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john dave homestuck fanfiction meet

Him. (JohnDave Homestuck Fanfiction). K Reads Votes 5 Part Story His life turns around, though, when he meets the black-haired, blue-eyed new boy. Dave Strider was always the coolest kid in school. He wore sunglasses Meet me under the bleachers at gym tomorrow." It said, and John. A page for describing FanficRecs: Homestuck. > Review unsanctioned storytelling. You begin reading the following Fanfic Recommendations document .

I mean it's nice outside but I kinda just wanna sit and look at your face for a while. But then you have to show me around alright. John smiles at him and grips his hand with a pleasant pressure.

He has to cover his mouth to hide the wide grin on his face as he leads them up to the counter at the front of the bookstore. He and John both order their respective favorite coffees and head back to the corner Dave had occupied earlier when they've gotten their drinks.

There is no way Stri-gunk. Do I have something on my face? John quickly realizes what's happening and pulls him closer by the front of his shirt and kisses him long and sweetly. Dave has a hard time pulling away, the kiss better than he had ever hoped, and smiles a large cheesy grin at John. I'm going to show you around. We can talk later. Outside the wind blows warmly against them and the bright colors of spring.

Dave breaths in the earthy, Ohio air and looks at John.

The noirette senses the gaze and turns his head to grin at Dave. Guess I should come visit more often. Not much but it's nice. Better than Texas anyway. Well less shitty people and less heat.

john dave homestuck fanfiction meet

Since ya know, I'm supposed to be staying there this week. This a-way my good sir. When they're down the block away from his house he notices an unfamiliar, peculiar truck pulled up to a house a couple of places down the street. When he looks to John for an answer all he gets is the same shit eating grin and cool demeanor. I wonder what's goin on. Maybe we should check it out, might be gettin a new neighbor or something. Dave knocks and takes a miniscule step back as he waits for someone to open it.

His eyebrows shoot up when a semi familiar man with bright blue eyes and a mop of dark hair on his head. He takes it in a bit of a daze and looks to John and back to the man in front of him. What's going on John? Now I get to see you all of the time and we don't have to wait two years to meet each other, isn't this great.

Thank goodness you're awake. But wow, I wasn't expecting you to pass out on our porch. Spilled your coffee and everything. Reading in the dark was another one of the things that you enjoyed doing. You lay on your back with your stack of reading material on your stomach with the flashlight pointed at the roof of your fort.

You clicked the flashlight's button on and off several times repetitively. The next morning, you walked to your new school. It was only eight blocks away: Walking to school was like having an extra recess, but outside of school operation hours.

Once you arrived on campus, you walked to your new classroom. Several other students were already there. As you are new, you knew none of them. They glanced at you as you walked inside and they made you very nervous. The name of your teacher was Mrs. She seemed very nice and she seemed to like children a lot. For the majority of the morning, you and the other students were supposed to participate in random activities that would help you get to know each other.

john dave homestuck fanfiction meet

If there was one thing in the world that you hated, it was being forced to be social. As you were harassed as a child, it was only natural of you to withdraw and not trust very many people.

You sat by yourself and doodled some pictures using the crayons that you brought in your backpack. The other students around you chattered loudly and ignored you. You said nothing and allowed your child-like creative juices to flow. Jennings was speaking to you and you twirled your crayon between your fingers.

Your face fell as you looked down at your desk and shook your head. Jennings said as she patted you on the shoulder. I am sure that you are good at tons of other things, right?

The last thing that you needed to tell your new teacher was all the terrible situations you have had in school so far that lead up to how you are now. She takes note of your drawings and held one of them up. She made you feel a bit better as the sinking feeling inside you went away.

Would you mind if I hang up your drawing on the side of my desk? I really like it. What is it, exactly? A few minutes later, you were outside watching all of the other children your age play. You watched them from afar as they played on the playground. You sat on a large rock by a fence. The other children are approximately fifty feet away from you.

They played noisily and seemed to be enjoying themselves. You wondered why you could never be like them. Trust in other people seemed to have fallen out in your life.

john dave homestuck fanfiction meet

Once something happens to you or is introduced to you in your early ages, it really changes who you are. A big burly kid approaches you with two other boys. He did not appear to be really friendly, but you attempted to try and act normal. He made you feel rather uncomfortable. He had a wide face and several red freckles. He had his hands on his hips. You did not want to cry, but on the inside, you were terribly upset. Other kids can just be so mean. The sound came closer and you turned to look.

A blonde-haired boy wearing sunglasses ran straight up to the big guy and faced him. You have a big mouth, you know that? The burly boy stopped and dropped the blonde boy to the ground. The blonde landed knees and quivered in pain as the big guy turned to you.

He may be a bit bruised up for my man-handling, but he got what he had coming!

You can't hold yourself together. The big boy tossed you on the ground and you fall face-first. Your glasses fell off and bounced a couple of times on the grass away from you.

Your limbs flailed, but you couldn't move as this guy had his big heavy foot on your back to keep you from escaping. You couldn't see any more than a few feet away from you and couldn't tell if the other students were out in the distance as you cried out for help. All of a sudden, the blonde boy sprang up and tried to pull the big boy off of you.

You looked up and noticed a blurred adult figure coming in your direction as you ran your hands over the grass trying to find your glasses.

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She must be one of those who makes sure that the kids behave while they are out on the playground. She left you alone on the ground. Did she notice that you were being harassed? You found your glasses and jammed them back on your face and pushed them up upon the bridge of your nose. Your mind raced and you wanted to call out and say that the big kid was being a bully, but you couldn't get a word out.

Recess was over, so all you could do was go back to class. As you walked, you wiped the sweat off of your face and tried to wipe the grass stains from your clothes, but they would not go away. You walked into your classroom.

johndave fanfic part 1

You looked down and said nothing. At this point, over half of the class was staring directly at you. You lowered your voice to a whisper and described what the big burly boy looked like to Mrs.

Jennings, who took you by the hand. Jennings walked you down to the principal's office. The halls were empty.

john dave homestuck fanfiction meet

Everyone else must be back in their classrooms. She knocked on the door and a middle-aged man opened the door. The blonde boy and the big burly boy were inside. Jennings gestured to the big burly boy. This is the last straw. I had this problem with you both last year and I hoped that you both would change.

I am suspending both of you for two days. He was only trying to protect me! It is as simple as that. The person who tried to save you got suspended…and on the first day…and you could not save him in return. Some kids could be just rude. Once you arrived at home, you crawled back into your blanket fort that you didn't take down the night before.

john dave homestuck fanfiction meet

You did not want to go back to that school. All of a sudden, you heard a thud. You sprang up and peered outside and around the corner of your fort.

It was the blonde boy. Did he, come in through your window? It seemed to be that way.