Iit roorkee alumni meet invitation

IIT Roorkee Alumni Association

iit roorkee alumni meet invitation

We had the overlap EC meeting on 12 April where Dr. Prem Krishna and invite younger members to play active role in the activities of the Association. Nominations for DAA should be invited from all over the world and anybody can nominate. The IIT Roorkee Alumni Association (IITRAA) may be requested for. IIT Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Alumni Reunion Chicago for all Banerji's personal invitation to all alumni for the meet MORE; William Houston, .

Remembering Dr Sushil Chandra (BE '57 Civil) - IIT Roorkee Alumni Association Of North America

Our endeavour will be to bridge this gap within this year. Having all members on board is the starting point to make a vibrant community. I appeal to all alumni in this endeavour by help in enrolling each and every alumnus in the data base. Vibrancy of an association is directly proportional to participation of its members in its activities. Though we have about 11, alumni on the list, only about alumni participated in the elections this year.

I earnestly urge all alumni to participate actively in alumni activities. Younger alumni may think that alumni activities are meant more for senior alumni, either superannuated or closer to it. But the need is different. The Association requires participation of younger people more than at any other time. With increasing size of batches over years, young members are larger in number. Further, they have more energy. We require combination of experience and energy in the Association. Currently there is not one elected member in EC who is from batch year onward.

President has the discretion to nominate five members to EC.

iit roorkee alumni meet invitation

I am using this discretion to nominate three members from younger batches of year In future, our wish is to see EC membership spread over batches, old and recent. I specially invite younger members to play active role in the activities of the Association.

iit roorkee alumni meet invitation

On behalf of old guards, I promise that you will have due space. Another dream is to see that alumni set up local chapters in all those cities where alumni number is more than There will be many such towns. Local chapters are the backbone of parent organization.

They are the key to effective networking which is an important goal of the Association. I urge our alumni spread all over to set up formal local chapters and be in touch with the parent body. On several occasions, we were his weekend house guests too.

IIT Roorkee Alumni Association Of North America

He was a generous host and a very large hearted person. In order for me to be able to drive while in California, he gave me his Toyota Camary car as Gift. It was in very good shape and could run and will run without any major maintenance for anothermiles.

iit roorkee alumni meet invitation

Such persons, so intensely caring,concerned, and loving are difficult to find. But when I look at the bond that our batch of has naturally fostered for each other, I consider myself very lucky to belong to it. May be, the affinity and mutual respect we developed for each other is a result of the way our lives got regulated by the discipline, culture and tradition, above all the Thomasonian spirit of Roorkee during the three years we spent together there. Sushil, of course, has been the torch bearer of our batch in California USA, a real Thomasonian, till he breathed his last.

He will always be remembered by us. Sushil Chandra was one of the most sincere, caring and loving person one could ever find. He freely showered his ample love and generosities not only on his family but all friends, and the society as a whole. My association with Sushil started at Roorkee where he was one year senior to me.

iit roorkee alumni meet invitation

We got to know each other well when we were both working on the faculty of the university. As luck would have it, we both came to the USA as doctorate scholars at about the same time frame.

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He had enrolled at the University of Colorado at Bolder but he had relocated to the University of Illinois at Chicago for his research work. I was located at the Dr. We visited each other with families. Naturally, a beautiful family relationship blossomed that we treasure until today. Sushil was a very successful engineer.

His research on fiber reinforced concrete was a far reaching break-through. But he was always most proud of his loving and most successful family. His devotion to his family that included his wife Mithlesh, and children Raju, Dolly and Robin was complete and it was and is an ideal family in all respects. Whenever we talked on the telephone, I remember the most time fondly talking about the exploits of the family. Sushil's association with Roorkee was a inherited as his father was also a Roorkee alumnus who had also served on the campus' administration.

Sushil's love of Roorkee led him to assume the president ship of the Alumni Association of the North American Chapter during the s which was a very trying and formative period for the association. He loved India and returned to a faculty position in Punjab soon after completing his doctorate where he spent about five years. On his return, he plunged full fledged into consulting engineering where he continued until his retirement.

Sushil has left a legacy of love and affection for all of us. We rejoice for having him in our lives and will remember him forever. Sushil Chandra was my cousin.

My Dadiji and his Naniji were sisters. We were both raised mostly in Roorkee and were visiting each other often. The oldest among 7 brothers and one sister, he was a caring cousin. I remember his visits to our home when he was a student. Some times he would take me to his home on a bicycle. I remember when he got married. Bhabhiji was always pleasant, hard working and a supportive addition to his family. I remember seeing her in the kitchen most of the time like a nice bahu in a joint family.

I celebrated many Teej festivals at his parental home, with Buaji and Bhabhiji as our hosts.

iit roorkee alumni meet invitation

After a few years, he was in Chicago, when I arrived to join my ex and do Master's in Architecture at Urbana-Champagne. He was our contact person to locate each other.

A couple of years later, we moved to Chicago. As the time went, he moved to California and we moved to Raleigh, NC. We visited each other frequently. We canceled their invitation.

They were very accommodating and invited us the next day and the next day, but it was not to work out. Since then my contact with Chandra family got dislocated, like with most other Indian families. I will always remember Sushil Bhaisaheb for his loving and caring attitude. He always remained supportive.