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holden car meet meme

Nelson Holden Club shared Toughest Cars's post. December 21 at PM ·. Haha 🤣. Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, meme and text . and you can also display your Holden in our Show 'n' Shine event in the car park. I met a guy at a car show a couple of years ago that has a green .. Seeing as Chevy lets you order Holden badges with an SS, I'm not so sure. 6 days ago Vehicle insured NRMA Insurance until 1 November Holden Commodore VX km Executive Stnwg, cc fuel injection.

I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. The entire city was evacuated before Hurricane Katrina. People left on the trains, the buses, but most left the city in their own vehicles. Tens of thousands of people all trying to get out of the city. It took hours just to reach the city limits. Electric vehicles would have lost half their charge just getting out of the city of New Orleans.

No one will risk their lives, certainly not the lives of their children, to have an electric vehicle. You cannot depend on government to take care of you and your family. No one will give up their gas-powered vehicles. Like moths flying right into a zapper. An electric vehicle standing still with its heater or air conditioner off uses a negligible amount of power.

Please remember that in the model year there will be at least three battery-powered cars that will have ranges on a full charge of about miles. Chad Burke 2 years ago Ever heard of a taxi? More of a step sideways. Chris Drongers 2 years ago Some petrol cars will remain, like horses.

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A statement of high income. Grand 2 years ago Keep dreaming…. Durham 52 2 years ago Yes, just living in a rural area means needing a vehicle. Still if they reduce congestion in the cities, it will be nice for us country folk when we have to drive our cars to the city. Do you have solar cells on your roof? No, you do not or you would realize they provide very little electricity. These vehicles would have their down time during the night. No current is generated from solar cells during the night.

Oh, golly gee, we would have to have coal burninig electrical generation, perhaps natural gas to generate all that electricity needed for millions of electric vehicles. Better start building those power plants because you will need to triple the amount of electricity generated today in order to charge up all those electric cars.

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Darn, those details are always so pesky and expensive. That reminds me, who gets to pay the bill for this socialist pipe dream? The wave of the future is renewable and electric. Sorry about the affordability, though. So the actual cost of the vehicle is secondary. How much does a plane cost? The left has a tendency to believe if they repeat their nonsense enough times people will begin to believe it and accept it as fact.

holden car meet meme

Fortunately, the majority of the people do not fall for this tactic. Common sense prevails and people simply dismiss stories like this as more of the liberal nonsense put out by the media.

When the youngest child got big enough to use a standard adult seat belt, the parents might give up having their own car with a sigh of relief. Chris Ford 2 years ago Yep, agree. Also the above report does not cover the social impact on jobs, if all couriers, uber, taxis, hire cars are replaced what will all these people do for a job? Financing it will be the greatest social battle the world has ever seen. Yes it will be more expensive. Dignified life — sounds like depression to me!

Parking may be easier. Rod 2 years ago You would hope there would be some sort of car pooling, ride sharing ability.

Good point re the parking. Should free up some road space. If these are no longer required for cars, or have a massive reduction in usage, then they could be repurposed for cycle parks. Rod 2 years ago Yay, e-bikes allowed I hope. Adelaide City Council would go broke!

So that means there is a vested interest in ensuring there is large scale commuting via owner-vehicles.

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Rod 2 years ago Yes, unfortunately. At the same time they are the development approval regulatory authority for new car parks.

holden car meet meme

With one required for your service near your home near your work. Mike Shackleton 2 years ago With this statement you are demonstrating a lack of understanding about how the system would work. Say for instance people abandon mass public transit in favour of a more personal service in the morning…at peak start times…. Grand 2 years ago No, actually he is making a good point. The system you envision is simply not feasible without a massive government infrastructure, at enormous costs, in total control of all traffic.

With perfect implementation the car that arrives at the kerb to pick you up will have only completed a trip moments before, and will go onto another trip once it drops you off. In order to bring your trip cost down you will also have the option of sharing the car with someone else, which the booking system will manage so as to minimise disruption to your trip. Sometimes with the acceleration of the engine, though in many of the old cars this was still happening around the steering wheel.

Sometimes pipes and gauges were added to cope with fuels, or water, or oil. There might even be electrical gauges if the driver needed to know what was going to fail next… Gradually the gauges took on more significance and prominence. People might not have needed to know how fast they were going early on because they were not going fast at all. When they sped up, someone wanted them to slow down, and quantified that — speed limits were evolved and drivers needed to know how quickly the vehicle was moving.

Followed by the speed trap and the fine.

holden car meet meme

Technical brother to the speedometer was the tachometer — how many revolutions per minute the engine was making. The driver could use the information to decide when to shift gears, if the screaming of the transmission or the passengers did not supply the signal. Old timers probably paid more attention to this one and regulated themselves in their district on hills and turns they knew by watching their revs. People needed to know how much petrol or other fuel was in the tank and for a long time the only way they could determine this was a dipstick in the tank.

That or a glass gauge with a tube in it somewhere near the tank. Or sticking their tongue in the tank. The idea of putting an oil gauge on the dash to worry the driver came along pretty quickly but it was generally done by means of a tube from where the oil pressure was to the gauge in the dash where the needle swung over.

The inevitable vibration and fatigue fracture would send the hot oil somewhere unpleasant.

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It was quite a while before they thought of a sensor and electrical reporter for this.