If we ever meet again piano sheet music free

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if we ever meet again piano sheet music free

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As a recording, it is meant to be reproduced to exact specifications of tempo and dynamic, therefore turning the pianist into a human phonograph needle of sorts. To deviate from the notation was seen as blasphemy, highly criticized even when done brilliantly, such as when Glenn Gould released the Bach Variations in Over 50 years later, there's still some uptight critic calling him a "willfully idiotic genius" for such daring behavior.

But it only matters because he dared to deviate from the script. And the script no longer exclusively serves every situation, outside of an orchestra.

As a musician, your ability in most live situations to quickly transpose a piece or adapt to sudden deviations is way more valuable than being locked to an inflexible script, as is your ability to stretch out and at times improvise. And this is one of the main shortcomings of notation: It's phonetic and inflexible. And so those who read notation well do not usually learn to use music as a free language or "speak" music with others. Imagine if every time you wanted to have a conversation, you had to pull a script out of your pocket and read it verbatim?

It's one thing if you want to read someone's speech and perform it once in a while.

Timbaland ft Katy Perry If We Ever Meet Again Artistic Piano Interpretation

But what about your own thoughts and conversations, your own expression and catharsis? How can you better attend to and voice the music that lays waiting inside you? John and I- we know what chords we're playing and we remember the melody, we don't actually ever have the need to write it down. Or to read it. I myself have played as a sideman on many major tours with artists like Lisa Marie Presley, Everclear, Nick Lachey, Seven Mary Three and more and never once have I been given sheet music.

In fact, it's the exact opposite: At that point, how your ear interprets the structure of music is everything and your sight-reading skills are useless. If you learned how music is formulaically and numerically structured and you learned how to apply that to your listening skills, you'd be able to take on any situation, charts or not.

Adding notation reading to your skill set will matter more after you've gained the context on which to build that knowledge. But necessary it is not, especially if you have a grasp of chords and melody. I could be fiddling on the piano and just looking at the lyrics and I'll play two chords together and I'll think "Oh, that sounds really good. Certainly, chords are very important and melody is very important.

I could write a melody to more or less anything. How does this behemoth of traditionalism embrace the timeless mathematical simplicity at the heart of music and allow all who are interested the path to pursue their musical dream with legitimacy and respect?

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So far, the answer is mostly no. I can't read music. Most schools don't currently have a notation-free track to put them on anyway. Luckily for all musicians, music is freely available to understand, practice and study outside of schools and most professional bands generally don't require degrees for you to audition for them. If that group of legends I listed at the top can achieve their dreams and goals without notation, then so can anyone, including you.

Why is Sheet Music Still Considered Necessary for Music Education?

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if we ever meet again piano sheet music free

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if we ever meet again piano sheet music free

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if we ever meet again piano sheet music free

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if we ever meet again piano sheet music free

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if we ever meet again piano sheet music free

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