expected to continue your acceleration on the hard shoulder until there is an acceptable velocity to enter the Autobahn like a Gentleman i.

Typically, a German gets 30 days of vacation a year and receives extra payment for this very vacation, so that he may leave his country for a while. It is much easier to love Germany from afar.

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You can find tables on the Internet detailing the school holidays of all the German federal states you want to visit for an inkling of the remaining Autobahn traffic you can expect. At the beginning or the end of these school holidays you can forget to go anywhere fast on the respective Autobahn that provides the fastest way to the German federal state of Mallorca.

kkt meet 2013 honda

There are also many speed limits that are only effective by day. You could for example go from Stuttgart to Munich in well under an hour at night … or so I have heard. And of course you will have the motorway network to yourself during all major football matches with Germany in them. Concerning the future of our motorways: I can assure all you tourists this is something to yawn on and then forget. Even if there are no exchange controls, it is possible that your payment currency will not be available on a required payment date due to circumstances beyond our control or because the payment currency is no longer in use.

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kkt meet 2013 honda

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