How to meet piximon digimon world

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how to meet piximon digimon world

When your city points are at 36, go to the tropical jungle at night. When you pass the Digimon Bridge, go down. Piximo.., Digimon World for the. yeah Piximon is very rare, just walk in and out until you get him (not 'her' - this is piximon appears at afternoon i know this is late but this helps. Does anybody know the percentage chance of these digimon (piximon, mamemon and metalmamemon) appearing every time you enter the.

Just keep going back and forth the screen where Piximon would spawn until you hear the sound of flapping wings. The legendary beast of Earth, Gaeaxaviour!!

how to meet piximon digimon world

DragonNeos DragonNeos 8 years ago 3 I don't think there's a certain amount of prosperity points you need before you can see Piximon. You can have 1 prosperity point and still see Piximon next to its tree in Tropical Jungle if you are lucky enough.

Piximon - Digimon World Hints for Playstation

Just keep going back and forth between the screens and eventually Piximon will show up. There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

how to meet piximon digimon world

Gaeaxaviour Gaeaxaviour 8 years ago 4 But really he can't fight Piximon yet with 1 Prosperity Point a. Forget what Digimon I had but he wasn't that strong but I kept resetting til eventually he beat him.

how to meet piximon digimon world

Have a rotten day! I Think my prosperity is in the 70s so that's not an issue. This just seems a little excessive.

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Mamemon only took about tries. I've tried at least for piximon and still nothing. He was so easy to find in my other saves where I didn't have a digi strong enough to beat him I still haven't attempted metalmamemon. Gaeaxaviour Gaeaxaviour 8 years ago 7 All of those 3 "tiny-and-cute" Ultimate Digimons have the same rarity.

Piximon for Digimon World

This applied for me when i looking for mamemon and piximon,as for metalmamemon,i reenter 6 times. Piximon, MetalMamemon and Mamemon all have their specific time allocated slots when they appear.

Even I myself can't get Angemon now but I managed to meet Piximon in 5 tries because I knew the hour s of his arrival. I have the Japanese version though, so maybe his script is altered in English. So, just walk back and forth until you see them I walked back and forth only 6 times to find Mamemon once, but then my Digimon sucked so I had to rest to last save point and train it first.

How do you get Piximon? I know where he is but ..

So time doesn't matter, it's really just luck. You CAN find it that soon in the game. Of course, you can't beat it at that time, though x There are three types of people in the world: Relvamon Relvamon 8 years ago 18 Of course they can appear in the morning, afternoon and evening.

I was implying that they just come up at specific hours of the morning, afternoon and in the evening.

how to meet piximon digimon world

Although, after a game reset, that Digimon may not appear at that specific time as its supposed to.