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The Pogues lyrics with translations: Fairytale of New York, Love You Till The End, Summer in Siam, A Pair of I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every DayEnglish. All songs by The Pogues () The Old Main Drag · Wild Cats of Kilkenny · I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day · A Pair of Brown Eyes · Sally MacLennane. Streaming Visit Amazon's The Pogues Store This item:Rum Sodomy & the Lash by The Pogues Audio CD £ . I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day . and the stunning 'A Pair Of Brown Eyes,' presenting MacGowan's lyrics and.

Kevin felt that whip across his cheek when he fell, and the audience ground his face against a band monitor.

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Our friend lunged back into the mob. Still, my Irish side dominated. Inside our Dorchester flat, Irish tended to mean Catholic my aunt Mary was a nunFriday and Saturday night booze-ups my uncle John and his card-playing croniesand a solemn, sing-along pining after a forsaken auld sod that invariably wound up with someone screaming or crying.

There was a sinister undertow to Irish: For me, Irish-American around Boston radiated a delusive sentimentality always about to tumble into havoc. Those early Pogues albums divided between traditional covers and Shane MacGowan originals. One obviously is punk—before they ever performed traditional Irish music in public, many of the Pogues served time in London and Dublin punk outfits. Indeed, MacGowan was born in Kent, although reared on a farm in Tipperary until he was six, when his family moved to central London.

I became immersed in the society of London. There are lots of Irish pubs, so there was always Irish music in bars and on jukeboxes. I had an uncle who ran a pub in Dagenham, and I stayed there a lot ofthe time. Then every summer I would spend my school holidays back in Tipp.

Another shorthand account of the Pogues is that they played punk music with traditional instruments. But all the angles felt askew. Their jigs, reels, and sea shanties divulge a cracked, amphetamine edge. Recasting Irish history as punk—or punk as Irish history—there was nothing smirking, nothing routinely ironic about the Pogues. They sounded contemporary as well as ancestral, of London as much as of Dublin. Like most punks their songs link them to outlaws, outcasts, renegades, felons, and marauders, yet often execute jolting twists.

Skeptical and rollicking, a carnival of Irishness and sardonic about Ireland, the Pogues at Metro that July night in mounted a fearsome, majestic racket that disputed, even denied every sentiment they celebrated. The only event I ever thought matched it was a St. With their thrift-store Sunday suits and yeasty cotton shirts, MacGowan and Co.

For two mighty hours that summer night on Lansdowne Street, the Pogues were Boston. The same gesture, if revved up, likely many of the same fans. As the Pogues finished their set, Kevin returned to our safe house by the club soundboard. Now his other cheek was cut open, and he wanted to go. But the Boston audience called the band back for four encores. You could style those last four songs a frolic—or a riot.

He held the massive amount of musicians together in excellent form.

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He was giving me a sexy stare, and I guiltily looked away, since I was standing next to my boyfriend. Once that party shut down, everyone brought the party to the Conrad Hotel where I sat next to Shane. By that point, he was three sheets to the wind and trying to pour a bottle of white wine into a glass with the cap still on.


I helped him off with it and asked him how his evening went. The next morning I ran into my friend, house band drummer Mick Cronin, retelling my Shane interaction. You should have let me translate for you.