Int meet dublin nh 2014

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int meet dublin nh 2014

Seventh International EarthCARE Science Workshop & First ESA EarthCARE Validation Workshop 11 – 15 June . European Space Technology Harmonisation Mapping Meeting 1 - 3 February .. 13 - 17 April , NH Leeuwenhorst, Noordwijkerhout,The Netherlands June , Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. ​Cara partnered with Learn International in as Director of Institutional Relations and France, USA before returning to Ireland to work with Dublin City University. . His two years with AmeriCorps at the New Hampshire Department of. Tue, Sep 24, , Updated: Tue, Sep 24, , . He also offered to arrange a meeting with the teacher, which the parents had already refused.

When she has free time, and is not chasing her 3 kiddos around, she has a secret passion for interior design and admiring a good piece of art. Plus a great cup of coffee makes her happy. Ed in Education Administration. He was fortunate to be introduced to travel at a very young age, primarily thanks to his Danish mother who would routinely take Kristian to Denmark for holiday visits with his Viking relatives. His first solo-trip was spent backpacking around Europe immediately after graduation, and shortly after, a year-long visit to Australia where he tried his best to become a real surfer that never really materialized however.

After Australia, Kristian headed off to Japan to teach English—a career and a country that he enjoyed immensely.

After nearly twenty years spent in the dreary Northwest, Kristian and most members of his immediate family headed South to New Mexico in search of sunnier and warmer climates. Kristian realized that he needed to find a job to support his hobbies, so he fell back on what he was most passionate about globetrotting.

int meet dublin nh 2014

He wandered into the study abroad office at New Mexico University and ended up spending the next 13 years of his life managing a portfolio of international initiatives at NMSU from study abroad and international student and scholar services to the intensive English program and overseas partnership and business development.

He managed to squeeze another degree too; this time a Ph. D in Curriculum and Instruction with a dissertation focused on best practices in international student recruitment, enrollment management and retention. She invested great time and energy in introducing Northern Irish history in Italy and France and she organized a number of public event and conferences throughout Europe. During her four years in France, she also worked as a tourist guide, translator and groups coordinator in the Basque Country and in the region of Bordeaux.

In her free time, she loves swimming and … crocheting!

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She knits and crochet most of her own clothes. Rosie was first introduced to the world of International Education during her own study abroad experiences in both India and Prague, Czech Republic. Having always been fascinated by people, societies and the world, Rosie completed her bachelor degree in Sociology from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After completing her undergraduate degree Rosie relocated to the beautiful island of Taiwan and ended up staying there for two years working as an ESL teacher.

Rosie taught English to children integrating creative approaches into her teaching methods. In her holidays and time-off Rosie traveled to various countries in Asia. Outside of work and studies Rosie is passionate about traveling, yoga, hiking, running, listening to Ghanaian hiplife, African dance and spending time with her family and close friends. She is excited about International Education, study abroad and helping to facilitate transformative experiences for students.

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Kathryn Ippolito — Intern Email: As an undergraduate student, she worked for a company producing commercials for local nonprofit organizations. She decided to pursue her dream of traveling to the U. Kathryn loves hiking, surfing, playing the ukulele, and dancing.

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Due to her passion for animals, she volunteers for the Humane Society and is part of the Surfrider Foundation, an organization dedicated to cleaning beaches. In her free time she enjoys watching films, reading detective novels and visiting art galleries.

These trips ignited a passion for exploring other societies and an understanding of the value of intercultural experiences for all students.

int meet dublin nh 2014

In his limited spare time Nick is an avid reader, likes watching movies and memorizing mostly useless Oscar trivia, and loves art museums, galleries, and craft shows, particularly anything involving metal-smithing, which he dabbled in for a few years.

Dave Erbach — Graduate Intern Email: The next three years were spent in Cairo, Egypt where Dave taught high school history at an international school. In addition to teaching, Dave also built an after-school program for middle school students around the three pillars of community service, outdoor adventure, and youth leadership. These experiences led him back to the U.

int meet dublin nh 2014

He is currently in the process of finishing that degree. Since graduating university, he has spent his summers leading youth programs both in the U.

He recently returned from one such course in Vietnam. As you can tell, Dave loves to travel. In addition to the places mentioned above, he has studied abroad in Rome, climbed Mt. Limited data currently exist on the perspectives of midwives who provide care to childbearing women while they are in the process of seeking asylum. Such data are important to midwifery leaders, educators, and policy-makers.

Irish midwives’ experiences of providing maternity care to non-Irish women seeking asylum

Methods Data were collected via indepth unstructured interviews with a purposive sample of ten midwives from two sites, one a large urban inner city hospital, and the second, a smaller more rural maternity hospital.

The interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim. The data were analyzed using content analysis. Results Five themes emerged from the data, barriers to communication, understanding cultural difference, challenges of caring for women who were unbooked, the emotional cost of caring, and structural barriers to effective care.

Conclusion Findings highlight a need to focus on support and education for midwives, improved maternity services for immigrant women, and urgent policy revision.

int meet dublin nh 2014

Prior to this, Ireland was a relatively homogenous nation with a poor history related to the treatment of immigrants, 2 — 4 and has subsequently struggled to adapt to its new multicultural reality. Inward migration to Ireland was seen in unprecedented numbers from onward, peaking in with 11, applications for refugee status; figures have fallen steadily since then to in Few data currently exist on the perspectives of midwives who provide care to childbearing women while they are in the process of seeking asylum.

int meet dublin nh 2014

These data are important to midwifery leaders, educators, and policy makers as they provide insight into the specific needs of midwives and how they can be better equipped to provide effective care to this group of women. However, midwives provide the majority of prenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care to women under the obstetrician, who is the lead professional and assumes ultimate responsibility.

While data on the number of births assisted by midwives in Ireland are not collated, it is common practice for the midwife to assist women with spontaneous vaginal births. The increase in the birth rate, coupled with the new experience of catering to a larger immigrant population and new multicultural society has exposed the inadequacies of the current organization of maternity service.

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Ireland lags behind the rest of Europe in offering women choice in childbirth, and while change is slowly taking place with the introduction of community-based midwifery-led care, it is sporadic and inadequate to meet the demand for change.

Pre and post migratory stressors add to the challenges of providing effective care to this group of women, as their needs are complex and multifaceted. The asylum process is lengthy and can take 2—7 years to complete. These centers are often geographically removed from the wider community, a situation that exacerbates social isolation and marginalization.

Pregnant women have free access to maternity care while in the asylum process and are usually referred to the nearest maternity hospital for antenatal and intrapartum care.