How did queen noor meet her husband

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how did queen noor meet her husband

Queen Noor, married name Noor al-Ḥussein (“Light of Ḥussein”), also spelled It was during that time that she met the Jordanian monarch, and the two wed on. Lisa Najeeb Halaby was born in to Najeeb and Doris Halaby in California and during a tour of the middle east had Lisa meet King Hussein of Jordan. Lisa became a muslim and Hussein gave her the title of Queen Noor Spouse ( 1). Why is her story of special interest? Because Lisa became Nour al Hussein, and the man she met and married was King Hussein, ruler of the.

Queen Noor's bold "Leap of Faith"

But the love and understanding she shared with the late king allowed them to come through the difficult times, the political as well as the personal ones. The King was in a difficult position, caught between Israel and the rest of the Arab world, always weighing the welfare of his people and of his country against the pressures of his allies, the machinations of his enemies, and the survival of the monarchy while still trying to maintain as normal a family life as it is possible for a monarch to have.

Hussein tried hard to remain a loyal friend and ally to the United States, even when he disagreed with its foreign policy regarding Israel. He tried hard to broker a lasting peace in the area, without forgetting the plight of the countless Palestinian refugees, many of whom lived in his kingdom.

Queen Noor of Jordan: Duchess of Cambridge could be an inspiration to young women - Telegraph

That is why he considered the Camp David accords, and the peace between Egypt and Israel, a catastrophe. He knew that any peace treaty that did not take into consideration the return of the occupied territories and the fate of the Palestinians would only inflame the rest of the Arabs.

how did queen noor meet her husband

Although of Arabic descent, Lisa Halaby did not know much about either the Arab world or Islam before marrying Hussein. Her mother, Dora Carlquist, was of Swedish and European ancestry, while her paternal grandfather was originally from Aleppo in Syria.

He married an American woman who convinced him to convert from the Greek Orthodox religion to the Christian Science faith.

Queen Noor's bold "Leap of Faith" -

Quite a different background from that of Hussein, who was a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad. Noor entered wholeheartedly into his life, adopting his country and his people, his customs and traditions, his family and his religion.

how did queen noor meet her husband

Hussein already had eight children from three former wives before he married her. They had four more together. Today, Abdallah, one of his sons from his English second wife, is the king.

Queen Noor of Jordan

He and his wife Rania are, like Hussein and Noor before them, fighting to change the laws ruling "honor" killings. In Jordan, as in many other Muslim countries, a father, brother, husband or son has the right to kill any woman of his family who has brought them dishonor without fear of legal reprisal. The cause could be something as simple as talking to a man outside the family circle or leaving the house without permission.

how did queen noor meet her husband

During this time Lisa went to a school that she did not like because it did not let her be who she wanted to be. She then transferred to another school that was more suited to her style and then went on to Princeton.

how did queen noor meet her husband

Halfway through she took some time off to travel in the United States, but went back to get her masters in Urban Planning. After she graduated in the mid s she went to Australia where she worked for a company based partly in the middle East. She was then transferred to the middle east and fell in love with it because of her middle-eastern descent. Nothing happened at first, but several months later he invited her to his castle for lunch and to meet the children of his last wife that had died in a helicopter accident.

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They soon fell in love and got married. Lisa became a muslim and Hussein gave her the title of Queen Noor meaning light in Arabic.

how did queen noor meet her husband

Noor and Hussein eventually added to his 8 children with four of their own. Their marriage was not perfect, they had many trials and hardships dealing with everything going on in the middle east at the time, but they were happy and they loved each other. Then in the mid to late s Hussein found out that he had cancer. They tried to cure him, but in February of he died. Noor was heartbroken, but things were to get worse.

There was a power struggle between her and her step-son Abdullah because as his father's eldest male heir, he thought he should be King, but Noor wanted her eldest son Hamzah to be king.