Jesse and rebecca first meet

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jesse and rebecca first meet

The second season of the family sitcom Full House originally aired on ABC between October Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey become best friends (much to Danny's jealousy) and start doing Danny is named as one of the hosts while his co-host is Rebecca "Becky" Jesse has made his first sale of an advertising jingle. From the moment their eyes first met, when Becky was just Danny's perky co-host , it was clear this coupling was going to provide some serious. For instance, Jesse and Becky adopted a baby girl in Fuller House In the episode "Glazed and Confused," Becky and Jesse meet with Mrs. Lopez, After Jesse doesn't make the best first impression on her, he tries to make.

See how these two storylines are paralleling each other?

jesse and rebecca first meet

This episode is about hoeing out your friends. Michael enters the house to study with DJ, followed by Rebecca Donaldson, who shows up looking fine as hell. Consumed with despair, DJ tearfully removes her friendship bracelet. One in particular, named Crystal, seems particularly eager to purchase his services, which seems to perturb Rebecca Donaldson.

Unsurprisingly, Joey has trouble hustling up any funds. After a few awkward minutes, an old lady bids on him. Joey seems resigned about having to give it up to the old dinosaur but then it turns out that she actually bought him for her big titty granddaughter. What a clever reveal!

jesse and rebecca first meet

Next, Rebecca Donaldson forces Danny to head up to the auction block. Anyway, Danny ends up with the old ladywho Danny hopes has another big titty granddaughter but it turns out she wants Danny for herself.

Do you ever think about the actors who are hired to play undesirable people on tv shows? It must be a real mixed bag to get a gig like that. When Jesse goes up for auction all the hoes just go wild.

Season 2, Episode 11, “A Little Romance” |

Crystal busts out some major cash and then all of a sudden Rebecca Donaldson engages her in a furious, high-priced bidding war, which she eventually wins. Joey invites Patty over to the house, and Danny does not like this one bit, because he does not want to see Joey once again get hurt by Patty, who explains that she left Joey for Michael Winchester because she wanted more romance in her life and while she thought Joey was funny, she did not think Joey was serious about settling down and having a real relationship.

Jesse's musical nightmare - Full House

Realizing things have changed, Joey and Patty decide to start their relationship over completely clean. Meanwhile, Kimmy uses Stephanie and D. Kimmy does the trick and D.

An even bigger problem is that Garth has the key that unlocks the cuffs. But in the end, it turns out that Jesse knows how to unlock the cuffs because he had some when he was a kid. He is scheduled to coach D. Jesse coaches the soccer team to a win, then Rebecca shows up at the house and asks Jesse to go with her to the wedding of her aunt's former son-in-law tomorrow, then Danny asks Jesse to fix his car.

Jesse thinks he can handle it all, until he and the family go to the Smash Club and Jesse discovers that the Rippers are at another club because they ended up booked for two gigs on the same night.

So Jesse is forced to use the family as his makeshift band mates because he has always wanted to perform in front of Sam Battersby.

jesse and rebecca first meet