How to spice up a relationship in the bedroom

6 Secrets To Spice Things Up in the Bedroom and Make Him Crave You

how to spice up a relationship in the bedroom

Here are five ways to spice up your sex life no matter how long you But a lack of physical closeness can put a significant strain on a relationship, Try different positions or have sex somewhere other than your bedroom. If you want to know how to spice up your relationship but don't want to spend a recreate that getaway atmosphere in your bedroom to jumpstart your sex life. up your love life. Look through these romantic tips to spice up your relationship. Use your imagination and try something new in your bedroom. You do not.

Give sex dice a roll. Together, list your 6 favorite sex acts for one die, and decide who gives and who receives on odds and evens for the other. Take turn rolling the dice and enjoying your favorite moves. Find your alter ego.

how to spice up a relationship in the bedroom

If you tend to wear soft pastels, try wearing black lace and sky-high heels. Experiment with your grooming. Changing the appearance of your pubic area not only adds new visual appeal, but can create different sensations as well. Make a sex playlist.

how to spice up a relationship in the bedroom

Include different genres, tempos, and rhythms. Try to match your pace and rhythm with that of each new song. Send a sexy message. Send suggestive messages to each other throughout the day. Be as vague or explicit as you want. Keeping your thoughts in the gutter all day will definitely pay off at night. Or a sexy massage.

how to spice up a relationship in the bedroom

Massages can be both relaxing and sexy. Get soothing-scented massage oil and take turns massaging one another. If you are using condoms which we hope you are!

how to spice up a relationship in the bedroom

Try a new position every time. Many couples get into certain habits in the bedroom because they know what makes their partner happy. While this definitely has it perks, trying new things is a great way to find new things that you might like. If you and your partner usually kick off your mornings with a bang pun definitely intendedtry to hold off a bit longer.

Ever had a crush on your teacher? Well, now you can act on it — legally! Role-playing is a safe, fun way for you and your partner to act out your wildest fantasies.

12 saucy (and realistic!) ways to spice up your sex life.

The sky is the limit. As long as both you and your partner are comfortable, role-playing can provide hours of entertainment. Break out the handcuffs. Remember to agree on a safeword: Bondage can also tie in — no pun intended — quite nicely with Buy a present for two. Wine can help Drink some wine together.

Take a little together time and spend it peacefully talking. Relax with a glass of wine in front of a cozy fireplace or out on a blanket underneath the stars.

Just a little bit of wine can help lighten the mood.

6 Secrets To Spice Things Up in the Bedroom and Make Him Crave You

For non-drinkers, even a sparkling grape juice can be just as romantic. Remember, it is all about who you are with. Sexy messages Lighten the mood and be playful throughout the day by sending little flirty or sexy and romantic messagesemails or texts throughout the day. Let your other half know that you are thinking of them.

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Romantic atmosphere Set up a living room or a bedroom with just the right tone. Turn down the lights, put on a little bit of music, and spend a little bit of intimate time together.

how to spice up a relationship in the bedroom

Just the two of you alone, letting the weight of the day just melt away can be a significant distraction and help spice up the love in your romantic life. Appeal to all of the senses You do not just have to use perfume or cologne and sexy clothing.

Light relaxing candles that smell divine. Put on some light music that is romantic. Feed each other some of your favorite foods.

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It can be a wonderful way to use all senses to reconnect. Pretend that you just met If you have been together for a bit and need to rekindle, sometimes you just need to get to know each other again. Talk about interests and hobbies or things that you never have known about each other. It is a wonderful way to rekindle a romance and learn new things about each other.

Take a break from life — do something fun The everyday life can become tedious and it can be fun to just go to an amusement park, a sporting event, go to the batting cages or play miniature golf. Challenge each other while playing games and have fun little bets in the case that one of you wins. This is a fun and exciting way to put the spice back into your relationship. Watch dirty movies together If you are into it, you can spice up a relationship in a not-so-romantic way by watching a dirty movie together.

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