How did queen rania meet king abdullah net

10 things you need to know about Queen Rania

how did queen rania meet king abdullah net

Queen Rania, the wife of King Abdullah of Jordan, is in the spotlight for Queen Rania at a meeting with Belgian Prime Minister Charles. Queen Rania is the Kuwait-born Palestinian wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan. she joined Apple Inc. It was during this period that she met and married her husband, II Children, Grandchildren, Husband, Sister, Father, Mother, Net Worth. Queen Rania is the wife of the reigning king of Jordan, King Abdullah bin Hussein. It was only six months after they have met each other that their engagement was . Queen Rania has an estimated net worth of about $35 million dollars.

Crown prince with an English accent

The year-old's Facebook post on Saturday Jan 16which contained a rebuttal in the form of a cartoon strip, went viral and had netizens praising her for being a class act.

Here's more about Jordan's elegant leading lady.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla meet King and Queen of Jordan

Her first job was a marketing position at Citibank, before accepting another marketing job at Apple's then known as Apple Computer Amman office. It was at a party, thrown by the sister of King Abdullah who was still a prince thenwhile accompanying an Apple co-worker in January where she was to meet her husband-to-be.

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  • 10 things you need to know about Queen Rania

Eight years her senior, King Abdullah is also the first king of Jordan who has never had more than one wife. Mother to four children Queen Rania with her husband and four children.

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JO Crown Prince Hussein, the couple's oldest child, is 21 and has been the heir apparent to the throne since He has three younger siblings - Princess Iman, 19; Princess Salma, 15, and Prince Hashem, 15, who shares the same birthday Jan 30 with his father. EPA While famed for her beauty and sartorial savvy as an international fashion icon, Queen Rania is also known as a powerful advocate of causes such as public education, empowering communities and bridging the cross-cultural gap between Western countries and the Arab world.

Besides consistently being named in Forbes' annual list of the world's Most Powerful Women, she has also been listed by People magazine as one of the most beautiful. AFP In recognition of her work, she has received over 20 awards and four honorary doctorates. Among other roles, she sits on the board of the Foundation for International Community Assistance a non-profit organisation dedicated to alleviating poverty and is responsible for several initiatives back in Jordan, such as the Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education, an annual teaching award.

how did queen rania meet king abdullah net

Best-selling author The four children's books written by Queen Rania. This will be a problem for him once he has to take the international stage beside the other Middle Eastern rulers,' the source added.

how did queen rania meet king abdullah net

Abdullah's poor grasp of Arabic is testament to his strong bond with his mother, Princess Muna al-Hussein 'Hussein's Delight'. King Hussein married Princess Muna, his second wife, for love rather than politics and although the marriage was short-lived, they have maintained good relations. When the year-old met the king, dressed as a pirate at a fancy dress party, her first words to him were: The result is that Abdullah, a career soldier, has turned out unmistakably English in deportment, character and outlook.

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Although Abdullah was briefly crown prince as a toddler, his father changed the constitution in his brother Hassan's favour because of the regime's instability at that time. Abdullah has always been ruled out of contention for the throne because of persistent doubts about whether his mother ever converted to Islam. The king's enduring intimacy with Princess Muna has been a source of friction in his relationship with his present wife, Queen Noor, a Muslim convert who has pressed for her eldest son, Hamzah, to succeed King Hussein.

Though Queen Noor attended the wedding of Abdullah and Rania Yassin in Juneshe was kept out of the official photographs. King Hussein was pictured with the happy couple and his ex-wife Princess Muna. Abdullah, who turns 37 tomorrow, enrolled at Sandhurst military academy when he was 18 - like his father - and went on to study international politics for a year at Oxford University - like his deposed uncle Hassan.

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In his masters degree thesis on the Arab-Israeli conflict Abdullah wrote that Israel's retaliatory operations against Yasser Arafat's Fatah organisation across the border into Jordanian territory were justified. He earned an 'A' grade. Israel's former prime minister Shimon Peres established a relationship with Abdullah at the time, which was broken off when Crown Prince Hassan learned of it.