How to meet credit card spending requirements

16 Ways to Meet Credit Card Minimum Spend Requirements - The Globetrotting Teacher

how to meet credit card spending requirements

Applying for credit cards with sign-up bonuses is a lucrative way to earn miles & points. Discover ways to meet credit card minimum spend. Credit cards that offer big bonuses all come with one catch: the minimum spend. Minimum spends (a specified amount of money you have to charge on your. 25 tricks and hacks to meet your credit card’s minimum spending requirement. Some cards are tough to crack, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card (you have to spend $4,). Others offer an easier path, like the Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card (you only have to.

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Just be aware that there may be a convenience fee to charge tuition. According to a CreditCards. However, if the value of the card rewards bonus seriously outweighs the cost of the fee, and you can meet that minimum required spend with just one charge, then it can make sense. Repair your home at a discount. Replace it when you have the opportunity to shop around. Put a rent payment or two on the card. Third-party service providers, such as PlastiqRentMoola and RadPad, allow tenants to pay their rent with many types of credit cards.

how to meet credit card spending requirements

There are fees involved, which are usually around 2. Enroll in classes that will take your career to the next level. Check out professional certificate programs offered at your local community college or university. Or take language classes, get special training or complete your college degree. The total of your personal meals and movies may be woefully insufficient for hitting a rewards card minimum spend in a short time frame. Charge those of your loved ones, however, and you may be able to achieve it.

She paid the balance off and got the points.

how to meet credit card spending requirements

This method should only be done when know for sure the person will be reimbursing you immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to get people to pay up. Charge a portion of a new or used car down payment. Again, this method only works if you already had a car purchase planned, the down payment saved up and ready to reimburse your credit card in full by the due date.

Grant a trusted person short-term charging rights.

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Most credit cards allow account owners to add authorized users and some even sweeten the deal by giving additional points for each user. The more people charging on a single account, the quicker you can reach the minimum spend goal.

Authorized users bear no legal responsibility for debt they accumulate on your card. E-ZPass by using a credit card. Store Gift Cards Miles and points beginners might only think of gift cards to give as gifts.

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But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Buy gift cards to stores where you frequently shop, like a favorite grocery store, to use in the future.

Use it to buy your morning coffee or a quick snack from a convenience store. It may not seem like a lot, but these little things add up! Use a credit card to pay for prescriptions and out-of-pocket costs. My eye insurance pays for glasses or contacts, but not both in the same year. I can use the insurance for my contacts and a credit card for my glasses. Perhaps you have an elderly parent who you can pay medical expenses for with your credit card and be reimbursed by them later.

31 Ways To Meet The Minimum Spend Requirements On Your Rewards Credit Card

A total win, as you get the signup bonus and the money spent on the card paid back to you to pay off the bill! Medical expenses also include veterinary costs. Annual check-ups, emergency visits, and everything in between can be paid for with a credit card.

Pay for Services Some of the people you hire to do a service for you may accept credit cards. The same goes for repaying your student loans. Purchase these gifts ahead of time using your credit card. The same goes for things you may need. If you are able, purchase the sandals ahead of time with your credit card.

Do you need new living room furniture? Is your backyard fence beyond repair? Timing new credit card applications to target these big expenses can help you meet minimum spends with money you were already planning to spend. Vendors like caterers, florists, and DJs usually accept credit card payments and can get you across the minimum spend finish line quickly. Are you planning to make a year-end donation? Are you buying Girl Scout cookies? Use your credit card to help to do good and earn that signup bonus!

Register that new card to an airline dining program and earn even more miles and points. Pay Bills for Others Maybe you have roommates who you share the monthly bills with. Have your roommates pay you their share and then you use your credit card to pay the bill. This works also for older parents and family members who need help managing their household expenses and will reimburse you by cash or check. Pay for Travel Just getting started with miles and points and need to pay for an upcoming trip?

Use your new travel rewards credit card to pay for your travel expenses.