How did linda meet paul mccartney

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how did linda meet paul mccartney

But when he met Linda, she was able to do what no woman prior to her could do; keep Paul faithful. Why did Paul McCartney think Linda was so great?. Paul asked me to turn down all invitations so he could spend time alone with Linda. I did, but a leggy young starlet named Peggy Lipton, who had met Paul. Afterwards Paul McCartney went to the Bag O'Nails nightclub to see Georgie Fame performing. At the club The night I met Linda I was in the Bag O'Nails watching Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames play a great set. I forget how we did it.

Both songs were hits for the duo. Pepper album at Beatles' manager Brian Epstein's house in Belgraviabut after her assignment was completed, she flew back to New York. She had just taken on a steady job working for Marianne Faithfull and John Dunbar as the nanny to their little boy Nicholas, and it was while taking care of Nicholas in Marianne's third floor Chelsea flat that she first encountered Paul McCartney.

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He buzzed the intercom to ask if John Dunbar was around, and when Paul explained who he was, Maggie invited him straight up. Very casually I told him that John wasn't really in and that sent us both into hysterics. We were laughing and chatting. I made a nice lunch for Marianne and a bunch of her friends but they never showed up.

Paul and I sat together and ate it instead. She made millions, and Paul often joked that her frozen food line was taking in more money than the Beatles ever did. Wings had several different members, and lasted until aboutwhen Paul was busted for marijuana in Japan. His ten day stay in the prison would be the longest that Paul and Linda had ever been, and ever was, separated. Paul is often quoted as saying that in their 29 year marriage, they were only separated one night—excluding the prison incident.

Of course, this was not the only time that Linda and Paul had been caught in possession of marijuana. From there, Linda continued to have hearty meals and lots of family time.

And she always took pictures.

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In December ofLinda was diagnosed with breast cancer. She died on April 19, in her Arizona home, with her family by her side. Today people remember Linda as a loving person, photographer, mother and wife.

how did linda meet paul mccartney

Sometimes, they even drop and ignore her last name. In his acceptance speech, Paul said, "Even though compassion may be an old idea, it's nice to think that nowadays more and more people are looking for a kinder way of living. Portrait of an Era In Linda Eastman, a secretary at a society magazine based in Manhattan, intercepted an invitation to join a boat party for the Rolling Stones. Figuring that no one else at Town and Country wanted to mingle with a bunch of wild long hairs, she took her camera to a yacht moored in the Hudson River.

Her good fortune continued when she became the only photographer allowed on board. Eastman's Rolling Stones scoop led to a gig as Rolling Stone magazine's first staff photographer.

how did linda meet paul mccartney

Impressed by her portrait of Brian Jones, the Stones' enigmatic, tragic genius, Beatles manager Brian Epstein invited her to a press party for the album ''Sgt.

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Portrait of an Era ,'' an exhibition of 51 photos that will run from May 29 to Aug. Allentown is the first Pennsylvania site for the only McCartney retrospective to tour museums in her native U. McCartney photographed the Who in quirky clothes and poses behind the Fillmore East, the funky, fabled Manhattan hall where she served as house photographer. She shot the Youngbloods in trees and the Grateful Dead as a playful tribe on the stoop of a Victorian house they shared in Haight Ashbury.

McCartney's photographic role models were Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange, who specialized in portraits that looked formal but felt informal. She relaxed her subjects by shooting naturally, without flash, and spontaneously. This casual attitude enabled her to infiltrate inner circles; indeed, she considered herself ''a band member whose chosen instrument was the camera. She captured Janis Joplin as a hurricane onstage, a shy victim offstage.

One of her images of the Beatles, taken during the making of their final album, ''Abbey Road,'' illustrates the growing gulf between a onetime band of brothers.

It's titled ''Four Strangers.

Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman spend time together in Los Angeles

Non-rockers include soul diva Aretha Franklin; among the non-musicians is actor Michael J. Pollard, a goofy sidekick in the film ''Bonnie and Clyde. McCartney was highly honored during her lifetime. In Women in Photography named her its top U.

Portrait of an Era,'' one of five books of her photography. Burroughs, Neal Cassady and other Beats, those literary rock 'n' rollers. David Brigham, the museum's executive director, says it was chosen for its broad appeal. He calls it a sort of sequel to the museum's recent display of inventive, historic clothes and jewelry designed by Mary McFadden, who began dressing fashionable people around the time McCartney began photographing fashionable people.

More thanhave viewed the McCartney exhibit since it opened in March What makes it so compelling is that it's all about youth culture. Her family was not open about their religious affiliation, although her grandfather, Max Joseph Lindner, owner of a famous women's clothing shop in Cleveland, was active in the city's Reform temple. Linda attended Scarsdale High School and afterwards became a celebrity photographer, and snapped shots of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

During her photographing of the Beatles in she became romantically involved with Paul McCartney, and they married in Linda was a staunch vegetarian and contributed to the popularity of vegetarianism in Britain, including her own food products in the s.

When she arrived, they went to his home, where they spent the evening. They both liked natural surroundings, he said, and they shared a love of nature, which became one of their most important emotional links. When he first met Heather, who was six, he insisted that she and Linda move to London to live with him. After they did, he devoted time to Heather, playing with her, reading her stories, and drawing cartoons with her. He sang her to sleep at bedtime.

She seemed less concerned with clothing or her public appearance, preferring to dress casually, even in semi-formal settings. She typically held his arm when they were together, often "gazing up at him in awe," and seeming to idolize him.

He recalls once feeling guilty because he was exhausted from work and, having trained himself to never appear tired, apologized to her. She simply replied, "it's allowed," which amazed him. That was a mind-blower. I'd never been with anyone who thought like that He explained during an interview that the song was written "for me and Linda," and that with the Beatles breaking up, "that was my feeling: Maybe I'm amazed at what's going on Maybe I'm a man and maybe you're the only woman who could ever help me; Baby won't you help me understand Maybe I'm amazed at the way you pulled me out of time, hung me on the line, Maybe I'm amazed at the way I really need you.

Despite the immensity of his fame and wealth, the couple managed to lead a relatively normal domestic life and prevent their children from becoming the usual pampered, neglected, screwed-up rock-biz brats. If the public never quite warmed to Linda, thanks mainly to her militant vegetarianism and animal-rights activism, she was acknowledged to have been the right one for him, just as Yoko had been for John.

During their year marriage, the McCartneys had four children: Linda McCartney in They sometimes went to his farmhouse retreat in western Scotlandwhich he purchased before they met, a hidden place he used to "escape Beatlemania.

Scotland was like nothing I'd ever lived in. It was the most beautiful land you have ever seen, way at the end of nowhere. To me it was the first feeling I'd ever had of civilization dropped away