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Peter Gabriel's wife recovered from cancer after pioneering stem cell treatment, singer reveals

Peter Gabriel, 53, was married last weekend to twentysomething Meabh Flynn. Meabh is his second wife. Gabriel's fellow Genesis alum Phil. Peter Brian Gabriel (born 13 February ) is an English singer, songwriter, and record .. Gabriel later met with other Genesis band members, to discuss a possible reunion .. Gabriel has been married to Meabh Flynn since 9 June Peter Gabriel, the star who brought us World Music, talks proudly of his two it is almost impossible to get to Box as, on the day I am due to meet . he married Meabh Flynn, a music technician-turned-costume designer who.

Gabriel combined a variety of sampled and deconstructed sounds with world-beat percussion and other unusual instrumentation to create a radically new, emotionally charged soundscape. The sleeve art consisted of inscrutable, video-based imagery. Despite the album's peculiar sound, odd appearance, and often disturbing themes, it sold very well.

This album featured his first Top 40 hit in the U. The music video for "Shock the Monkey", which featured Gabriel in white face paint and a caged macaquereceived heavy play on MTV. Geffen Records gave his fourth self-titled album a name in the U. Alternate versions of Gabriel's third and fourth albums were also released with German lyrics. The third album consisted of the studio recording overdubbed with new vocals, while the fourth album was also remixed and several tracks were extended or altered in slight ways.

Gabriel toured extensively for each of his albums. Initially, he pointedly eschewed the theatrics that had defined his tenure with Genesis. For his second solo tour, his entire band shaved their heads. By the time of the fourth album, he began involving elaborate stage props and acrobatics which had him suspended from gantries, distorting his face with Fresnel lenses and mirrors, and wearing unusual make-up.

Some of the dates of his summer tour of the U. The stage was set for Gabriel's critical and commercial break-out with his next studio release, which was in production for almost three years.

During the recording and production of the album, he also developed the film soundtrack for Alan Parker 's feature Birdywhich consisted of new material as well as remixed instrumental tracks from his previous studio album. So, Passion, Us, and hiatus[ edit ] A duet with Kate Bush"Don't Give Up" tells of the despair of a man who feels defeated by the economic system, and the support and wise counsel sung in the refrain.

Problems playing this file? InGabriel recorded his fifth studio album So. Released inGabriel achieved his greatest popularity with songs from So; [2] the album charted at No.

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JohnsonAardman Animations[39] and the Brothers Quay. The video set a new standard for art in the music video industry and won nine MTV Video Music Awards ina record which still stands as of The song is a story of "what happens to you when you become a little too successful", in Gabriel's words.

The success of the album earned Peter Gabriel two awards at the Brit Awards in Gabriel released Us in also co-produced with Lanoisan album in which he explored the pain of recent personal problems; his failed first marriage, and the growing distance between him and his first daughter.

Gabriel's introspection within the context of the album Us can be seen in the first single release " Digging in the Dirt " directed by John Downer. Accompanied by a disturbing video featuring Gabriel covered in snails and various foliage, this song made reference to the psychotherapy which had taken up much of Gabriel's time since the previous album.

Portrait of the artist as family man

O'Connor also lent vocals to "Blood of Eden", directed by Nichola Bruce and Michael Coulson, the third single to be released from the album, and once again dealing with relationship struggles, this time going right back to Adam 's rib for inspiration. The result was one of Gabriel's most personal albums. It met with less success than So, reaching No.

Gabriel employed an innovative approach in the marketing of the Us album. Not wishing to feature only images of himself, he asked artist filmmakers Nichola Bruce and Michael Coulson to co-ordinate a marketing campaign using contemporary artists.

Coulson and Bruce documented the process on Hi-8 video. Gabriel won three more Grammy Awardsall in the Music Video category. In SeptemberGabriel released Uphis first full-length studio album in a decade. Entirely self-produced, Up returned to some of the themes of his work in the late s and early s. Only one of the three singles managed to crack the top 50—in part because almost every track exceeded six minutes in length, with multiple sections—but the album sold well globally, as Gabriel continued to draw from a loyal fan base from his almost four decades in the music business.

Gabriel produced and performed at the Eden Project Live 8 concert in July In his earliest days, Gabriel played flute on Cat Stevens 's first album on the Island records labelMona Bone Jakon as a "nervous session musician ". Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, joined him on stage 33 years after that experience, in Johannesburg during Nelson Mandela 's concert. The two performed the Stevens hit " Wild World ".

Rumours of a possible reunion of the original Genesis line-up began circulating in after Phil Collins stated in an interview that he was open to the idea of sitting back behind the drums and "let Peter be the singer.

However, the group did work together to create a new version of the song " The Carpet Crawlers ", ultimately released on the Turn It On Again: The Hits album as "The Carpet Crawlers ".

Gabriel later met with other Genesis band members, to discuss a possible reunion tour of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. He chose to opt out of a reunion tour, and his former bandmates, Collins, Banks, and Rutherford chose to tour as Genesis without him. On 10 Februaryat the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in TurinItaly, Gabriel performed John Lennon 's " Imagine " during the opening of the festivities. At the end of the year, he was awarded the Q magazine Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to him by American musician Moby.

In an interview published in the magazine to accompany the award, Gabriel's contribution to music was described as "vast and enduring. The Times reported on 21 Januarythat Peter Gabriel had announced that he planned to release his next album in the US without the aid of a record company. Gabriel is expected to earn double the money that he would through a conventional record deal. Commercial director Duncan Reid of Ingenious explains the business savvy of the deal, saying, "If you're paying a small distribution fee and covering your own marketing costs, you enjoy the lion's share of the proceeds of the album.

Gabriel is expected to outsource CD production for worldwide release through Warner Bros. The new album deal covers the North America territory, where Gabriel is currently out of contract. The venture capitalists, Gabriel and his Real World Limited partners, have created a new joint venture company, High Level Recordings Limited, to oversee the release of the album, which took place in Gabriel appeared on a nationwide tour for the album in John Legend and the Soweto Gospel Choir performed the song in his stead.

His first ever performance in Peru was held in Lima on 20 Marchduring his second visit to the country. His concert in Mexico City, on 27 Marchattracted more than 38, fans.

Gabriel weds his angel in Sardinia

The show included two tracks from the then-forthcoming Scratch My Back: The episode also included an interview with Gabriel by the host of the program, Nic Harcourt. The concept for the record was that Gabriel covered songs by various artists, and those artists, in turn, covered Gabriel songs released on a follow-up album called And I'll Scratch Yours.


A brief tour followed the album's release where Gabriel performed with a full orchestra and two female backup singers, his daughter Melanie Gabriel and Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun. That same month, Gabriel released New Blooda collection of his earlier songs recorded with an orchestra. A special edition of the album features solely instrumental versions of some of the songs.

Gabriel embarked on the Back to Front Tour in which he performed the entire So album with a band composed of the musicians who originally played on the record, to mark its 25th anniversary. InGabriel toured in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the So album. The tour was called "Back to Front", and included the members of the original "So" tour including Tony LevinDavid Rhodes, and others. Each performance included the entire So album.

At these performances, Cusack appeared from offstage during the intro to "In Your Eyes" and handed Gabriel a ghetto blaster, a homage to his scene serenading Ione Skye in the movie "Say Anything".

Early saw another Back to Front tour in Europe. It was less experimental than its successors; the music resembled early idols of soul music like Otis Redding, but despite that or because of it Peter finally reached and surpassed the level of success his former colleagues from Genesis enjoyed with singles like Sledgehammer. Success was also due to the brilliant videos and their innovative stop-motion technique.

The fruit smelled okay, but the fish really began to stink after a couple of hours under the studio lights. Some of the songs on Sohowever, only reached their final, perfect form in concert. He brought an important impulse with his fine drumming and his humour. The This Way Up tour was documented in the P.

This was because it was directed by Michael Chapman a disciple of Martin Scorcesea fine cutting technique, unusual points of view, the use of private amateur film and bits that could have come from the News At Night. On the latter tour concerts took place in the strangest locations.

With these tours and assorted appearances at political or charity concerts e. Various activities took place between and A true masterpiece was released in Up to this very day, Passion probably offers the very best of world music soundscapes and vocal improvisations Peter Gabriel has ever recorded or produced.

The album is characterized by a peculiar atmosphere of intense oriental rhythms. TV reporters today still like to use music from Passion to accompany their images. In those years Peter himself became the boss of a record company, viz. It would not be an exaggeration to say that RealWorld did a whole lot for making known and spreading the idea of world music.

Peter provided studio time as well as a means of publishing to unknown musicians. A famous event are the RealWorld Recording Weeks: Every two to three years well-known European musicians and unknown musicians from all over the world meet and work together on improvisations — often with surprising results! The smallish numbers of records printed on the RealWorld label would usually be just sufficient to break even, but there were the odd commercial successes like the Afro Celt Sound System records.

Us is an album about relationships. In it, he comes to terms with the divorce from his wife and the split-up with his long-term partner Rosanna Arquette. The second Gabriel album to be produced by Daniel Lanois not only offered reflections, but also a commercially successful uptempo number called Steam. The press liked to call it a Sledgehammer clone.

Musically, the sound of Us was, as expected, a mixture between So and Passion. The stage show for the Secret World tour was memorable both for an unusual stage that extended into the audience and for a large number of surprising props such as hotel room furniture, a phone booth, a bamboo raft and a tree. It was also the first tour for which Peter had backing vocalists one doubling as keyboard player, others merely as backing vocalists or duet partners.

Since the material for all these released was recorded in Novemberthey all lack Lovetown. This song was a staple for the tour so its non-appearance is a real flaw. The release took place in a probably unique wave of musicians such as David Bowie, The Residents or Herbert Gronemeyer releasing CD-Roms but critics found that Xplora1 surpassed all others. Xplora1 is a kind of game where you have to collect things, and it gave a good impression of what Peter Gabriel is into — not only as far as his work is concerned, but also about his private life and interests.

The virtual environment of Xplora followed a similar design as the RealWorld records in that there is lots of nature imagery and patterns that are naturally grown. Players work their way through it in an organic way, led by images, graphics and games rather than text. In the studio, for example, the player could remix Digging In The Dirt by means of a simple mixing board.

  • Peter Gabriel's wife recovered from cancer after pioneering stem cell treatment, singer reveals
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The environment of the CD was even more atypical, because instead of a fully virtually designed environment collages from real landscapes were used to make up the four worlds of Eve.

Xplora1 was less a game than a magazine you could thumb through. Eve, however, was a real game, albeit a game enriched with many creative ideas, animated sequences, music and unusual designs. Still, one has collect points to get on in the game and to come closer to the goal of the game which is to find the missing Eve.

Unfortunately, the CD-ROM proved not too attractive to buyers because you had to discover the rules yourself and because you could not progress very quickly. Commercially, it was a flop. This was also the time when Peter recorded the vocal track that was used for the Carpet Crawlers single. This one-off collaboration and the fact that all members of Genesis past and present got together in for the release of Genesis Archive vol.

These rumours are, alas, untrue. The release date for Up has been moved several times and the album is currently to appear in However, as far as release dates for a Peter Gabriel album are concerned, it is best to stick to the information given in Q magazine. It should be ready for release before Christmas — or after Christmas.

In the end, it took us two years. The fourty minute performance of some artistes that resembled the Cirque Du Soleil could only be seen on visiting the Millennium Dome Experiences in London in Curiously enough, the topic of both Ovo show and music resembles the very first Genesis album From Genesis To Revelation: Both are concept albums with the lofty goal of telling the story of mankind in a couple of songs.

For me, the concept is that of an old prog rock album, so right now this is probably the most dated idea possible. Living with nature, industrialization and a future in which nature and technology are reconciled. A love story is intertwined with this ambitious plot.

Gabriel weds his angel in Sardinia | The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald

According to Peter, the music is as varied: I look back at a broad range of folk references, and I look forward into the future where I introduce industrial elements. I set out from my own point of view and dash off into areas I have not explored before, and I enjoy that very much. The soundtrack proper was expanded by Neneh Cherry rapping out the story of Ovo.

Ovo would not be the only project to distract Peter from completing his new studio album. News soon spread that he was working on a complete score for the film Rabbit-Proof Fence. This soundtrack, called Long Walk Homeappeared inwhile there was no trace of Up. However, there was another live show to enjoy.

With the album not yet released on August 31,Peter embarked on a world tour that would span shows and two years. At that time, however, that was not yet evident. The indoor tour that followed it was simply spectacular. After two full tours of Europe and one in America with the circle stage and another end stage tour in America and a festival tour in Europe he played his currently last gig on Kaiserslautern on July 25, Despite all hopes, he had not managed to release another album in less than 18 months after Up.

In between, Peter found time to write songs for soundtracks or engage in sociopolitical activities. The tour brought a pleasant innovation for the fans: All the shows of the tour and of the North American tour of were officially released in the Encore series.

Immediately after the tour, however, he ticked off fans because he vetoed a release of the 5. Til mid three more DVDs were released: He also released another Greatest Hits album called Hit. InPeter began offering early demoes of a number of songs as free downloads from the Moon Club.

He also appeared at another concert in Norway.