Ichigo and rukia meet again in heaven

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ichigo and rukia meet again in heaven

Contents[show] Summary As Ichigo Kurosaki sits next to a resting Rukia it repeated again, Ichigo says Kariya must have seen how the Bounts were not Thinking to herself this event was the start of it all, Rukia remembers how before meeting Ichigo, Tensa Zangetsu (天鎖斬月, Heaven Chain Slaying Moon) ( flashback). Ichigo had five years to decide his fate five long years without Rukia, We Meet Again", at the time of the separation between Ichigo and Rukia One could question whether the heavens knew what was to ensue that day. The Bleach manga and anime created by Tite Kubo. The series takes place in a fictional . Rukia meets Ichigo for the first time when she breaks into his house, not to the human world to find Rukia Kuchiki and bring her back to Soul Society . .. Having been raised on the concept of Heaven and Hell, Äs is fearful of death .

Rukia meant to get up, but at that moment she froze as she felt his fingers slide around her wrist firmly, holding her there. She looked at him, startled. He did not return her gaze. Rukia smiled gently, nodding. You said you would be gone from here as well for the next few years…" Rukia hesitated, biting her lip as she thought of a way to ease his doubts, but in truth even she knew that the chances for them meeting anytime soon was unlikely.

But perhaps the thought that they would could be comfort enough until the time came.

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There was nothing but silence between them. Rukia seemed to have lost her complete composure as he continued to hold onto her wrist, realizing just how close they were to one another. With a sudden swift motion, Ichigos' eyes met hers, his gaze piercing her with such a strong force that Rukia found herself slightly trembling as his face moved dangerously close to hers.

ichigo and rukia meet again in heaven

Renji was in the lead, followed closely by Ishida, Inoue, and Chad. Rukia quickly pulled her wrist free from Ichigo and got up. Ichigo followed her over to Renji, slightly frustrated at the interruption.

Ichigo followed the rest of the group quietly, paranoid at the thought that Rukia was deliberately ignoring him now.

ichigo and rukia meet again in heaven

She remained very close to Inoue, refusing to look at him or say a word. After walking for nearly fifteen minutes, they made their way to the designated portal, finding Captain Ukitake and a few others waiting for them there. As everyone began their farewells, Rukia finally turned to Ichigo. Rukia shook her head, smiling. She opened it, softly straightening the creases on the paper. She handed the page to him, beaming with pride.

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Ichigo looked at her curiously and then to the paper. It was definitely a drawing of Rukia's. There was one of her usual rabbits, except this time it had some very distinguishing qualities to it; for one, a big spiky mess of orange hair on top of it.

A parting gift…I stayed up all night working on it…" Ichigo smirked, shaking his head as he looked at the drawing again.

ichigo and rukia meet again in heaven

He suddenly felt an enormous amount of guilt as he had not gotten anything for her. She had spent so much time on this. He continued to look at the drawing of the bunny, complete in a shinigami outfit and a zanpaktou in his hand.

His face lingered there for a moment, his breath lightly touching her face. The soft patter of raindrops began seeping into the dry earth.

He finally pulled away, a visible fluster on his face as well.

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Apparently no one had witnessed what had happened, as they were still talking happily amongst one another. He turned once more, and smiled at her. Following the battle with the Bountsthings slowly return to normal. Contents Summary Rukia slowly recovers from the Bount ordeal. As Ichigo Kurosaki sits next to a resting Rukia KuchikiLieutenant Renji Abaraigoing up to him, asks if he is fully healed, stating even if someone killed Ichigo, he still would not die. When Ichigo states Orihime Inoue healed him and Rukia, but Rukia is recovering very slowly, Renji, revealing she is doing so because she was sent to the Human World just after recovering her Reiatsunotes it will take a while before she fully recovers.

When Ichigo asks if everything else is taken care of, Renji states it almost is, but the scars from the battle still remain. Stating it appears the Gotei 13 is finally recognizing the existence of the Bounts, Ichigo says though Jin Kariya wanted to erase the existence of the Bounts, he ironically left a stronger impression on the Bounts than ever before.

Byakuya admonishes Ichigo and Renji. When Renji, yelling at Ichigo for thinking he knows everything, tells Ichigo it is his fault the Bounts made it into Soul SocietyIchigo points out Renji was with him in the Human World when the Bounts left, so it is also his fault.

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When Renji tries to justify this, the two end up arguing with each other over who is stronger. As Ichigo tries to apologize because he is tired and does not want to deal with this, which only makes Renji angrier, Captain Byakuya Kuchikiappearing, scolds them for making such a ruckus.

Telling Ichigo if his business in Soul Society is done, he should head back to the Human World, for he does not belong here, Byakuya leaves as Renji yells at Ichigo because it is his fault Byakuya is now mad at him.

Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji reflect on the Bounts. Getting up, Rukia, telling them to stop arguing, says they do not treat the wounded well. As Rukia, sitting next to the two of them, says things are peaceful now, Ichigo states he never imagined he would come back here again. When Renji sarcastically states Ichigo did so because he cannot mind his own business, Ichigo tells him he is correct.

As Renji is surprised by this, Rukia reveals there are no longer any Bounts, which means there is nothing but bitterness. Stating Kariya was fully aware of what the histories of the Bounts were and he probably could not stand to see it repeated again, Ichigo says Kariya must have seen how the Bounts were not moving forward, but were instead moving in a never-ending circle.