How did boyce meet marlene

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how did boyce meet marlene

"Fatal Extraction" is the twelfth Christmas special episode of the BBC sitcom, Only Fools and The Nag's Head, Boycie, Del, Denzil, Mike and Trigger discuss their problems with women. Boycie then tells them about how he met a woman in the same betting shop when he was also younger, and it turns out to be Marlene. Mar 3, Image shows from L to R: Marlene Boyce (Sue residents will have a chance to meet two sitcom legends when Boycie and Marlene - aka in the next script that my character was in that it said 'Boycie does one of his laughs'. "Boycie's fear of the Driscoll Brothers and Marlene's supposed long-time about it as did Trigger that would set tounge wagging in the Nags Head:D. 0 . Del, Del agrees to chat and travels all the way down to meet Boycie.

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Boycie then tells them about how he met a woman in the same betting shop when he was also younger, and it turns out to be Marlene. Albert then enters to inform Del that Raquel has left him. That afternoon, Rodney forces a reluctant Del to go to the dentist. The dentist is able to remove the bad tooth from Del's mouth.

how did boyce meet marlene

Del then arranges a date with an attractive receptionist named Beverly. They believe that Del is making a big mistake, and successfully talk him out of his date. Del cancels the date by leaving a message on Beverly's answering machine.

how did boyce meet marlene

Later, back at his flat, Rodney tells Cassandra about the time Del had a violent fight with his father over Del selling Tom Jones LP's instead of attending his O-level school exams, which got him eight grade A's which all stood for Absent. The next evening at the Nag's Head, after Albert tells another one of his boring war stories, Del enters, and Rodney berates him for ignoring Raquel. Del finally phones Raquel, apologises to her, and promises that he will stop gambling from now on, and they can still go to the Nag's Head on weekends.

After he promises to pick up both her and Damien tomorrow night, Del celebrates with a big bottle of champagne.

how did boyce meet marlene

Later that night, Del walks home drunk from too much champagne, and decides to sing the song "One Voice", which starts a riot between some of the neighbours. Del later goes down to the riot to sell some of the ski gear.

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The next morning at the market, while getting the Russian VCRs, Del spots Beverly who was in the Nag's Head the previous nightand becomes frightened she may be stalking him. Del beeps his horn, and the rioters and the police clear the way for him.

how did boyce meet marlene

He passes through, stopping to inform the occasional person about something they are buying off him, and when out of the way promptly sounds his horn, to which the riot resumes. The following day, Del comes home from work, only to see Beverly in his flat, because she wants Damien's high chair for her grandson, who is also named Damien. Boycie, although materially successful and ostentatious in his spending, remains competitive with Del and other friends, enjoying their company, although he does enjoy reveling in his superiority.

how did boyce meet marlene

Despite this, it appears that he dearly loves his friends throughout the series. He generally wears clothes and carries accessories synonymous with s yuppie success, such as trench coats and very early mobile telephones.

Fatal Extraction

In the episode Sickness and Wealthin which the series regulars took part in a seance, the medium Uncle Albert 's girlfriend, Elsie Partridge asked for "an Audrey. Boycie and Del share a loose friendship, but prefer to play a long-standing game of one upmanship.

They play each other at poker, in which they both cheat and the stakes are high. One of his trademarks is his deep, mocking laugh, usually following a sarcastic, biting remark at the expense of Del or other characters, as well as his distinctive South London nasal twang.

Boycie and Marlene are coming to Nottinghamshire

Boycie has appeared since the second episode of the first series; he made sporadic appearances from series 2—5 and appeared more in series 6 and 7. It is, however, usually Del a character more street smart and popular with the Nag's Head social group who wins the upper hand, often trading on the fact that he has a long-standing, flirtatious friendship with Boycie's wife, Marlene.

Del has alluded to past sexual encounters with Marlene, and to her reputation among the Nag's Head regulars as 'The Peckham Bicycle'. He has also claimed to have inside knowledge, through Marlene, of Boycie's marital secrets, and has alleged that Boycie has at times suffered from impotence ; these rumours were not fully quashed even after the eventual birth — following many attempts — of Boycie and Marlene's son, Tyler.

Boycie enjoys overt displays of wealth, formerly living in the fictional King's Avenue, the most expensive street in south east London. He also owns a holiday cottage in Cornwall. In one episode, " Sex and the Country " he is seduced by Tyler's English teacher, who admits she likes more mature men, and in another episode, "Life Swap", Boycie's swapped wife tries to seduce him.