How to meet a werewolf in real life

How to Become a Werewolf -

how to meet a werewolf in real life

Complete instructions on how to become a werewolf. Stories of the Werewolf can be found around the world. . You may find that your body transforms. Again . Aug 25, If you are planning to become a werewolf in real life, you should first understand what this is all You can find information on the internet. Becoming a Werewolf is easy, but living the life of a werewolf is much harder if you haven't done your research. Our expert Real werewolfism is a curse.

Trap that meat slab between your teeth and rattle it back and forth until its neck snaps. Growl with menace at any scavengers who interfere. Eat the steak as fast possible. Once you become a werewolf, no toilet, pot, or human contrivance will be able to tame the wild fury of your bowel movements. Get cursed to be a werewolf. Earn yourself a high-quality curse. It is said that werewolves are cursed, and so it makes sense that getting cursed might help you become a werewolf. Werewolves were probably common in the ancient days of gods and kings, when people really knew how to condemn one another: Get bitten by another werewolf.

how to meet a werewolf in real life

Failure means being eaten. Yes, this is the extremely dangerous option. According the Paranormal Studies Institute at MIT, the success rate of such a strategy is approximately 1 out of every Remember to ask if they would mind being tied up.

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If they do mind, make other arrangements. Take care during full moons. Turn your cellphone off.

How To Become a wolf/werewolf in real life

There is nothing more embarrassing than diligently stalking prey, only for them to escape when startled by an obnoxious ring tone. Advance your career as a werewolf. Join the Drug Enforcement Agency. Take advantage of your new abilities and become a contributing member of society.

Wolves have a terrific sense of smell, but werewolves can detect an ounce of dope hidden in the unmentionable places of a mule flying in a plane a mile overhead. The DEA would welcome your services. You might even get dental.

Get licenced as a seeing eye werewolf. The average seeing-eye Labrador or German Shepherd will help the blind navigate around other people, sometimes at great pains. Just as long as we don't let it dominate our being. It is only one small part of the entire psyche, and to neglect the other parts would just put us back into the situation we're trying to avoid.

Here is a list of some of the powers that you may experience while in a state of lycanthropy. The experience will be different for everyone, but here are some of the more common experiences.

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While in this state, one usually finds that every physical sense is enhanced. The colors are more vivid. The sounds are sharper and clearer. You can detect scents that you couldn't while in human form. Taste is richer both good and bad. Your skin becomes highly sensitive to stimulus. While in this state, one usually finds that they have increased agility and strength.

This is a major experience in lycanthropy. So just experience the experience, so to speak, and keep in mind that with power comes responsibility.

Lyncanthropy: The Werewolf's Handbook

Werewolfism is no different. So I will now outline the conditions under which the transformation must take place to insure its proper use. Doing this could cause a violent reaction, which will just make the situation worse. However it is best that you use it alone, as this better facilitates uninhibited release.

how to meet a werewolf in real life

This better facilitates the transformation, and will help keep police calls about "wild animals roaming the neighborhood", down to a dull roar. Obsession is a possibility, so you must, from time to time, examine yourself from the standpoint of an objective observer. Treat lycanthropy as something special, and don't over do it. If you follow these guidelines you should be all right. This is an enjoyable experience, but caution must be taken.

Once again I must repeat: Neither the publisher nor I will take any responsibility for the use or misuse of the theories and practices contained herein, or the misinterpretation of the same. Devote an hour, 4 days a week no more, no lessto practicing these exercises. Do not go on to the actual transformation until these have been mastered At least 2 weeks practice. After you have transformed for the first time, it is suggested that these exercises be continued, however, according to your own schedule.

Position yourself in a manner that you feel a werewolf Or other were-beast if you are not using a wolf. Then see your form become that of a werewolf. Just close your eyes, and imagine your body becoming that of a werewolf. See the transformation of your body.

how to meet a werewolf in real life

It is important that you experience this behind your eyes, meaning as if you were watching yourself transform from your normal perspective. Not from the perspective of an observer. For this exercise, you must think and feel how you believe a werewolf would.

Shift your consciousness to that of an animal.


Experience your world through the eyes of a werewolf. Experience the urges and instincts of an animal. After you have mastered these exercises and created the proper environment, you are ready for the transformation. The costume will serve as a blueprint for what you will become.

I would not recommend using a full costume, but rather some artificial fur that can be affixed to your body. It is also up to you whether or not you will work nude with the fur, or clothed with the fur.

It is much a matter of what you are comfortable with. It will also serve you well to use the same costume for every transformation. Be very thorough and selective when creating your blueprint. For the more adventurous and experienced occultist, I would even recommend attaching a lycanthropy thoughtform or astral pattern to the costume, as this can greatly aid the process.

The following is a proper outline to work with. I would recommend a plate of cooked meat such as steak. This appeals directly to a powerful primal urge. Here are two suggestions: You may wish to perform a ritual invocation of a lupine deity, spirit or principal to aid in your work. Since invocation in and of itself is beyond the scope of this small text, I suggest that you study a book that outlines this practice in detail.

As for the godform itself, I highly recommend Fenris of Norse Mythology. While on the subject of Norse mythology, I must suggest that you also learn of the Berserkers. Berserkers were special warriors that would don the skins of animals and fight with a wild animal rage against all enemies. You may wish to time your transformations according to the lunar cycle. I have found this be particularly effective in my practice of this art.

Of course there are many more possibilities and avenues to be explored. I have included these because they have proven their effectiveness to me. As with all magical art, imagination and experimentation are essential. Therefore treat these instructions as a beginning for your exploration into this subject, and not the final word.

You will probably have to practice and experiment a little with the technique to effect the transformation completely. Perseverance is the key. B Go to your designated area, and find a comfortable spot to sit. Close your eyes and clear your mind.

Meditate upon the qualities of the animal that you wish to become. See it hunting, mating, etc. Become aware of your desire to be this animal, and let that desire grow in intensity. C Now examine the present stressors in your life, and think what it would be like if you could cast off the responsibilities of society, and become this beast.

Let the stress that you feel fuel your desire to become the animal. D Visualize as intensely as possible, your chosen animal standing behind you.

How To Become A Werewolf

See it, feel it, conjure this image powerfully. When you can actually "feel" the creature, see it step into your body.

how to meet a werewolf in real life

In this step you are actually creating an astral archetype to aid in the process.