In what inuyasha episode does sesshomaru meet rin

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in what inuyasha episode does sesshomaru meet rin

Related Questions. What was the episode when sesshomaru meets rin the episode when koga meets Kagome? Which episode of Inuyasha is. In Episode 35, they first meet. Sesshoumaru does not keep Rin. In the aftermath of a battle (in Episode 35), with Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru is. InuYasha must overcome an illusion of his mother and fight Sesshomaru for After the fight, and injured Sesshomaru is helped by the orphan Rin, whom he revives . Shippo retreats into the forest where he meets a girl named Mujina whose.

She would then frown and scowl and start all over again. It was about as exciting as…as…eating human food! Jaken did not want to admit it, but it seemed as though that his Lord Sesshoumaru, full youkai and Lord of the Western Lands seemed to actually care for this human. Rin started to run, her short legs not carrying her as far with each step, but she made up for it with energy and enthusiasm.

Not wanting to be defeated, he turned towards his Lord and began to run as well. Rin got a head start but since he was nearer to Sesshoumaru, his goal was only a short distance away.

He snickered to himself in triumph, his feet moving triple times faster only to be stopped short by a glare from his Lord. Jaken's knees actually wobbled. Never took my eyes off her," His voice flustered and a bit afraid. She stopped just a few steps away from Sesshoumaru but she was definitely nearer to their lord than Jaken was, which caused him to grumble.

You're giving Sesshoumaru-sama bugs! Rin's hand fisted protectively over her 'treasures' but not before a green one hopped away. I really, really had a hard time catching that grass…that grass-…jumper!

They continued to bicker unconscious of their lord's thinning patience. She got it getting Sesshoumaru-sama's present…and…and Rin got those because Sesshoumaru-sama said he doesn't like flowers. Maybe her Sesshoumaru-sama was angry at her. Rin didn't want that. So if He didn't like flowers…and he didn't like bugs…maybe he would like fish? His life certainly became a bit complicated since he picked up his Rin a few months ago.

Not only does He have to take care that she wouldn't be in any danger which could happen in a million ways with her weak, puny, human body but He especially took care that they would never cross paths with his half-youkai, half-human brother and his group of humans he thought with a sneer while he was traveling with Rin.

Sesshoumaru touched Rin's head briefly like a 'pat', which was the closest display of affection he ever showed. It cheered Rin up and it showed, as her whole face brightened, giving him a big smile. Jaken finally stopped trying to creep up on the still insect, when Rin's loud yell caused his prey to jump away.

Which episode does sesshomaru meet rin?

These are for you! Sesshoumaru-sama told me to give them to you.

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In truth he rather liked bugs. They were delicious food to him and for his Lord Sesshoumaru to offer these to him never mind that it was actually Rin brought great tears of happiness to his eyes. While he was frozen there in awe and humility all the bugs scampered away, and Rin was happily walking fast back to her Sesshoumaru-sama.

That evening, "I'm looking for that Kagura woman by morning. She might have some ideas on where Naraku is. I want you and Rin to stay here. Jaken was already well aware of what was coming next. I want you and Rin to stay away from them. Since Rin doesn't even know them, you must see to it that it stays that way. If by accident, though I trust that there would be none, that Inuyasha happens to come across Rin alone, don't make your presence known and just guard her from the shadows.

Do you understand Jaken? Early morning, Sesshoumaru left Rin with another pat in the head while she was still asleep. She smiled though her eyes were stilled closed and her mind was still somewhere in dreamland. The smiled stayed until she waked and realized that because she overslept, she missed saying goodbye to her Sesshoumaru-sama.

So don't do anything stupid this time like chasing after bugs. There would certainly be no bugs this time. Day 1 Rin ate, ran around in circles at the green, grassy field enjoying the mellow season, played with Ah Un, annoyed Jaken-sama at least once and went to sleep at the same rock she had slept the night before. Day 2 It was already mid-afternoon, and it was no fun playing with Jaken-sama since he always seemed to be mad or annoyed at her.

Ah Un went somewhere to get something to eat and there were certainly no other kids around. Rin was hungry too, but every time she approached Jaken-sama he would turn away from her.

So maybe she shouldn't have taken his staff when he wasn't looking and played with the weird looking heads on it. If she would try to leave and look for her own food, Jaken-sama would say "RIN! So there she was taking her mind off her hunger by thinking about what she was going to give her lord when He returned.

in what inuyasha episode does sesshomaru meet rin

No flowers…No bugs… She sighed and stared at the blue sky. It reminded her of the sea There were no seas around but she did remember them passing a lake. Well, she'll figure it out tomorrow. As her stomach grumbled again, Rin closed her eyes instead. She had been hungry before, she can eat tomorrow. Day 3 When Rin woke up, Jaken was nowhere to be found. Fortunately Ah Un was jus there.

Seizing the chance, "Rin wants to go to the lake…um to wash her face. With a happy smile, Rin rode at Ah Un's back and wondered how she was going to catch those fish. Jaken returned with a relieved murmur. Maybe he shouldn't have eaten so many insects last night which caused him to run to a private corner early in the morning to relieve himself.

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When he returned back, his satisfied demeanor turned to terror. And so was Ah Un! Lord Sesshoumaru was really going to kill him this time. By the time Jaken was running around looking for Rin, she was already at the side of the lake hidden behind a rock with plenty of bushes.

Without further thought, Rin jumped to the lake. Meanwhile on the other side of the lake… Kagome relaxed, very grateful that she was clean again. She was beginning to get used to cold baths and didn't mind it as much. On second thought… Kagome's good mood evaporated. Maybe she should be getting home to get a nice hot one. You'd better not peek! And as usually, "as if anyone would want to…" came the half-youkai's sarcastic retort. With uncanny hearing abilities, Kagome's temper turned loose and in a very loud voice that echoed through the large forest surrounding them, "SIT!

Images of watery monsters caused her to shudder and yell some more. The darkness of the Abyssal Void envelopes her and Sesshomaru confronts a guardian of the dead, but Rin dies.

Sesshomaru uses Tenseiga to purify the dead in the netherworld, and Tenseiga brings him, Rin's body, and Kohaku back to the world of the living.

Sesshomaru is really disturbed to realize Tensaiga cannot revive Rin a second time, only able to resurrect a person once. His mother, after scolding him about thinking he could control life and death themselves, revives Rin using her own Meido stone, but warns that neither Rin nor Kohaku can be resurrected by Tenseiga again.

To Sesshomaru's surprise, Shishinki attacks him using a complete Meido Zangetsuha and claims Sesshomaru's father stole the technique from him.

Sesshomaru attacks with his Meido, but Shishinki's absorbs it. InuYasha and his group arrive and after Shishinki attacks him, InuYasha joins the argument. Shishinki taunts Sesshomaru, telling him that he must have been shunned by his father if his younger half-demon, half-human brother has Tetsusaiga as Tenseiga is just a cast off from it to contain the unneeded Meido. As Sesshomaru furiously wonders why his father did this, Shishinki attacks again.

InuYasha protects him with the Wind Scar, but Sesshomaru punches him and tells him not to interfere. Sesshomaru blindly charges Shishinki.

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Miroku uses a paper charm to fire Myoga at InuYasha so he can explain to Sesshomaru that his father entrusted him with the Meido because he felt Sesshomaru could master it; however, Shishinki points out that he could have just given him Tetsusaiga instead of casting off Tenseiga. Sesshomaru resumes his attack. When InuYasha again comes to his aid, their swords begin pulsating. When Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga, he is able to launch a massive complete Meido that swallows Shishinki.

InuYasha tries to tell Sesshomaru that Shishinki was lying, and that Tenseiga is a proper keepsake, but Sesshomaru states that they are destined to fight one another for the rest of their lives. Myoga states Sesshomaru must have realized his father's true intentions. Every time the swords cross, Tetsusaiga regains some of its powers and abilities back.


Sesshomaru creates a Meido that swallows InuYasha, and throws Tenseiga into it but Inuyasha cut through his demonic enegy to save himself.

Naraku tries to control Tenseiga through Kanna's mirror. Sesshomaru jumps in the Meido and forces InuYasha to break Tenseiga. Tetsusaiga's blade becomes black, and InuYasha creates a Meido to come back from the netherworld.

The broken Tenseiga comes back anew. Totosai said that, now freed from his obsession with Tetsusaiga, Sesshomaru is one step away from obtaining a much stronger and much more powerful weapon of his own that was not inherited from his father.

As they talk, she states that Kagome's innate spiritual power was probably sealed by Magatsuhi, the evil will of the Shikon Jewel that did it out of fear of Kagome's spiritual powers and abilities. Meanwhile, Naraku enables Magatsuhi to manifest as a demon. With his new body, Magatsuhi attacks Sesshomaru's group to try to take Kohaku's shard.

Sesshomaru struggles to defend the boy without a weapon and having only one arm. InuYasha's group arrives to find Sesshomaru's right arm badly wounded and Kohaku's shard being defiled. As InuYasha confronts Magatsuhi, he renders Kagome unconscious.

Sesshomaru uses his will to heal his wounds, annoyed with InuYasha who is telling him to back down, and assumes his true form to attack Magatsuhi.

The brothers struggle to battle Magatsuhi, while protecting their respective groups. Eventually Magatsuhi spears Sesshomaru and traps him, saying he will be come part of Naraku's body. The others fear he is dead, and when InuYasha rushes to free him he is captured as well. Sesshomaru bursts through the ball of appendages, and as Totosai arrives, Sesshomaru's left arm is restored and he is wielding a new sword.

Totosai calls it Bakusaiga and says it was always inside Sesshomaru, but could not be wielded until he surpassed his father in power and strength and learned to let go of his obsession with Tetsusaiga.

in what inuyasha episode does sesshomaru meet rin

With his newfound demon sword, Sesshomaru destroys Magatsuhi's body, forcing the latter to flee. At the end of the episode, Kagome finally awakens with a puzzled expression on her face. The real Magatsuhi attacks Kaede's village and gains control of Kohaku's body. He badly injures Miroku and Sango before escaping. InuYasha and Kagome return and give chase, while Sesshomaru discovers the deception and begins fighting Byakuya himself.

Byakuya brings one thousand demons to hold off Sesshomaru, who easily slays them with Bakusaiga in a single strike. Back at the village, Sango kisses the sleeping Miroku and prays for him to survive, before chasing after Kohaku. When InuYasha, Kagome, and Sango find him.

Responding to his sister's appeal and aided by some of Kikyo's pure light left in his Shikon Jewel shard, Kohaku manages to break Magatsuhi's control momentarily. Kohaku jumps into a deep canyon in an effort to drive Magatsuhi out of his body.

in what inuyasha episode does sesshomaru meet rin

Naraku then tries to take Kohaku's shard himself, but Sesshomaru attacks with his Bakusaiga, which causes Naraku's body to explode. Meanwhile, a red demonic aura passes from Miroku's body into Rin's. Now possessed by Magatsuhi, Rin flies off with a demon. Later, Naraku manages to capture Kagome and demands InuYasha's group gives him Kohaku's shard in exchange for her.

in what inuyasha episode does sesshomaru meet rin

Kohaku spots a sacred arrow on the ground and hides it, before offering himself to Naraku. When Naraku grabs him, Kohaku stabs the arrow into the spot where Moryomaru's diamond armor is, shattering it. Naraku escapes in a miasma cloud. Sango and Kohaku hug one another in celebration, but then a piece of Naraku's flesh stabs Kohaku in the neck and takes the shard, leaving Kohaku's empty body behind.

Naraku completes the Shikon Jewel, but Kohaku is brought back to life by Kikyo's light after her spirit hears Sango crying for him. With the Shikon Jewel now complete the final battle between light and darkness, good and evil begins.

She and her friends graduate from middle school. Hojo wishes to give Kagome his second button, a tradition in Japan which means that the boy likes the girl, but she leaves before he can.

Back in the Feudal Era, Naraku has absorbed the power of the Shikon Jewel and a dark cloud spreads over the land. InuYasha's group leaves to defeat Naraku, leaving Shippo behind. As they find Naraku and Byakuya in a cloud of miasma, they see Sesshomaru enter Naraku's body in search of Rin. As InuYasha's group enters, Miroku pauses to propose to Sango.

They soon realize that though they are breathing in the miasma, it is not harming them because the Shikon Jewel wants to capture their souls first. Kagome and InuYasha search for the defiled jewel, after Miroku and Sango are captured. Naraku offers Kagome a miasma-coated arrow to save herself with, but she refuses.

InuYasha attacks again, throwing her off a cliff. Naraku says InuYasha will kill her, just as he had killed Kikyo. He tells Sango that they should part then because of his Wind Tunnel about to devour them both, but Sango follows after him.