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Gifted Lyrics: All these bitches hate you / This is something I know But if you got the numbers I'll be glad to show you love . Hey My Guy. Did it make you gifted too?” “Gifted?” “You know, music, art, all of that. The Fibrin- X made you really good at it now, right, even though you didn't do “Hey, listen,” she said, “would you guys mind not telling anybody that I came here tonight?. “I've been wanting to meet you ever since I can remember,” John explains. “Yeah. Hey, meet your cousin, John. You gifted? “Good morning, friends.

The geek-machismo was strong.

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Although I made good grades, my perfectionism was wearing me to the bone. Plus I it was hard to do any one thing for that many hours of the day. I took my current job as a retreat center manager because I thought it would let me do many sorts of different things: But we are understaffed, so again I am working long hours.

And I am not getting focus time. It was so frustrating. I found myself working at home more often, but that had repercussions — I was more productive, but it was highly competitive and those who worked at home were considered less committed. Chronic understaffing is something that gets me every time. Our media guy is out?

Short in the kitchen? Again, not a problem did I tell you I used to manage the kitchen for a yearly adult summer camp? Need a meeting facilitator? I used to get paid for that. And the work piles up. It has evolved over time from a pagan non-celibate monastery to working closely with a small group of people who are interested in working with activism, meditation, pagan ritual, nature awareness, and personal growth, while living on the edge of the woods.

How to turn this into a career? I have had various strategies. The software engineering gig was to make enough money in a short period to retire early and modestly.

Problem is that working the center is life-draining in a different way, and part of it is the culture: The counseling is work I love and am good atand I can do good in the world with it, and hopefully it will support my other endeavor.

She must learn to turn those cares over to Jesus or other people's pain will consume her. Sharon serves with her whole heart. It is a natural desire for her to help. When Tommy spills the milk, she is the first one to jump up, grab a towel and sop up the mess. Sharon does not draw attention to herself but quietly does what God called her to do - serve.

When she sees a need her servant's heart goes after it, meeting that need. Tony has the gift of teaching.

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His gift enables him to take a tough concept and break it down so it is easy to grasp. He also has an uncanny ability to tell compelling stories making application easy. The gift of teaching makes Tony a powerful influence.

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People seek Tony out for wisdom and insight. He is also a popular speaker because his gift is appreciated and recognized by the body of Christ. Jody has the gift of a prophet. She is a truth teller.

Jody is likely to speak up in any given situation.

What’s Your Special Gift? Here’s How To Find Out.

Jody voices her insights, particularly when discerning injustice. Jody doesn't necessarily seek to be a public figure but her wise counsel draws people to her. If Jody addresses your issue and gives you counsel, she will also follow up to make sure her guidance is applied. Did you see yourself in any of these examples? You can be assured God will use your spiritual gift as His hands, feet, and mouth to share the good news and to bless many.

There are more spiritual gifts listed in Scripture. The gifts listed above help to illustrate the purpose and manifestations of the various gifts of the spirit. How do you know if you have the gift of discernment? Those who possess the spiritual gift of discernment can see right through smokescreens and obstacles as they uncover the truth.

The source of the gift of discernment is God. Discernment springs from the truth taught in His word. The insights that come from discernment stem from solid knowledge, understanding, and a firm belief in God's word.

Let me share some manifestations of the gift of Discernment. If you have this gift the following expressions will ring true to you: Are you passionate about truth? When you are placed in a situation where discernment is needed, do you experience an uncanny sense of knowing? Does scripture flood your mind as you weigh the happenings? Do you read between the lines?

How Do You Know if You Have the Gift of Discernment?

Are you gifted with the ability to uncover wrong or evil? Do you expose lies and bring them into the light of sound reason and truth? If this depiction of discernment describes you, thank God for entrusting you with this extraordinary gift. There are many ways to use this ability. If you possess the gift of discernment, you will have the aptitude to minister as: Leadership — knows how to lead and discerns pitfalls and strengths in team members. Every Church is blessed with members who possess the gift of discernment.

God uses those gifted to discern truth from lies; pure motives from evil intentions; and to help to settle disputes by communicating a clear picture of what the truth looks like.

Arrogant Source Beware of Arrogance If God has gifted you with discernment, beware of the dangers that come when used apart from God. Arrogance is a sure sign you are not submitted to His Lordship. Arrogance reveals your lack of understanding that this gift is not inherent but it is God Himself who placed this gift in you. Your gift was given to bless others and glorify Him.