Jonas brothers meet number one fan lyrics

Dark Things About The Jonas Brothers Everyone Seems To Forget

jonas brothers meet number one fan lyrics

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Jonas brothers, Lyrics and Brother quotes . See more. Jonas Brothers Brooklyn Decker, Nick Jonas, Jonas Brothers, Met Gala, Three Boys Paranoid-Jonas Brothers (Favorite song from the Jonas Brothers). Hopeless Jonas Brothers Break Up: It Was a Unanimous Decision. Read or print original Your Biggest Fan lyrics updated! I never thought I would, get it / Never thought I could / Get it like that. We spoke with some Nick Jonas fans to find out exactly why they “I first met Nick Jonas when I was eleven years old and he was doing a show on Broadway. “I love Nick because no matter what you are going through, listening to in his lyrics, and without using visuals he is able to write a story to life.

So now I don't feel so sad and fed up that I have diabetes. So I think it's really cool that Nick can be a rock star as well as having diabetes. I absolutely love the Jonas Brothers and especially Nick! I feel quite upset whenever I listen toas you know what it feels like.

I love Nick sooo much and can't wait to see them in concert in November! It is genetic or can just come. I feel better when I hear that celebs can get diabetes. I was diagnosed in on May 6th and Nick Jonas was diagnosed in as well: He is my inspiration. Lovee him so much. I was often very down and frustrated about it but knowing Nick was able to perform on stage really helped me because I've always wanted to do something like that.

I also have an aaaamaazingly huge crush on Nick Jonas. I found out in St George's day. I've been on a pump for a year and a half and love it.

I really admire Nick for coping with diabetes, I've had times when I've struggled so I don't know what it's like being a famous musician! Keep it up Nick! I have diabetes Type 1. I have only just been diagnosed with it. I think it was brave of him to announce it live. He has made the teen population more aware of what diabetes is and that it is only a small part of your life - don't let it take control.

He helped save me and so many more people. Nick also talks about how it's ok to ask for help, he said in the begining that he refused help from everyone but then he realised it's ok to ask for help.

Your family and friends are there to help and support you.

jonas brothers meet number one fan lyrics

Nick Jonas is an amazing person and we should all respect him for his lifestyle. The song he wrote about his diabetes, is just so amazing and you really get to the real point of the lyrics when you have diabetes.

Some of the lines just kill me, "Waitin on a cure but none of them are sure": I had absolutely no idea that Nick had diabetes. It is an inspiration to know that he can get on with his life whilst trying to manage the hustle and bustle of fame.

To begin with it was very difficult; I hated the injections and would often abuse myself by eating great amounts of sugar. For all those out there that have diabetes My mom even ordered me the dog tags that have "Just a little bit longer" on the front and diabetic logo and medic alert symbols on the back. And they're not expensive at all.

They even have dog tags that don't have the diabetic stuff on them so my little sister could get one too. I did not know that Nick Jonas had diabetes. I have had diabetes for nearly 9 months.

But going on this site has made me feel alot better; not just knowing Nick and other celeb's have got it but you guys do!

So dont give up, because you're not the only ones. I am so shocked. But also I think now that kids know Nick has diabetes, and is able to manage his diabetes perfectly well despite his career, then hopefully this will encourage kids to look after themselves better and will sooner realise that diabetes doesn't stop you living a normal teenage life and it will not stop you doing anything in the future.

Hopefully Nick will put his celebrity status to the test and put it to the test by helping support kids who actually need it and encourage them it is important to look after their health to not cause later life complications.

I want to meet him and get a guitar pick ahaa! I know him better than he knows himself. In a MySpace post, he wrote in his defense, "Anytime you are in a relationship for any length of time there are going to be issues. Other times they lead to a change of heart. This was the case recently. Things were actually creepy for him and the brothers at times. There was this time in South America where a hotel staff member snuck his kid into my room. Joe told New York magazine, "We went along with it at the time because we thought Disney was our only real shot.

And we were terrified that it could all be taken away from us at any moment. We didn't do a single interview, we didn't talk to anybody, we just went dark.

There's a mourning process. He has an amazing voice and he makes really incredible music. He is truly talented and I am so proud of him. He deserves everything that he has achieved so far. I love his talent and his passion when he sings on stage and opens his heart up.

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He is a very handsome man, but I love him for what is inside. I have always admired him and I always will do as it is all thanks to him that my life makes sense.

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He encourages something so impressive in me, and it is very difficult to put it all into words. He is very talented in many ways, in music and with acting. I have even been to two of his concerts! He is so down to earth and incredible with all that he does to help others.

jonas brothers meet number one fan lyrics

I have been a fan since the very beginning of his career and I always will be because he is just so talented and amazing. It made me feel like I was no longer alone with it. Nick wrote some songs about his disease which help me a lot when I am feeling down.

He always makes me smile no matter what I am facing. He has shown what a real talent he is and I am really proud to be his fan.