How did jeff lewis meet zoila

Jeff Lewis' Housekeeper Zoila Chavez Retires After 18 Years | E! News Canada

how did jeff lewis meet zoila

Move over, Kathy Griffin. There's another breakout reality TV star on the Bravo block and after three seasons, Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis is finally. Flipping Out is an American reality television series that debuted on July 31, , on Bravo. The show is centered on designer Jeff Lewis in Los Angeles, California, his project manager Jenni, housekeeper Zoila, business manager .. 85, 7, "I Know What You Did Last Saturday", August 25, (), Jeff Lewis' Housekeeper Zoila Chavez Has Retired After 18 Years . “Most of her family is in Nicaragua, so the first thing she did when she.

I feel like this Gage fella is just saying yes to everything Jeff says because he knows he hit it big with Jeff and is terrified of losing it. Jeff's former business partner was actually very successful and talented, and he wasn't afraid to stand up to Jeff if they disagreed.

The former business partner's name was Ryan, and I don't think he threw Jeff under the bus.

how did jeff lewis meet zoila

I believe Gage had a hand in twisting things, because he was jealous of Jeff's relationship with Ryan.

With that said, I do agree the show was better with Ryan and when they were flipping houses.

how did jeff lewis meet zoila

Besides, this home decorating business, gets a little stale to look at, each and every time. Seriously, it's granite, steel, earth tones, and repeat.

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They are all beige,cold, boring nothing unique but carbon copies of the typical minimalist hipster crowd in southern California. I think it is a big mistake Jeff and Gage are going to have a child together, they should stick with their pets.

I hate how Gage is so condescending and rude to Zolia. I don't think its just for the show, I think he is nasty to her regardless. Gage doesn't like anybody and the guy is super weird.

  • Jeff Lewis' Housekeeper Zoila Chavez Has Retired After 18 Years
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  • Jeff Lewis' Housekeeper Zoila Chavez Retires After 18 Years

I'm so glad Jeff got rid of that obnoxious assistant. Apparently, Jeff got this recent assistant who works with Gage from the Kardashians. Jeff said he saw how super professional and a good worker he is and he took the kid away from them. Where is his wife Megan Fox having a fling with some woman on the day they were filming? Aren't they both suppose to be bisexual? My mother watches the show and she told me she watched Wendy Williams interview Jeff. My mother was really surprised how nice and very mellow and laid back he was.

Windy Williams said you say somethings that can hurt people ,and Jeff said I know and I am working on setting up boundaries because I go over the line many times.

Second Time Around for Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis

Jeff said he is starting to get a lot of celebrity clients because they have watched the show. He said Kris Jenner hired him and he asked her a question and she said to him, I have people who answer the questions I don't. Leaded glass French doors open the room to an outdoor dining deck shrouded in shrubbery and shaded by mature trees and a vine-draped pergola that stylistically ties in the the previously-mentioned vine-draped pergola that shades a portion of the brick patio on top of the detached two-car garage.

Back up on the second floor the master suite features a bay window with built-in bench perfect for book reading and star gazing. A fireplace with contemporary tile hearth is surrounded by glass-fronted cabinets that we assume are original to the residence.

how did jeff lewis meet zoila

Misters Lewis and Edward talked at length about how a second bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom would make a perfect nursery. Could there already be a baby on the way for these two gay gents? An intimately-scaled den on the second floor has a curving kiva-like corner fireplace with brick hearth, built-in book shelves, and leaded glass French doors that open to the the brick patio the runs along the back of the house between the elevated plunge-sized swimming pool and inset spa.

how did jeff lewis meet zoila

Since sometime last year Mister Lewis and his entourage have lived and worked in a rented residence in West Hollywood, CA, just a few short blocks from the Beverly Center mall and the Pacific Design Center. Your Mama managed to dig up an old listing for the 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom house that shows at the time Mister Lewis leased it the landscaping was lackluster at best and inside there was a whole mess of very ordinary beige tile, beige granite and beige cabinetry that all looks like the sort of thing a builder buys on sale at Home Depot.

From the looks of things on his tee-vee program, Mister Lewis had both the front and back yards re-landscaped and threw some paint and wallpaper around in crucial areas in a valiant effort to keep if from looking too much like the suburban tract house set down in the mixed-use heart of West Hollywood that it is.

We would like to take a moment to offer Mister Lewis a heartfelt and sincere thank you. That was nice of you to give Your Mama a kindly shout out. True story…Interestingly and ironically, rail thin actress Christina Ricci appears on the cover of the magazine.