If we ever meet again mash ups

The 10 Best Mash-ups on Girl Talk's "All Day" (Part One) - Overthinking It

if we ever meet again mash ups

right and whether we can ever know And regarding the audience of Few of the creators of mash-ups and videos are film-school graduates, and. NUOVISSIMO Mash Up Dj Master (Valerio T Preview). If you mix A and B, do you get C? And it doesn't have to be a song or movie, people mash-up everything even . Doing it all over again.

If We Ever Meet Again

Music video[ edit ] Timbaland and Katy Perry singing together The music video was filmed in December I wanna make it like she saved my life with whatever depression I was going through, whether it be drug depression, weight-loss depression — something Will she be around if I go through this again? The video, rather than focusing on a serious relationship, as mentioned above, focuses on the love story between a jewel thief Julian Graham and an art thief Nadine Heimanninterspersed with Perry and Timbaland singing.

In the original video Katy Perry appears in black girdle and black leather as in underwearwhile Timbaland in the whole part of the clip was in a brown Jacket and with a flat cap on his head. The jewel thief and art thief take note of each other when both are present at an art exhibit opening.

The 10 Best Mash-ups on Girl Talk’s “All Day” (Part One)

The jewel thief steals a necklace, but caches it rather than trying to remove it from the premises. But try the following: Can I hit in the morning Without givin you half of my dough And even worse if I was broke would you want me? Where is the tenderness?

And here we get the added perspective. Before, we just see the face of a player. Now, we see his consideration: And a white man and a black man harmonizing about tenderness in Britain in the 80s, when National Front rhetoric was still prominent, tell a story similar to that of Chan and Tucker.

No shame in failing. Skee-Lo was a one-hit wonder from the mids. He put out a novelty rap that had a catchy hook, good production values and spoke to a difficulty with which we can all empathize. If only we had that one achievement — athletic skills, a nice car, better physical stature — we would have total happiness.

Timbaland - If We Ever Meet Again ft. Katy Perry (Official Music Video)

Of course, Skee-Lo is being ironic. You can tell this by the style of the video.

If We Ever Meet Again - Wikipedia

One of them is best known for putting on disgusting, vile live shows that test the limits of what an audience can comfortably stand to look at for an extended period of time. The other is a rock band that wears scary clown masks and shit. Clearly, they occupy opposite ends of the modern music landscape.

if we ever meet again mash ups

I suppose they're fine, but I honestly just don't know if I've ever been angry enough about anything to really want to listen to a song like "Psychosocial.

As for Justin Bieber, I don't know what kind of mood you have to be in to willingly seek out his music as an adult, but it's one I've never been in.

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I mean, I saw the Biebs in concert once, but it was just for work. Beyond that, his songs have never interested me much. It's probably because I'm not a child. Continue Reading Below Advertisement So even in terms of why I don't count myself a fan, both acts are miles away from each other.

if we ever meet again mash ups

Somehow, though, when they come together, they produce something beautiful. That miracle of modern music machinery is called "Psychosocial Baby," and it is goddamn magic. It takes the overly aggressive lyrics of Slipknot and combines them with the bullshit pop music of Justin Bieber, and just like that, everything that's wrong is right.

if we ever meet again mash ups

The inherent flaws of each act wash away in a sea of grown men screaming about their feelings while some faceless Swedish pop producers wail on a synthesizer version of every instrument.

It's kind of like a McDonald's cheeseburger. The individual parts aren't that great, but when you get them all in one place, it's completely and totally good enough.

Jump in at around the 2: YouTube Advertisement You know the one! It's like one of those prank videos that come out every year around Halloween, where you get tricked into staring at it for a long time and then there's a high-pitched screaming noise YouTube Advertisement If he starts soloing, this is legitimately my nightmare.

That's how every Slipknot video should work.