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From there on it was unfortunate that Steph Milam had broken so we had a bye in to the final. What can you say about that Lindberg car? We were shut off for a fuel leak and got to watch that pass.

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Post race we realised that Top Methanol FC was jumping to a new level. Dad had spoken to Adam Flamholc about his car earlier in the year and he so knew before anyone else that it was for sale before. Given Adam's performance at Tierp, and knowing that this was a turnkey Manzo car and that there will likely never be another in Europe, and given that the car had run 5.

Obviously dad had his big crash at the National Finals and Adam had his crash a few days later so while they were in hospital they were in contact and a deal was struck. We hope to have the car within a month or so and Adam will be helping us with the car as well as crewing with Mats Eriksson. Adam thankfully agreed to defer some of the payment, as with the total destruction of the 'Bird we lost a lot of money. We are now looking for a buyer for the Stratus which served me so well, it is totally race-ready with the right tuning and has everything which anyone else in Europe has.

Moving forward we are in the process of assembling a new crew who will be announced soon, and we hope to do most if not all of the FIA tour next year. Thanks to everyone who has helped with this: Bengt Johansson and Per Egil from Dan's team, who have helped a lot; Karl and Bugsy who have worked like dogs to keep this thing running; Fred, Dave, and Vince from dad's team for the weekends preparing the car; Danny C for the welding; and many others I have no doubt forgotten.

Biggest thanks go to my dad Graham as without him none of this would be possible. We have no less than five birthdays today Friday. First up, a very Happy Birthday and lots of hugs to our good friend Gittli Koller. Hugs also to Kirsty Giles who is also celebrating her birthday today, a manly handshake to multiple Junior Dragster Champion Joe Kellett, and back to the hugs for our good friend Deborah Marrs.

Have a great day all. Top Alcohol Funny Car qualifying commences today and you will be able to stay in touch with the Leanders' progress courtesy of Drag Race Central at www. You can find out more at www. Pink Lady takes next step. At the start of the season we started off well qualifying in the top three at the Festival of Power and looking confident for getting through the rounds, the car was running perfectly and we racked up a decent amount of points to get the season going.

But unfortunately the same thing happened again which put us on the trailer before qualifying was even over. During qualifying we had all sorts of minor problems stopping us make a good full pass and eventually on the final run the block and crank went which put us out of the season completely for a full engine rebuild.

Leif took the time to show me everything he does and I learnt a lot. It was a disappointing end to the Championship for him but a great great win by Jonnie Lindberg.

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I know that Leif will be back out stronger next year. Top Methanol Funny Car will be an interesting class in the Championship. Shortly after the advert appeared on Eurodragster. The car is now in the good hands of Tom Van Der Wijden who has decided to step up himself. We will be with them at next year's FIA Main Event next year to give them a hand up the learning curve of a faster car.

We wish them all the best luck with their future racing in the Funny Car. I'd also like to say a big Well Done to all of the Super Pro ET sponsors and organisers for making the class even more competitive and exciting. The awards and prizes have been so much fun to race for! I wish the best of luck to everyone in the class, and joining the class for the season. I'd like to say the biggest thank you to my Dad for building me such a great race car, the first Funny Car to win an event in Super Pro ET and at a record event, for always trying his best to keep it running consistently fast, and for having the faith in my driving abilities to trust me to have my first race in Funny Car at the age of sixteen.

The Pink Lady Funny Car will always be my biggest step up in drag racing and my biggest achievement so far.

A final thank you to my sponsor WheelWhores. So what's next for Jayne? As well as Tom, we will also be stepping up into something new Great business and networking opportunities are available within Jayne Kay Motorsport.

The latest spy picture to arrive at the offices of Eurodragster. If you know more, or if you would like to send your own spy picture, then drop us a line at eurodragster. The spooktastic Halloween Bonfire Burn-Up brings the curtain down on another successful season's drag racing at Shakey County; the last blast before winter!

Shakespeare County Raceway 's Jerry Cookson below right writes: Besides the final showdown for the guys and gals from Outlaw Street and the Datsun Z Club Drag Challenge the weekend will be packed with plenty of good old traditional head-to-head 'devil you like' RWYB, grudge racing, a Halloween cauldron of treats, flaming hot burnouts, bonfire and fireworks before the ghostly evening begins at Kenny's Bar for the Halloween Fancy Dress Ball hosted by a voluptuous Devil Doll and her side kick the naughty Crypt Kicker into the witching hours of the morning!

And that's not all as Sunday features the Halloween Gamblers Drag Race for money, trophies and goodies in two monster bracket eliminations for cars and bikes. How can you afford to miss out! Anything goes from blood curdling street cars to the frightning world of modded cars, super fast street bikes, and devilish drag race bikes!

If it's got wheels scare yourself and race at Shakey's record holding quarter mile drag strip. And don't forget your crash helmet and driving licence. In the pits why not dress your trailer up to be the best Halloween Horror of the year.

There will also be also prizes for the best pumpkin design on Saturday and for the best smoketastical burnout of the weekend!

Remember to bring all the kids for the costume party and trick or treating Saturday afternoon as well.