How to meet my animal spirit guide

Animal Spirit Guides… How to Meet Your Power Animal!

how to meet my animal spirit guide

HOW TO WORK WITH YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL: A TOTAL GUIDE meditation”) and workshops that hold space for you to meet your spirit animal. Your intention could be, ” Spirit animal, who serves my highest and best good. How Do I Find My Animal Spirit Guide? totem tend to harbor tension, so they need to be careful about finding a safe release in order to. Everyone has a spirit animal. Take the spirit animal test to find yours and the message it has for you! Fun quiz ahead!.

We could just sit back and enjoy the ride. Animal spirits hear those pleas and rally around us to offer protection, hope, healing, and wisdom. Technically speaking, our spirit animal chooses us.

Science gives us evidence that DNA matches can be found between humans and many other animals — even plants. This means living things are infinitely intertwined. To the Native Americans, everything has its own spirit Wakan but all share the same spiritual essence Wakan Tanka.

Because of this intricate connection, when your soul sends out an S. The name for this is the Non-Local Universal Mind. Earlier, I pointed out that your spirit animal is a living part of you because all animals are related. What this really boils down to is that part of you is a tiger, a snake, an eagle, a cricket, etc.

Even if only in a minute sense, you have cellular memory of what if feels like to be any and all animals. Your true or authentic self is not angry, depressed, or weak. The real you is whole, strong, and happy!

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By finding your spirit animal, you can act as your own Shaman and rekindle your personal power. Now, on to how to find your spirit animal! Pay attention to what animal or animals keep showing up in songs, pictures, movies, books, conversations, etc.

  • Animal Spirit Guides… How to Meet Your Power Animal!
  • How to Find Your Animal Spirit Guide

Trust that if Red Cardinals, Horses, Crickets, etc, keep appearing to you, they are trying to help you in some way. These methods can be guided spoken, drumming, music with vocals or it can be non-guided silence, nature sounds, instrumental-only music. Humans often do not believe they are receiving messages from their spirit animal guides so they will come to us in the dreamstate. Often, it is much easier for folks to trust their dreams rather than their own intuition during waking times or meditations.

Spirit Animal Meditation If you are committed to finding your true spirit animal, mediation may provide some surprises. Do not be afraid if a sick or injured animal appears to you.

how to meet my animal spirit guide

An injured Dolphin may appear to you. Dolphins are social creatures who represent community. Dolphins are well known for befriending many different species — often times saving their lives. In this case, maybe the Dolphin appears to let you know that to have good friends, you must first be a good friend. One spirit animal meditation technique is to focus on one chakra at a time and take note of the animal s which show up for each chakra. This method is a bit advanced so I have a complete guide coming out soon.

If you find yourself confused about why a particular animal came to you, look up it in my Spirit Animal Meanings database. Full directions on this are below Sit or lie in a position which keeps your back straight.

Source Animal Guide Meanings: Traits and Characteristics Each guide has a different meaning, and they can mean something different for different people. Below are a few examples of animal spirit guides and the common meanings behind their animal totems.

Bears teach us how to be balanced, no matter what life throws at us.

how to meet my animal spirit guide

They also are very wise, protective of the ones they love, and they harbor incredible strength during difficult times. Those with a buffalo totem tend to harbor tension, so they need to be careful about finding a safe release in order to prevent it from building up to intolerable levels.

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Buffalos are strong and protective of their tribe. They have incredible strength and are likely to face their problems head-on. The butterfly totem represents freedom, creativity, and transformation. They teach us to work closely with the earth and try to minimize our harmful impact on the planet. Those with the coyote totem tend to be cunning, loyal, and very goal oriented.

They are focused on their community, but they have no qualms about deceiving an outsider if it means protecting themselves or their loved ones.

They know their environment very well and teach us to work in unity with the earth. Bears are wise, protective, and incredibly strong. Someone with a crow totem tends to be very magically inclined. They are dedicated to following order and tend to be strong healers. Those with the deer totem are intuitive, sensitive, and spiritual. The dolphin symbolizes playfulness and lightheartedness. The dove represents peace and blessings. A person who is going through a stressful time might call upon the dove spirit for guidance.

A person with an eagle animal spirit tends to thrive when they're alone. They prefer isolation over community. Eagles have incredible eyesight, providing those with the eagle totem to see clearly in situations that are murky and difficult. Those with the fox totem prefer to keep to themselves and blend in, rather than standing out from the crowd.

They are sensitive yet agile, and they are capable of finding a way forward in the midst of a difficult situation. Those with the horse spirit guide thrive when they are left wild. They can be headstrong, but they are willing to bend for those that they care about. While they prefer to be left wild, they respond well to a partner who treats them with patience and kindness.

The horse totem also represents positive change in someone's life.

how to meet my animal spirit guide

The horse spirit guide can represent strong emotions and positive change within your life. Those with the owl totem tend to be very quiet and secretive, but when they speak, people listen and treat them with respect. Owls teach us to embrace the dark and to know that it isn't something to fear, nor is it something that is evil.

The raven totem represents mystery, wisdom, and transformation. People with the raven animal spirit guide tend to be strong teachers and are often sought out for their wisdom and intelligence.

Snake spirit guides represents transformation, rebirth, and sexuality. They are strong creatures with strong personalities, but they often lash out during difficult situations. Check out youtube or some David Attenborough documentaries to study the characteristics of your animal. Let your hair loose to unleash the lion in you.


Think of black as the color of mystery and transformation. Eat Like Your Animal Food nourishes us and gives us energy.

how to meet my animal spirit guide

Animals use food to do this in the purest way, no fad-diets! They forage or hunt for what their body needs and eat specifically to adapt to their environment. Use the dietary habits of your animal as a guide for what will nourish you at the moment.

If your animal is a herbivore, try a plant-based diet and see how your body feels. Birds have a very fast metabolism to enable them to stay light so that they can fly, eating little and often.

Maybe the message is simply that you take time to slow down to eat. Meditate With Your Animal Using a guided meditation, journey to connect with your spirit animal. Feel yourself integrating its strength and wisdom. Working with animals is very grounding, so know that your energy will be protected by the animal as it serves you. Animals are wise and gentle guides. As always, the healing journey begins with us.